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    Post [Q] How to delete dual boot partition?

    Bump, no one has ever done this?
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    Thread [Q] How to delete dual boot partition?

    Hi, A few months ago I installed two roms, creating a second partiton. I've being struggling not to fill the device memory for the past month. So now I want to delete it and recover the memory to my main rom. Is there any busybox command to achieve this? Or a link to a step-by-step...
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    Post SGS3 S-VOICE APK Updated 5/23 with hacked flashable zip !!!!!(only work on ICS!)

    well, uselability aside, you can still use it just to tease iphone 4s users... i solved my problem wtb... it was stucked in the galaxy sii boot screen no matter what... until i plugged in to my pc, then after acpi shutdown pluggued battery showed up and combo while plugged worked... when i...
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    Post [Q] is this brick recoverable?

    well it seemed like the old connect your phone to the pc while pressing the download combo did the trick for download mode... damn i got scared... just flashed stock and it is working... i didn't thought i would recover it after the jig didn't worked... good thing i tried the download method...
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    Thread [Q] is this brick recoverable?

    Hi, I installed the voicetalk app succesfully. I was getting network error and I decided to modify the build.prop. I chmod 777 build.prop and changed device model and one more value from i9100 to i9300... I rebooted and was stucked on Samsung GALAXY SII GT-I9100 screen... I entered recovery...
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    Post SGS3 S-VOICE APK Updated 5/23 with hacked flashable zip !!!!!(only work on ICS!)

    guys i think i mess up badly here... i installed everything ok, was getting network error so i gave the build.prop 777 permissions and modified every i9100 to i9300 saved and rebooted. the device was not turning on... i didnt panic yet... i went into recovery by key combination and did a fix...
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    Post [ROM][07/06][LSW][4.1.2][V14.6] WanamLite Clean & Fast & Pure Stock Themed

    hi, I installed this rom, coming from cm9, did a data wipe, installed the rom, samsung apps, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache... my main problem is that i can't make the 3g work... and yes, I have all the apn settings configured correctly... i tried wipe csc 1.0 data from tibu, didn't do the...
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    Post [Q] Need help, phone reboots on turn on, kernel may be damaged

    thanks, i did adam outer heimdall one click with i897 bootloaders and phone is working again :D
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    Post [Q] Need help, phone reboots on turn on, kernel may be damaged

    ok screw the sms, im about to flash fasty III to see if it fixes, unless someone says i shoudnt or come up with a better idea i can just flash it on top right? i have the gb bootloaders from before if i cant what should i do before flashing?
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    Post [Q] Need help, phone reboots on turn on, kernel may be damaged

    well i installed heimdall did heimdall flash --kernel and installed talondev's kernel correctly phone gets stucked at Galaxy S GT-I9000 screen downloaded serendipity 4.1 kernel and flashed it, got the same results... :( Any ideas?
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    Post [Q] Hard brick or fixable..? Help.

    have u tried button combo to go to download mode? or by pressing the volume buttom and inserting the usb cable already plugged in?
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    Post [ROM] « Serendipity VII » | Build 3 | Kernel 4.1 | **10/3** [FINAL]

    Hi, first of all, i love your work mikey! I've being using serendipity vii build 1 for a long time, loved it, but now my phone doesnt want to turn on :( I've opened a thread in Q&A, but with all the stickies that are now there I dont know if ppl would be able to see it. So if any of you wants...
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    Thread [Q] Need help, phone reboots on turn on, kernel may be damaged

    Hi, Its being a long time since I post. To start with I just run with a really weird problem. Today when i woke up i went to the phone and noticed wifi was off. I turned it on but it turned off automatically. I was thinking wtf and rebooted the phone. When I rebooted it turned on, never got to...
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    Post [Q] Forcing locale for a specific application

    If you add different layout folders to your app(layout-es, values-fr) they will be loaded according to the phone's locale. here is the documentation:
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    Post [Q] Odin3 one-click downloader just froze, any ideas?

    mmm I took out the phone and now i think it is soft bricked now, phone ! computer, though i just managed to put it back in download mode by holding the volume buttons and plugging in the cable, now it is back on stock thanks guys, I was getting scared :)
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    Thread [Q] Odin3 one-click downloader just froze, any ideas?

    Hello, I was going back to stock from 2.2, just like I used to do, opened the good old odin and hitted start. It beggan as usual, printed: <ID:0/016> Added!! <ID:0/016> Odin v.3 engine (ID:16).. <ID:0/016> File analysis.. <ID:0/016> Set PIT file.. <ID:0/016> DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET!! and it is...
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    Post Looking for Dev Partner(s)

    Hello, I have some experience with android views, drag & drop, databases. I like your idea, I would love to have a player that feels like amarok on my phone. I imagine that this is a for-profit app and if so I would like to hear the details about this part. The amount of people involved, how...
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    Post PayPal Dev App Contest $25,000.00

    Very interesting contest. I might give it a shot, but I really don´t like this part of the terms: In the event that an Entrant registers for the Contest but does not submit an Application, PayPal reserves the right to publish the idea associated with the registration after the Application...
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    Thread [Q] Question about tapatalk api (xda app): how can I parse the bbcode of the posts?

    Hello, I'm developing an application that uses tapatalk xmlrpc api to get the content of some forums. I've just reached the point where the user gets to the posts and I stumbled with this particular problem. I get the text of each post and put it on a textview. After that I put it in a textview...
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    Post [ROM][JS32.2.1] Paragon RC6 - Updated 03/02/11 - Video Review - More themes added...

    Thanks!!! I've being debugging with the emulator for the past 2 days. I didn't even thought it was an option of speedmod kernel that could be enabled/disabled from recovery. Now I'm back in business :D
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    Post [ROM][JS32.2.1] Paragon RC6 - Updated 03/02/11 - Video Review - More themes added...

    I guess I'm the only one with this issue... i will try flashing from stock
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    Post [ROM][JS32.2.1] Paragon RC6 - Updated 03/02/11 - Video Review - More themes added...

    Hello, After I flashed the update to RC4 I lost logcat. It says: "Unable to open log device '/dev/log/main' no such file or directory" any ideas on how to solve it? I've tried to do touch /dev/log/main but its the first time i did touch on the device and I'm not really sure it supports it...
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    Post [ROM][JS32.2.1] Paragon RC6 - Updated 03/02/11 - Video Review - More themes added...

    Thanks shaolin for such a good explanation. Though I´m not sure if my processor is stable @ 1400 - 50. Stability test crashed on loop 47. Neocore didn't crashed. Can I consider that my phone is stable @ 1400 on this results or that it is almost stable? If I toy randomly with the OC - UV...
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    Post In case no one saw this. "Samsung Secret"

    I'm more in the conspiracy theory side :P Don't trust everything you read. Thing about it deeply, what is more likely: A Sammy employee risked his job, created an account just to create this post, and tell us the truth about the updates and how bad his employer is? seriously? What did he...
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    Thread [Q] Developing an app for chinese tablets, are they reliable??

    Hello, I'm about to develop an app that is intended to run on chinese android tablets. It is going to do some simple animations, sqlite database, and communicate on a wi-fi internal network. The last part is the one that scares me. This app is going to be designed to simplify the data...
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    Post [ROM] « Serendipity 6.4 » **4/13** [FINAL]

    As usual awesome work Mike. One thing its bugging me from this build though, its that the Stay Awake option inside Settings > Applications > Development is missing. Is there anything i could flash to make it re-appear? I found it annoying to have to unlock my phone every 2 mins while I'm...
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    Post Overclocking difference

    Don't forget HQ flash streams on the browser, like some on My personal experience was that at 1 ghz it was a little bit choppy, and according to the rom as well, somewhere between 1.2 and 1.4 it becomes really smooth. Though if I used skyfire to watch it is smooth at stock speed, but...
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    Post [REQUEST] Compiling GemRB on Android (Read Baldur's Gate 2)

    Nice job porting this. Does it work on a galaxy captivate? I tried but it always closes itself. I tried without changing the gemrb.cfg, try changing paths to /mnt/sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb/ ; also tried /sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb and also changing the screen resolution...
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    Post Captivate without Data Plan

    I'm not from USA and I don't know much about your carriers, but coudn't you alegate that the data service drains your battery till the.point you find your phone unusable and ask for at&t to block it threatening of changing your provider? The last part works for almost anything in my country...
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    Post Serious GPS issue..

    I have had great gps since i switched to assonance, latest version of axura worked for me as well, you may want to give them a try, or try their gps settings and modem over cognition. If that doesn't work you may want to scratch/erase the white contacts of the cover as one post said to maybe...
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    Post [Tech Demo] Gingerbread for Captivate Build-4 (experimental)

    I've read on the nexus s forum that usb otg is enabled on their kernel by default; did anyone tried if this feature is working? it would rock to have usb otg :D
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    Post [Q] Why is my battery life so awful?

    Hold down the home button and open task manager... Also i noticed that using 3g on low signal kills the battery, try to use wifi... You can also try assonance, i think its clocked 200 mhz less than axura, so you might perceive more battery, and it is as stable Or try recalibrating the battery...
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    Post Android ... can i have it ?? is it possiple ??

    I´m not going to enter in the childlish discussion of wether you should get or not an android phone for that. The n8 has its pros and cons against android. It has a great hardware but it has symbian... god knows that if it had android that would be my actual phone... but nokia´s pride made me...
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    Post Eclipse Run On Device - Custom ROM's and Kernels

    if you are running eclipse on linux you will have to add your cellphone´s vendor to /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules for eclipse to recognize it just google: 51-android.rules eclipse vendor device and you will get the whole list of vendors and how to set up the rules according to your distro...
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    Post Titanium Backup is scary, how do I work it?

    you could also try to make a backup by exporting the contacts, flash a new rom and try to sync again are you on stock or on a custom rom?
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    Post Titanium Backup is scary, how do I work it?

    Try going into Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> your gmail account again and this time press the menu button and click Sync Now.
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    Post Build number of your phone?

    1008 here, bought it a month ago new unlocked threw ebay, both three buttons recovery and two buttons combo works :) I really hope and I don't think it is refurbished... What I do think is that there are some phones only of some batches that don't get into download mode, mostly 1008, but not...
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    Post [ROM] « Assonance v5.2 »

    did you tried to wipe user data from recovery? that might do the trick
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    Post Titanium Backup is scary, how do I work it?

    To backup your contacts to your phone you could just click menu from the contact list and select export. To backup them with google you just have to select the option Sync Contacts under Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> your gmail account it is usually selected by default though... after that...
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    Post captivate 3G not working

    Download Odin3 one-click, connect the phone on Download mode and hit Start. Wait a few minutes and you are back on stock PD: My favorite roms are Assonance and Axura, they are the ones that i find more stable. Cognition and Perception are also popular. And there is a whole bunch of other custom...
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    Post captivate 3G not working

    Have you checked under settings, wireless and network, mobile networks, apn; that you have at&t network settings? Also check if there is an option to disable data on the rom you installed and that it is not disabled
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    Post Need help fast!!!

    That happened to me the first time i flashed my phone on day one. Went to recovery and wiped user data and problem solved
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    Post which ROM matches this description

    You can also try Assonance. I'm an Axura fan as well but I'm now using this rom. My gps is working great with it, the best I've seen in the 5 roms I've tried. Fast and it is the first time NDRIVE showed the actual speed i was going :D. Coudn't believe my eyes. Wired headset is working for...
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    Post CustomROM in a unlock SIM Captivate

    Hi, i bought a factory unlocked captivate from USA and never had a problem with custom roms. The sim never got relocked and i had flash over 20 roms on my phone. And i live in Argentina, without any access to an AT&T sim. Though i would suggest, that you try to get your unlock code written down...
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    Post r u TRULY happy with captivate?

    buy spare batteries and a wall charger? you can get them really cheap at ebay... and with this phone you can actually swap the batteries easily... i would rather do that than making my phone pregnant with a battery :p also, unless i use the gps, i don't find it hard for the battery to last...
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    Post [NEWS] Nexus S

    Yes maybe, but I don't really care about sammy and its politics, I mean who cares about the official release when ppl here are going to try to port it and i think they are going to succeed for all the gsm galaxy s out there :D this just made my day
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    Post cannot root - error message - have tried several methods

    you could check if there is any update for the drivers of your mother, though i wouldn't bet on this one since I was able to use odin on a notebook with usb 1.0... you can also try to run odin in windows xp compatibility mode, right click the file, hit properties and is somewhere in there if...
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    Post [Q] Emulator to Phone wth!

    you still missing something for us to see what the error is the fill_parent / wrap_content are just properties, is not that its going to produce that error... it is recommended to use RelativeLayout, just for making it easier to port it to different screen sizes if you don't want to mess much...
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    Post cannot root - error message - have tried several methods

    have u checked at any time if u had superuser rights??? I've rooted my cappy several times and had not opened once the super user app :p download terminal emulator from the market and type "su" (without "") and see if it gets permission...
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    Post [Q] Emulator to Phone wth!

    mmm what are you using for the games: canvas, opengl es 1.0 JSR 239 or opengl es 2.0? which devices are you trying to run them into? are the device screen size in the same resolution that the emulator? Though i really don't see this problem in opengl since the emulator does not have graphics...