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    Thread Do you think Marshmallow will come to the SG5?

    Either officially or unofficially as a ROM? Has there been any hints of it?
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    Thread What do I wipe in TWRP when installing a custom ROM?

    Excuse my ignorance but I've been out of the game for 3 years and not familiar with TWRP as I used to use Clockwork Recovery. What do I need to wipe when preparing to install a custom ROM? Do I just hit factory reset in TWRP or do I advance wipe? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Thread How do I make the device unlock automatically after entering PIN?

    How do I make Android unlock automatically after entering a PIN code WITHOUT hitting OK every single time? It is pretty annoying actually. This is my first Android device since 2012.
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    Thread [Q] Factory Reset? URGENT.

    I factory reset my Xoom before shipping it to the buyer using the following method. I never checked if the music/picture/work documents I downloaded using the web browser was deleted via the Factory Reset. Does factory reset erase downloaded stuff? :(
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    Thread Laggy - Help?

    Just got the Xoom thursday. Been using it since then. Only got a handful applications & songs. Find it laggy & unresponsive sometimes. Advice? **** for a dual core. Use it only in portrait. Unrooted. Sent from my Xoom using XDA Premium App
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    Thread [Q] Inspire Digitizer Replacement

    Looking for help as in a How To replacing the digitizer on the Inspire 4G. Scratched/cracked mine and now would like to replace it myself. It's the only thing wrong with the phone. All assistant is appreciated. Judging by the extent of the damage, it doesn't look anything more then surface...
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    Thread [Q] Inspire Screen Replace

    Long story short... I dropped it from less then a foot height onto the ground by accident. The way it hit caused spider-cracks on the screen in the left lower corner. I'd take a picture but it doesn't really matter all that much. It only looks like the top layer got hit and it's not that deep or...
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    Thread HTC Sense 3.0 Lock Screen!

    HTC Sense 3.0 Lock-screen on any ROM. Tested and working on Gingerbread. Cheers to this guy. Install Instructions: Download Sideload Wonder Machine (See bottom of post) Connect phone to PC (Charge Only with debug on) Download the .apk here. Choose the .apk in SWM Click "Update Existing...
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    Thread Run Gingerbread? Need a louder speaker? Use this application.

    Volume+ Sound Boost for Gingerbread Download: Here Credits: MeltusI've tested it and it's increased the speaker volume drastically without reducing sound quality. It's great for streaming music, radio, live scanner feeds and stuff. It makes the loudspeaker LOUD. Works on my custom ROM (See it...
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    Thread 11000mAh battery pack?

    Is this thing legit? And roughly how big is it? If it's legit, I want one to carry around in my pocket :cool:
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    Thread [Q] Disable ringtone?

    I have an Android app that runs extremely well that does Text 2 Speech when someone rings me. Aka will say who is calling outloud. I selected the "Override ringtone" option in the application but it continues to ring and talk the name which is annoying. I only want it to talk, not ring. :( How...
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    Thread Dear HTC

    Please give us the old TouchFlo Cube on newer devices which can be found on legacy HTC Devices such as the HTC Touch and I will love you forever. I've been a customer for many years but I miss the TouchFlo Cube. :( Your #1 Fan, ~ FD
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    Thread Phone screen-sizes.

    Dunno about you lot but I would only buy a phone with a 4.3 inch screen or larger. I tried to go back to something small like a HTC Touch Diamond for a week but after 2 hours I couldn't handle it. I like everything big and colorful, easy to read and more to see.
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    Thread What's in HTC Sense 3.0?

    As in what are the differences from Sense 2.1?
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    Thread [Q] Can we flash DHD Roms to the Inspire?

    From what I understand the two phones are exactly the same other then radio and memory. Can someone confirm this? Will it work or will it damage the phone?
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    Thread [Q] Where'd MSN Talk (Pro) go in the Market?

    It's no longer there. I paid for the app and now can't find it... so I ended up using a copy I got off mediafire.
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    Thread [Q] HTC HD2 Offical Extended battery in HTC Inspire 4G?

    Would me popping in the HD2 Official Extended Battery brick the AT&T HTC Inspire 4G? Gonna assume the two battery sizes are the same. Haven't received my Inspire 4G yet. Still in the mail.
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    Thread [Q] Desperately need help with my Telstra HD2

    Guys, I seriously need help. I was like literally in tears as sad as that sounds when this problem occurred because I cannot live without the phone - most of my business revolves around my phone. :( 1st Problem: The USB charging port is bent and ****. Therefore I am unable to charge the...
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    Thread [Q] Just bought one off ebay! What to expect?

    It's a AT&T Inspire found here. I'm from Australia and on Telstra and I noticed it's compatible. But any idea on how to unlock the SIM so I can use my SIM from over-here? Also I previously have owned a HTC HD2 running Android (2.2 with Sense).... Will it be a similar user experience? Should I...
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    Thread [Q] 00028002 Error when flashing back to stock.

    I cannot flash any non Telstra stock ROM via SD card. Gives me "No Allow. 00028002" after "Loading" screen. Yet when I put the Telstra Stock Rom on SD Card and it just goes "Loading" My USB doesn't work which is why I need to flash the phone so I can take it back for repair. wat do?! :'(
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    Thread [Q] HD2 won't turn on, isnt charging since drained battery

    :mad: It won't turn on, it won't charge, it's pretty much dead. I cannot do anything and I really need a phone for my employment. But since I depleted the battery fully, suddenly this happens and Im running the latest MAGLDR and a decent Android ROM. I've never had any problem before. I feel...
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    Thread [Q] How long should it take for an extended battery to charge?

    As in the HTC official 2300 battery. It seems to be charging at the same rate as the old 1230 one.... which is quite fast. And it came precharged at 65 percent, is that correct? Or should I reinstall Current Widget + the battery widget since changing batteries and kennels?
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    Thread Extended battery supported NAND ROMs?

    Anyone know of any HTC Desire HD NAND builds wich support extended battery or lets me use it? Ordered the official HTC 2300 capacity battery and would like to make the most of it. Sent from my HTC HD2 using XDA App
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    Thread I don't get how people have battery drain.

    Like I honestly don't understand it. They are obviously doing something wrong. I am running NAND with the SD card for applications (Stock 16GB) with gauner1986's HD-FI 0.3 with and I have only 2-5ma battery drain on standby. But here's what I noticed: Certain applications from...
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    Thread Ouch. Phone 7 is missing basic features.

    - No WiFi Tether - No USB Tether Is the first thing I noticed. Seriously? :( so I switched back to Android.
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    Thread how to backup Android so I can install MAGLDR 11.2?

    Do I use titanium backup or what? I just want to backup. :confused:
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    Thread HD2 Windows Phone 7 released Sent from my HTC HD2 using XDA App
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    Thread Never underestimate the value of your phone in life!

    Recently in the Queensland, Australia floods, I was assisting with evacuations and swift water rescues. My HTC HD2 phone (With Android NAND) proved to be invaluable within the assistance/rescue operations through the Flashlight Application from HTC. At one stage I was evacuating animals from a...
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    Thread [REQUEST] Desire HD (NON T-MOBILE) NAND Build - Stock - WILL PAY $$$

    This is for those who aren't with T-Mobile and only have the AT&T, Australia, etc HD2s not the 1024. dharvey4651 isn't the only one with a request! Looking for someone to build us a Desire HD NAND ROM that is as 100% Generic and Stock as you can possibly make it. What it needs to be: No...
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    Thread Do you bother with Windows Mobile anymore?

    I said I'd never go Android because it looked silly and geeky and now I'm addicted to it. I can't believe I put up with WinMo for all the years and didn't use another system. Android (Mostly HTC Sense style) destroys Windows Mobile and the only thing I still like about Windows Mobile is the...
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    Thread RUU_Signed through USB?

    How do I convert a RUU_Signed.nbh to flash via USB? :confused: I used the new NAND bootloader thingy but I realized I need to use my phone internet via internet sharing to download a NAND Android ROM due to my home internet being capped to like 6 kb/s. The boatloader has removed the Windows ROM..
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    Thread [Q] Android won't boot up, keeps reloading the Quietly Brilliant ****

    its REALLY grinding my goddamn gears and I'm ready to smash the phone against the wall. It won't boot up anymore into Android, just goes to the white HTC "Quietly Brilliant' screen and KEEPS PLAYING IT, OVER AND OVER. It worked absolutely fine up till today. Any help? I'm sick of gadgets not...
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    Thread [Q] Oh ****, charger port.

    Got a question. I think I've damaged the USB port on my HTC HD2 by jamming the cord in too hard. It's pushed the port a bit up inside the phone and now if I don't put it in correctly and firmly, the phone won't charge or it'll cause a short circuit. This phone is less then a month old and was...
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    Thread [Q] Improve battery life?!

    People keep telling me they get 5-8 drain on the battery on standby. I get 57 drain and I cannot seem to lower it any way I can, What I'm running: Windows Mobile: ozDROID in Airplane Mode. RADIO: Android - Cedesmith's desire hd2 Stock 16GB SD Card. What I've done so far on...
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    Thread HTC Touch was the best phone that I ever owned.

    Had my HTC Touch up till 2009. Got to say it was/is by-far the best phone I ever owned. Had no problems with it and the thing was as solid as a brick. Used to drop it onto the pavement when walking outside the mall and nothing ever scrambled it or damaged it. It remained intact and in one piece...
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    Thread [Q] Where's Windows Live Messenger? ;o

    Any Window Live Messenger apps for Android? WinMo has sweet a sweet official one that you can send voice clips, transfer files on and stuff like that. Most of the 'MSN' 'Windows Live Messenger' apps I see looks like someone crayoned the design. It's that horrible ;o Any official clients ?
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    Thread [Q] Any near-stock roms with start button at the bottom?

    Hey, Looking for a stock-based rom that doesn't have anything glass-like such as folders. Basically want a rom that has the start menu button at the bottom of the screen while having a almost stock ROM. Tried Dutty's but the font is weird :S suggestions?
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    Thread Android restarts on first boot. ffs

    No matter what Android build, the minute I try to run it after tossing it on the SD card, it'll go about 4 lines in the bootloader then restart the phone to a white screen with the green HTC on it. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've followed all the steps, put android correctly on the SD...
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    Thread [Q] Blackberry 9800 Torch or Dell Streak?

    :confused: Which one should I buy? I've never used Android before and only used Blackberry years ago on the Pearl Flip. The useless sale guy at Optus Shop say he likes them both and cannot recommend one over another. I want at-least a day's worth of battery life. I recharge my phone nightly so...
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    Thread Thinking of buying a Dell Streak

    Hi. I'm quite impressed by the freaking huge screen on the Dell Streak but have a few concerns when it comes to Data Usage... The plan Im looking at for it (Optus) only has 2GB Data. Would I go over this if I just use Facebook, MSN and occasional Google Maps day after day on it? I rarely...
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    Thread I need a new screen. Suggestions?

    Bought a second hand HTC Diamond that works real well. Just ordered an extended battery and a new back to cover the thickness of the new battery but the screen needs to go and be replaced. Has a couple scratches (Isn't too bad) but there's one right near the forward facing camera that pisses me...