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  1. TristanLeBoss

    Thread Is it possible to spoof Device Update (Windows Update for Mobile)?

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to edit traffic between devices and Windows Update server? (Man-in-the-middle attack) We used this trick before to spoof the traffic between the Windows Insider app and the Windows Insider server. It was possible to do so using Fiddler for a short...
  2. TristanLeBoss

    Thread Download Windows 10 IOT Packages (+ Pro + UWF) from Microsoft

    Hello, If you are searching for Windows 10 IOT packages, you can download them on the Microsoft website: Windows 10 IoT Core 14393.67.160804-2231.rs1_release_amd64fre_IOTCORE_PACKAGES.iso, 2.27 GB You can also download 2 other...
  3. TristanLeBoss

    Thread All Windows 10 IOT / Holographic / Mobile CBS and SPKG Packages

    Hello, I share with you a full dump of all CBS[RU] and SPK[GRU] packages available on related to Windows 10 IOT / Holographic / Mobile. It contains URLs of 56 980 unique packages for a grand total of 223 GB (239,601,673,407 bytes). These packages are part of...
  4. TristanLeBoss

    Thread Full analysis of Xiaomi Mi4 Windows Mobile 10 ROM

    I have done an extended analysis of the FFU file of Windows Mobile 10 for Xiaomi Mi4. The partition layout is not the same from Android and Windows Phone. But, some partitions have the same starting LBA, ending LBA and size so they are at the same location and have the same size in both...
  5. TristanLeBoss

    Thread [Request] Partition table of a stock Xiaomi Mi4 LTE (4G)

    Hello, I'm searching for a partition table dump of a stock Android ROM on a Xiaomi Mi4 LTE (4G). I just need starting LBA, end LBA and partition name. Thanks a lot for your collaboration ;)
  6. TristanLeBoss

    Thread Create rawprogram0.xml from FFU file and extract partition as raw file

    I was searching for the "ffutoraw.exe" file referenced in the "rawprogram0.xml" file from the Xiaomi Mi4 Windows Mobile 10 ROM when I discovered a small tool which can also do the work. Here is the eMMC DL tool v2.15 from Qualcomm. This tool is publicly available. It's part of the "DragonBoard...
  7. TristanLeBoss

    Thread [ROM][Android][Stock] Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL 5054

    Instead of being split in different posts in a really large and broad topic about this phone, I decided to create a new topic to share the stock roms I recently uploaded. They have been untouched: they all are large exe files (~1 gb) which unpack and automatically launch the flashing software...
  8. TristanLeBoss

    Thread Windows 10 Mobile version 1511 codename Treshold 2 builds number + OS version

    Because I was struggling to find them, I create a thread to offer the information I gathered. So, here is a small list of the builds number and their equivalent OS version: 10.0.10586.0 -> 10.0.13052.0 10.0.10586.11 -> 10.0.13058.11 10.0.10586.29 -> 10.0.13065.29 10.0.10586.36 -> 10.0.13067.36...
  9. TristanLeBoss

    Thread Can we edit BCD file of Windows Mobile 10 ?

    Because of OneCore (the fact that all WIndows versions use the same core), the boot process of Windows Mobile 10 seems to work the same way as the desktop version. In the EFIESP partition, there is a BCD file under ":\EFI\Microsoft\boot". This BCD file can be opened with Visual BCD (Easy BCD...
  10. TristanLeBoss

    Thread List of Lumia's phones with OS / Chipset / CPU / GPU / Resolution

    PS: If you know how to do a nice table in a post... I will do an Excel file also. Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 ------------------------------- -> Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM | Microsoft Windows 10 | Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 | Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 & Quad-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A57 |...
  11. TristanLeBoss

    Thread Decompress Manifests files found in the WinSxS folder

    Hello, I am wondering how to decompress the *.manifest files which can be found in the Windows\WinSxS folder. Since Windows 8, those file are null-delta compressed. (cf...
  12. TristanLeBoss

    Thread Problem with DumpRom

    Hi, I am experiencing some problems using dumprom. I downloaded it and extracted the content of an exe updater to get the "nk.nbf" os rom (w2k3). After that, I tried ... : dumprom nk.nbf -v -d toto ... to extract the content of this os rom but nothing happens ... dumprom seems to launch...
  13. TristanLeBoss

    Thread Repairing a BA

    Hi, My O2 XDA IIs have two small problems : - The part including the screen isn't very well attached to the part which contains the battery, - I don't know how to explain it but a kind of fine film present on the plastic layer covering the screen has gone. The screen and the touch screen are...