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    Thread AOKP for nicklaus?

    Hi, any developer of AOKP can build ROMS for nicklaus? that phone doesn't have any good custom rom, it only has beta and testing ROMS
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    Thread Help, V4A doesn't install drivers.

    Hi, I try to install V4A on Moto E4 Plus (nicklaus) stock, but when I try to install the drivers, It says "Driver installed, please reboot your phone", I reboot but when I go to V4A it still show the installation message like I never installed it. That I can do? help, sorry for my bad English.
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    Post How i know wich is my device? ._.

    I Installed it, thanks.
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    Post How i know wich is my device? ._.

    Can you help me with that friend? Wich is the correct TWRP? :) I try to install RR, is a great rom, I tested on Moto X Play and Moto G 2014 and it run great but I can't stand how I install it, the post says "flash .img" images and other things that confused me.
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    Thread How i know wich is my device? ._.

    I have xt1772, on CPU-Z the plataform is mt6735 but in SOC info it says "MT6737" the name of my device is Nicklaus, but when i try install lineage os 14.1 "Nicklaus" TWRP says "this package is for nicklaus, you device is "perry" what the hell is going on? ._. can someone pass me the link of...
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r18][UNOFFICIAL] CypherOS 6.0.0 - Parfait [AOSP]

    Gapps? Wich gapps can i flash? I try with opengapps pico but apears an error :(
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    Post [ROM][8.0][UNOFFICIAL] [lux]Lineage OS 15

    That ROM is incompatible with Dolby Atmos and Dolby Digital plus, It's sad to know that because I still can't update to Lineage OS 15