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  1. thebadfrog

    Thread Thanks to our devs!!!!

    This will be my 1500th post on xda and likely my last. I figured I should go out by thanking a few people who have made my multiple tablets fun. Gojimi RaYmAn Bumble-Bee Roach2010 Clemsyn Blades Gnufabio lilstevie (there are more but I've used their work the most but thanks to the rest as...
  2. thebadfrog

    Thread [Q] ICS source release?

    Sorry if this has been asked already but I don't have time to look right now and its terribly important that I get an answer. When will ICS source be released and will the devs be able to make roms from source? Anyone have an ETA on ICS roms? I've asked on IRC but they didn't seem to know and as...
  3. thebadfrog

    Thread [Q] Keyboard dock bluetooth

    Why couldn't Asus have made the keyboard dock Bluetooth as well? That way we could have seperated the dock from the tablet and still used the keyboard. And maybe have it charge over bluetooth as well. Is this even possible? It would be cool if it was.
  4. thebadfrog

    Thread [Q] ATTN Gojimi!!!!

    I love your VTL launcher but it doesnt seem to work with HC. Could you please continue to work on this launcher to make it compatable with HC as it is my fav.
  5. thebadfrog

    Thread [Q] How about a MIUI Rom?

    Could one of our devs make this wonderful rom for our beloved TF? I would love to have this option as it looks cool. Thx in advance
  6. thebadfrog

    Thread What OS are you switching to?

    Since mobile flash is going away and that means the death of Android, what mobile Os will you be switching to?
  7. thebadfrog

    Thread [Q] ICS Rom

    Are the developers going to make ICS Roms when source is released? I heard that only CM would be allowed to make ICS Roms. I think thats completely unfair and I would like to start a twitter campaign to tell Google what we think about this outrage.
  8. thebadfrog

    Thread [Q] Root for dock

    Can I root my keyboard dock?
  9. thebadfrog

    Thread [WIP] ICS Overclocked to 2Ghz

    I am not a dev but am starting this thread to learn how to dev. What I need is someone to mash together the ICS SDK with a 2Ghz overclocked kernel and test it. If it doesn't boot I will tell you the next version will boot and you make another version and test it. When you do get it working post...
  10. thebadfrog

    Thread Could someone post new please

    Our wonderful devs can't seem to get the update where they are so would someone be nice enough to upload it please Thanks EDIT: Go it thanks Sent from my Transformer TF101 using xda premium
  11. thebadfrog

    Thread [Q] to do recovery thingy

    How do get into recovery thingy? I have searched for the answer and have seen no mention of the exact step by step method. I think I have CWm installed but I'm not sure as I can't get to it. I also can't see my TF from win 7. This I have also searched for and there is no mention of it anywhere...
  12. thebadfrog

    Thread Thanks for the new reporting system

    I would like the thank the moderators at XDA for finally making a post reporting system that works. I love being notified that my concern is being looked into and then getting a pm about the final outcome. This is making the actual development threads cleaner and more to the point. I know some...
  13. thebadfrog

    Thread [Q] (Q)Should I use the search function?

    Should I use the search function or just start a new thread everytime I think of a new question? I'm quite certain that anything I have problems with has never been asked and answered before. The search function is just too hard and I would rather have my hand held through the process. Here are...
  14. thebadfrog

    Thread The latest from my inbox

    Edited my me due to the anger. Thought I would let you know what has already been put in my inbox so you won't repeat yourselves. Please when posting insults to my private mail, try to be original. :D