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    Thread Dismantling fuze/raphael

    Hi there, Today, I swapped my lcd one my fuze/raphael. Unfortunately, I forgot to reinstall a small, golden metal piece. I can not remember where this small item is missed but as a matter of fact my device won't start our even charge. is someone able to give me a hint? I enclosed a...
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    Thread Replacing Digitizer von Touch Pro MDA Version

    Hi there, i have a T-Mobile MDA Version of HTC's Touch Pro (T7272). My question... is the spare digitizer from the HTC Touch Pro identical like the one for the MDA Compact IV Vario? I have to replace the digitizer, it broke some time ago. It still works like a charm, but due to the crack, i...
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    Thread [Q] Artemis (MDA3C) dead - only red light

    Can anyone please help me? I own an artemis aka MDA3C (T-Mobile, GER) and it won't turn on. no responce from the device, except for a constantly flashing red led when connecting to wall charger or any mini-usb cable. it doesn't turn orange or green, I won't turn on nor even load the...