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    Thread [FLASHABLE ZIP] S7 Edge Battery Patch for G920F(D)

    Hi folks, I've made a flashable patch for G920F and G920FD to support S7 Edge battery. With this patch, you will probability have more accurate battery reporting and more overall battery life. Battery will be full synchronized after 5-6 battery cycle. You can install it on only Samsung based...
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    Thread CyanogenMod 12.1 for Turkcell T50

    CyanogenMod 12.1 for Turkcell T50 (aka. ZTE Blade Vec 4G) Bugs: None How to install: Just put the zip to phone and install via TWRP. You have to use version 3.0.2-3 of TWRP. XDA:DevDB Information CyanogenMod 12.1 for Turkcell T50, ROM for all devices (see above for details)...
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    Thread [UNOFFICIAL][G920F] Official Android M -bootloader- compaitable TWRP {}

    Hi guys I repacked bigbiff 's TWRP Recovery ( with latest Adam kernel by wanam , so we got a proper working custom -SELinux permissive- recovery on official Android M bootloader Bugs; - Vibration not working - MTP not working and it can cause ADB failure. Disable it. THIS IS NOT...
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    Thread [ROM]{WIP} CyanogenMod 12.1 for ZTE Blade Vec (4G) (DEV Support needed!)

    CyanogenMod 12.1 (Android 5.1.1) for ZTE Blade Vec (4G) Bugs - Camera not working at all. - CPU-Z application doesn't start and causes sensor failure. - Sensors stops working randomly, and fixes itself randomly too. - If the screen turns off while call, there's no way to turn it on unless end...
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    Thread Download mode doesn't working, but system and recovery works fine.

    Hi, I went back to stock by using LG Mobile Support Tool application (Repair Software section). It flashed correctly (D802TR20c) and I started to use it. After a while I wanted to install 20f kdz version via Flashtool. I booted phone to download mode, connected to PC. It starts upgrading but...
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    Thread [GUIDE][REPARTITION] Get extra 1.5 GB (2.4 GB for AOSP users) on user data!

    Hello XDA community :) I'm using my GT-I9300 via reparititoned table for 4 months and it's working very well and very useful for Custom ROM users like us. Here's stock 16 GB GT-I9300 has a partition table; Model: MMC VTU00M (sd/mmc) Disk /dev/block/mmcblk0: 15.8GB Sector size...
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    Thread [VIDEO] Kiktat update canceled due apps implement.... WHAT?

    Hello XDA community! As you know, Sammobile announced that I9300 won't get official Kitkat update from Samsung. You can get more information from there; But Samsung released official...
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    Thread A Weird Camera Issue on AOSP/CM ROMs

    Hi everybody. I have a problem with the camera on AOSP/CM ROMs. When I switch to video mode, the preview is like geoid video, but recorded video is fine. With latest builds, I have light adjustment problem on photo mode. After take a picture, camera doesn't adjust light. I need exit and...
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    Thread [TOOL][WINDOWS]APK to Java Viewer - View the Java classes in apk!

    APK to Java Viewer Hi all! As you know, we can view and save java classes in classes.dex via some tools. And we have enough guides (like this; ) but it requires effort so, I made this small tool for lazy people :p This script will show the java files in your apk/jar...
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    Thread Weird Camera Issue on Sammy (Samsung) ROMs (dmesg included)

    Hi XDA community I have a weird problem on my S3 I can't use Camera with Custom Kernels on Sammy (Samsung) based ROMs (I tried Googy-Max and Boeffla kernel). When I try to access to Camera, applications says "Camera Failed" or "Failed to connect Camera". If I use stock kernel with sammy based...
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    Thread [ROM][4.1.2] MIUIv5 - 3.7.12 - 12.07.2013

    MIUIv5 3.7.12 2013.07.12 Screenshots; Changelog; 3.7.5 --> 3.7.12 -Fixed Light Sensor -Fixed Auto Brigtness -Fixed Compass -Fixed Native USB Tether -Fixed MAC adress for WiFi -Updated SmartassV2 governor. -Fixed Soft Key Lights -Updated MIUI base -I did something for doesn't...
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    Thread Annoying multitouch problem on Synaptics Touchscreen.

    Hi XDA community, I switched my U8800's screen Atmel to Synaptics. But I have multitouch problem now. I tried all kernels,ROMs but it didn't solve them. I think it is a hardware problem but how can I fix it? Someone upload a sample video about this problem; E3JTHqkdqlM
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    Thread [MOD][JB] Change SD Card paths to correct one without root

    Hi everyone! Here is my first mod for Galaxy Ace 2, This mod allows move applications to real sd card,applications will use real sd card for datas (like games). And you can do it without root! Installation progress: 1-Move applications on sd card to phone's storage (If exists) 2-Download...
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    Thread [ROM][DEV] CyanogenMod 9 Beta | Paranandroid v1.5a | 01.06.2013

    Hi Everyone, I released my own fully open source ROM,CyanogenMod 9 for Huawei Ideos X5. It's an alpha version,so it isn't ready for daily use. Issues: (both on CM9 and PA) - WiFi MAC adress is 00:11:22:33:44 - The UI works bugly. You'll experience. - USB and WiFi Tether doesn't working. You...
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    Thread [TOUCH RECOVERY] TWRP Recovery v2.7.1.0 (with SELinux)

    Team Win Recovery Project , or twrp for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. It’s a fully touch driven user interface – no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about...
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    Thread [Q] Can I write auto reboot script?

    Hi XDA community My phone has a problem. The AudioPolicy and AudioFlinger don't start sometimes at boot (like this). If device reboot it,It starts and my phone can boot up successfully. I want to write a auto reboot init.d script.; If script see "waiting for" in logcat,do...
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    Thread [RECOVERY] ClockworkMod Recovery | & & with Touch |

    ClockworkMod Recovery with Touch Interface Download: Bugs: No offmode charging Installation: Install the zip via any recovery. ClockworkMod...
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    Thread [TOUCH RECOVERY] TWRP Recovery v2.7.1.0 (with SELinux)

    Team Win Recovery Project , or twrp for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. It’s a fully touch driven user interface – no more volume rocker or power buttons to mash. The GUI is also fully XML driven and completely theme-able. You can change just about...
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    Thread [NOT SOLVED]audio.policy and audio.flinger sometimes causing bootloops

    Hi everybody, I finally build from source CM7 for kernel. But I have a problem. In the first boot,It boot normally and I can see home screen but in second/third boot, I can see the bootanimation but audio.policy and audio.flinger crashes. If I pull the battery for 1 minute,It boot...
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    Thread Why my ROM always unpack libraries every boot?

    Hi, I'm modding the offical ROM for u8800 and I have maddeningly problem. My ROM is based on Gingerbread and It always unpack libraries every boot for every apk in data/app. Here is the example logcat; I/PackageManager( 279): Unpacking native libraries for...
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    Thread [Q] Can I use normal kernel for recovery.img?

    Can I use normal kernel for recovery.img?
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    Thread [KERNEL][] forumber.kernel - 03102012

    This it's very much patched compared to the genokolar's cm7 kernel and it's aim is for performance/battery balance. 03102012 - fixed 720p video recording - disabled haptic feedback for softkeys by default. You can enable this with X5 Settings (click me for download) 30092012.2 - fix for...
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    Thread [KERNEL][] forumber.kernel - 02032013

    This it's very much patched compared to the genokolar's cm7 kernel and it's aim is for performance/battery balance. 02032013 -revert all of net changes for fix sleep RIL while edge turned on -update sound drivers from ics kernel -Increase some parameters governing the random number generator...
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    Thread [THEME][V2] Sense Status Bar & custom status bar icons for B5xx

    It's made from B528,I think you can install it over all of B5xx. Install: Install zip with CWM,no need wipe progress. V1 ---> V2 Changelog: - Changed battery icon - Added big android logo
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    Thread [ROM] WhiteLight B528 (10.11.2012)

    Download: Features: -Modded boot.img,including run init.d & enchanged.conf -Modded kernel with ext4,atmel fix,overclock to 1.8Ghz -Custom Splashscreen and bootanimation -Zipaligned & zipalign while booting -Custom LowMemoryKiller & adj values...
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    Thread Hardware Video Decoding Problem in 2.3

    Hi everybody,I have a problem with 2.3 ROM's. Phone has a problem with playing videos on 3rd party applications and youtube application.I can not tell more because I don't have enough time now. I made a video: QpsXQf-Ny6o&feature Thanks in advance :) Best regards
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    Thread I'm building a new kernel (updated on 27.09.2012)

    Hi XDA community,I'm building my first kernel and I'm very very very noob about zImage (kernel). I open this Thread because If I build a good kernel,I want to noob's see a noob can improve himself &I hope that the Kernel Developers will help me about solve problem.I mean,you can think about it...
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    Thread [Recovery] Unofficial CWM Recovery Touch v6.0.1.0 for u8800pro&u8800

    Original Thread:click me!
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    Thread [ROM][DEV]Offical ICS (B927) for u8800 - 03.06.2013

    Download: Working: 2G - RIL - Calling - Signal Strength EDGE 3G - HSPDA MMS - SMS All sensors GPS Headphones Virtual keys LED All Sounds Sound Record Video TouchScreen Multitouch 2D Hardware Accelaration (bugly) 3D Hardware Accelaration (fully) SDcard/USB with internal and...
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    Thread [ROM] T.M.C | CyanogenMod 7.2.0 - 19.05.2013

    [T]he [M]ost [C]lean CyanogenMod 7.2.0 19.05.2013 Download: Changelog: 18022013 ----> 19052013 - Update WiFi power control changed by dzo - Some fixes for SD Card detection changed by dzo - CPU voltages are changed for...
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    Thread I can't add a lang to framework-res.apk

    Hi XDA community! I have a problem with apktool. I can't add language to framework-res.apk. I received and edited ​​"strings.xml" file from res/values,than i created values-tr-rTR folder in /res folder and i putted edited ​​"strings.xml" to res/vales-tr-rTR folder and compiled it. I flashed it...
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    Thread [ROM][OFFICAL] LeWa OS (updated on 14.09.2012)

    Hi Everyone! I would like to introduce you to (almost) seamlessly ROM.No need to say more. Lets go to the features; Features: -This ROM is different from other ROMs, has its own kernel.And this kernel has atmel fix :eek: -It's based on CM7 -Another feature of the other ROMs is different, a...
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    Thread [KERNEL] [2.6.35] Atmel fixed,Overclocked Kernel (26.07.2012)

    Description:Hi everyone.As a result of long researches,i found those kernels.They have got 2.2 Atmel drivers so If you install those kernels ,you will not have the problem of Atmel :) for CM7 - LeWaOs - MooKeOS - Lezo ROM It can overclock up to 1.8 Ghz,but this kernel doesn't have smartassv2...
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    Thread [ROM][WajkUI] MIUI 2.4.20 update 2 | 10.06.2013

    MIUI WajkUI - 35 Kernel - 10.06.2013 - MultiLanguage ***FEATURES*** -Camera libs from Aurora ICS and B528,Better performance -Includes MIUIv4 and Original MIUI theme -Modded sqlite,accuracy of the results of benchmark -If you 3G/2G mobile settings, the device gives priority to 3G. -A better...