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  1. hightech316

    Thread SOLVED:Android 11 phone app issue

    On the newer Android 11 releases, I have issues with the phone app. No response when Pressing the "Answer button" . On the main window of the phone app, as well as status bar drop down button. Neither work. 3rd party phone apps do not work . Decline button works. I am able to make out going...
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    Thread [Q] Slots A/B ?

    I've read on how to change boot slot , but not exactly what the slots are ? From what I have read , sounds like a dual boot ? Please enlighten me :confused:
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    Thread 7t pro sale in US?

    I live in north America. Serval articles state that the 7t plus has yet to make it to US market. I tried purchasing one from their website , only given 7t and pro options . Is the US still waiting for their 7t pro?
  4. hightech316

    Thread 2nd SIM , Google FI

    I am using two SIM cards with their Redmi Note 7 , IGoogle Fi set as SIM 1 and MetroPCS as SIM 2 . Although using both , Seems to break Wifi . I am running the Pixel Experience ROM . Also I am unable to switch network carriers with google fi . Tried manually switching to sprint , Dialer...
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    Thread Which Filesystem do you use?

    I've alway stuck w EXT4. Looking at f2s.
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    Thread Miss / Straight to VM Calls

    Majority of time calls go straight to VM . I am missing ALOT of calls. I have tried different roms . Running on Metropcs ( T- Mobile ) Network. Latest Firmware ( Global_V10.3.6.0 ) . Within Mobile Network settings, VoLTE is on. Preferred network type set to LTE/TDSCDMA/GSM/WCDMA. Wifi...
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    Thread Retrying BL unlock procedure

    I tried unlocking a bootloader for Redmi note 7, 1st try I was given a waiting period of 350 hrs. I believe the time has passed . If my waiting period is still active, will retrying the unlock procedure add more time ? thanks
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    Thread Kernels?

    Just ordered my mi note 7. Browsing throughout the forum, I do not see any one building kernels. Any particular reason?
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    Thread [Linux] Lazygit - github cli

    Stumbled upon this project, thought I'd share .
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    Thread S7 SM-G930VL Firmware ?

    I recently acquired a Samsung s7 trac phone ( SM-G930VL ) base band is on G930VLUDU4CQH2 . I've looked high and low for firmware, with no luck. Instead I found posts of users flashing the SM-G930V (Verizon ) and some even stated SM-G930U ( Unlocked ) . So my question is, If I...
  11. hightech316

    Thread Kali Nethunter SM-910t

    I've came across the Kali Net Hunter kernel for the snapdragon note 4. Although the github link is dead as well as download. So I take it that is abandoned? Has anyone had any...
  12. hightech316

    Thread [KERNEL]SM-T357T - Permissive

    Boots up, not much testing done by me. My 3 year old won't let go of his tab A :rolleyes: Permissive Kernel, Root restrictions removed. Pretty much stock ( For now :cool:) . Built from found at using Uber tool chain . Will add more...
  13. hightech316

    Thread j700T variant ROMs?

    I know there is a dedicated SM-J700T (T-Mobile&MetroPCS) variant forum, although I am seeing a new releases for the j7 2015 exynos . Would that not cover the 700T? Same chipset. Cannot get a straight answer, and haven't tried flashing one... yet..
  14. hightech316

    Thread [Q] Dead screen

    Parts of my a7000 screen is completely dead. That being said, I want to connect a smart watch via bluetooth. Although the ROM I am using does not support . So I need to flash a ROM with only using parts of my screen.... Would ADB Sideload be the best way to flash ROM w/o using screen...
  15. hightech316

    Thread Metro PCS - Dropped Calls, -99dB

    Last 4 days , I've had terrible cell service. Cannot receive calls, Drop calls, Cannot connect to calls . I've spoke w Metro PCS , They had " refreshed " my account. Also done the usual troubleshooting. For the past week, I've been flashing the 7.x ROMs that have been released. I went...
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    Thread [MODS-LIST] What's under your hood?

    I've always been a fan of MODs, particularly ones that pertain to memory management :cool: So, I've started this thread to see what other Lenovo users have had luck with, and to also share my findings :laugh: Gov Tuner Project This MOD is by far my new favorite go to mod for quick...
  17. hightech316

    Thread [Q] Which Toolchain is for me?

    I've been doing some research regarding custom toolchains ( Still in early stages ) . I have many questions, to start me on the " right track " per say , Which one have you guys have had the best experience with the following toolchains? I have yet to go through each one throughly , but they...
  18. hightech316

    Thread LED notification on 7.x ?

    I've read a few threads pertaining to LED notification on 7.x ROMS. I went to settings, verified "pulse" LED is enabled. Still no go. On MM roms LED notification worked great. Currently I'm on RR rom. Anyone have any kind of workaround? 3rd party app perhaps? I believe the kernel I'm using...
  19. hightech316

    Thread What are you running on your 237p?

    What is everyone running on their SM-237P ? I'm unable to find any roms, so Stock rooted 4.4.2 with Xposed Modules and CWM recovery.
  20. hightech316

    Thread ZTE N817 - Cannot root ?

    Just received a ZTE N817 ( ZTE Quest ) running KitKat 4.4.4 . I have tried most rooting methods, with no success. Framaroot, Kingroot, iroot, 360 root, root genius and a few others, with no luck :rolleyes: I've rooted dozens of phones with little to no problems...But this one is being tricky...
  21. hightech316

    Thread ** SM-T237P Thread ** Roms, Recovery & root

    Since the SM-T237P does not have as many custom recovery, Roms and root methods. I thought making a "official" thread may help, as well as having the answers to the same questions I see over and over. I'll be adding a guide shortly containing links to the few roms and recoveries that we...
  22. hightech316

    Thread Difference between SM-T235 & SM-T237

    What are the differences between the two? Chipsets & firmware ¿
  23. hightech316

    Thread [Q] Difference between m7, m7vwz and m7spr roms?

    I currently have the m7vwz. (Which is disconnected) I plan on flashing to CricKet. My question is , When it comes to software ( ROMS ) What exactly is the difference between the M7 Variants ? I have heard someone mention mount points? I know that the APNs are going to be different , but what...
  24. hightech316

    Thread Which Lollipop Kernel are you using?

    Which lollipop kerne which lollipop kernel do you use? Sense, AOSP and GPE. I'm using elite AOSP kernel . Runs excellent . Good amount of govenors to choose from. Aswell as TCP algorithm. I also use his sense kernel, when I'm on sense. I haven't seen to many lollipop kernels out there, most...
  25. hightech316

    Thread M7 Replaced - Running Slow

    I recently had to replace my M7 , my original flew out the window :( . I have gained s-off and installed a rom. I'm noticing when installing apps it is terribly slow . My quadrant benchmark is 40000 .... it was 11000 ... Any ideas? I have my phone setup the exact same . Am I missing a...
  26. hightech316

    Thread ART or Dalvik

    Androids new runtime ART which should eventually replace the Dalvik* Has been recently introduced in KitKat as most of us already know . What's every ones though thoughts? I see a noticeable impact in performance and battery . Bench marks are also higher . Sent from my One using xda...
  27. hightech316

    Thread HTC One roms

    I picked up my Verizon m7 on black Friday :) Love the phone. Best Buy Blue, lol. Soon I am going to begin achieving s-off,rooting ,etc . Quick Question ( could not find answer in forums ) What's stopping us from using the roms over at the HTC One forum? They have roms that support...
  28. hightech316

    Thread Verizon HTC One

    Hey guys, Just picked up my blue HTC one yesterday from bestbuy. I've been reading but some things are unclear ... At the moment I'm running Android 4.2.2 Software# 1.10.605.10 Baseband Model HTC6500LVW It has been prompting me to run the OTA update . Should I run this...
  29. hightech316

    Thread [Q]Virgin Mobile Evo V Stock RUU?

    I've been looking for my phones stock ruu Virgin Mobile EVO 3D Icecrean sandwich . My goal is to use jumptu bear S-OFF. I'm on hboot 1.57 and rooted . Im treading lightly , as I do not need a brick. Thanks in advanced
  30. hightech316

    Thread S-Off Evo V 4g?

    I am trying to attempt [S-OFF] with Juopunutbear. One of Juopunutbear's requirements, is that your on a completely stock rom. Im having issues finding the lastest stock rom for the evo v 4g ( Virgin Mobiles version evo 3d) . I've searched high and low. I've came close, but it was an old ruu...
  31. hightech316

    Thread [MODS] Sense 4.x/5.x for Sense 3.6

    I thought we should start a list of available mods for those running Sense 3.6 to add some of the features / appearance of the newer sense based roms. :good: I will be adding Sense 4.3 Camera / Gallery , as well as sense 5.x incoming call / keyboard shortly. Anyone else come across or...
  32. hightech316

    Thread -[ Evo 3D | Benchmark Results ]-

    Post your bench mark results; Rom - Viper's 4.1 latest Kernel - ButterToast 16.2 Governor - Lag Free Scheduler - BFQ CPU Freq - 1566 MHz No under/over volting . I'm sure I could retrieve higher scores if I were to over clock it a bit more. Over volt and use a more aggressive Governor...
  33. hightech316

    Thread [Q] E3D Sense 3.6 rom w/ 4.0 features?

    What Sense 3.6 rom would you guys says has the most sense 4.x features ported over?
  34. hightech316

    Thread Ubuntu Touch Looks very interesting. Sent from my shooter using Tapatalk 2
  35. hightech316

    Thread [Q] Evo V 4g ( virgin mobile CDMA )

    I just bought a brand new Virgin Mobile Evo V 4G model # PG86100 . Ive searched this thread, not much has came up on the evo v. Im assuming rooting and unlocking is the same steps as the Evo 3d? as well as flashing etc? :confused: If this has been posted before... it must be buried deep ...
  36. hightech316

    Thread 4.2 Core Apps

    I stumbled upon this and thought id share - thread Contains jb 4.2 system apps. I'm in the middle of tweaking keyboard, camera and gallery. I'll post once I'm done.
  37. hightech316

    Thread - JellyBean Kernel Development - ??? -

    Since Motorola won't be upgrading our photon, would it be possible to modify the current kernel we are using for CM 10 & AOKP? Ext4, swap. Hotplugging , etc. Basically adding more modules and maybe under clock it a bit more. Also more governors and I/O schedulers. What we have now is pretty...
  38. hightech316

    Thread Sense 4

    HTC sense possible on our mopho? Sent from my MB855 using xda app-developers app
  39. hightech316

    Thread ICS 4.1

    When do you guys think when we will see this surface e? Sent from my MB855 using xda app-developers app
  40. hightech316

    Thread Sense 3.6

    Sense 3.6 is making its way out, I wonder how long it will take to port it over for us?
  41. hightech316

    Thread [Q]samsung illusion ruu?

    Alright, A friend of mine thought he had a samsung fascinate, so he went ahead and used Odin to flash a rom. The Device is a Samsung SCH-i110 ( illusion) Now we have a brick. I can't find any roms or development material for this phone :confused: Anybody happen to know where I might find a...
  42. hightech316

    Thread [Q] Warm TwoPointThree

    I've been talking w Joelz, a dev on the warm team. He has gave me permission to port over the legendary sense Rom, warm TwoPointThree. He would himself but doesn't have our device.They have skins,themes and mods. I will need a hand bringing those to vivow. Shoot me a PM if you want to help...
  43. hightech316

    Thread switched to the incredible 2

    Hey guys Just got my hands on a dinc2. I'm coming from the evo shift, its great to see 3.5 roms. Looks like the incredible 2 has a strong community, I will contribute as much as possible. What are you guys have your kernel OC'd to? How much undervolted can she take? Does anyone use tv-out?
  44. hightech316

    Thread [Q] Sense 3.5 for shift

    Ive recently moved from Droid Incredible to the Evo Shift. Im loving the shift! Is there a reason why a 3.5 sense rom hasn't been created or ported? If there isn't any issues stopping us, Lets get one started! Or atleast a 3.0/3.5 mix.... :cool:
  45. hightech316

    Thread [WIP]MVS (Mobile Vulnerability Suite)

    My job requires me to use a whole arsenal of native Linux penetration tools. I carry a laptop running backtrack Linux, has all the tools I need, and is ready to go right out of the box. I thought I would bring over these tools to my phone, and maybe save me some time. The end result being an...
  46. hightech316

    Thread [WIP] MVS ( Mobile Vulnerability Suite)

    My job requires me to use a whole arsenal of native Linux penetration tools. I carry a laptop running backtrack Linux, has all the tools I need, and is ready to go right out of the box. I thought I would bring over these tools to my phone, and maybe save me some time. The end result being an...
  47. hightech316

    Thread [Q]Boot.img tweaks

    I'm new to android dev. Can someone fill me in on editing a boot.img for a ported sense 3 Rom ? What changes need to he made? I've looked high and low, thanks in advanced. Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  48. hightech316

    Thread Leaked ROM base list

    start listing where to find leaked ROM bases for developers and inspiring devs. Sent from my ADR6300 using Tapatalk
  49. hightech316

    Thread [Solved] Diag mode

    I cannot get into daig mode. ## 3424 does not work. Vol up and power does not work... any ideas? ive been in daig mode dozens of times with the same phone, but now im running a different rom. Would it make it difference if i were using a ported rom? ( also tried the ported rom way to get into...
  50. hightech316

    Thread (Q) Kernel building 101

    I am a native Linux user and have configured/compiled *nix kernels dozen of times. I was wondering about the HTC kernel and how it my differ from let's say a gentoo build? I have found little to none on kernel programing, I must be blind. Can someone direct me to some tutorials? I'm not...