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    Post [Q] New to LG. Root?

    Definitely not something you want to see while lurking other forums. ;-D
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    Post Kingo Root

    LMAO classic
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    Post [Q] at&t NOTE 3 4.4.2 (nc2) root?

    Sadly, I would not hold my breath. Most devs have left AT&T and we all know how most of 'em feel toward Samsung... I fully believe that the Note 3 will not see root access again. I sure hope someone proves me wrong though. T_T
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    Post [BOUNTY] KK Root/Unlocked bootloader (workaround or full unlock)

    I would take any root at this point. MODERATOR EDIT - Profanity removed. Edit: Any root, even if it trips Knox.
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    Post [Q] Can NB4 Be Rooted?

    Awww darn. T_T
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    Post [Q] Can NB4 Be Rooted?

    WHAT? Root for latest official?! ????
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    Post Root on note 3 KK, is it over?

    Nothing to add but...
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    Post Possible bootloader unlock method!

    Custom Recovery is a big one too.
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    Post [Q] Screen red/burgundy tint on blacks in darkness?

    I had this on my first S4. My GF didn't on hers. I took it back to the store and they looked at me like I was crazy (didn't argue that fact). Rep took it to the back to show manager and pull another phone and he told me that this was common enough that they got an email about it from HQ. New...
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    Post ATT Galaxy S4..Just Received An Update

    I'm guessing it forces you to update after awhile huh. I tried to push it off but this morning the notification was gone and my numbers all match the latest update. doh! >_< Oh well. I could tell as soon as I picked the phone up home much more responsive it was.
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    Post AT&T Flat out refusing to Unlock my phone

    You could try what is posted on this page... I just used this method to unlock my co-workers S3. Maybe it will work on the S4? "Just dial the following keys *#197328640# Main Menu > [1] UMTS > [1] Debug Screen > [8] Phone Control > [6]...
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    Post Hello everyone!

    Haha! You know my work? Sweet! +1 americasteam thanks for the warm welcome! I see you on the forums.
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    Thread Hello everyone!

    Hello all! Just wanted to drop a quick line and say hello. I have been with Sprint for a long time and have recently switched to AT&T so I see a lot of fresh faces. :D I been out of the game for a little bit and might be a little rusty but I'm always open to assist to the best of my...
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    Post [Rom][STABLE][01.11.12]RR JB V3.1.1 AOKP M1 4.1.2 (N8000/8010/8013){ota}

    From my understanding, no, you will not. However, you will lose touchwiz apps. All of them. Alternative to S-Note is LectureNotes. Glad to hear this rom works with 8013. About to load it up. Do we still need to do the settings fix? Thanks westcrip
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    Post [ROM|Stock Rooted] 4/24/13 Sprint TouchWiz Jelly Bean 4.1.2 (L710VPBMD4) Odex/DeOdex

    You aren't allowed to ask questions like that. ;)
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    Post [TOOL] DirectoryBind - move data to external_sd (GameLoft, Shadowgun etc.) ROOT req.

    THANK YOU MAJOR for this app. This really helped open up space on my Note 10. Works flawlessly. Thank you! If I could pay for this I would. Where is the donate button or market app? I only pay for apps I like or are worth it (or if they are super cheap, like 10 or 25 cents) and this...
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    Post Odin tar for LI3, 8013

    Oooops. GS3 fart. Either way, I still want it. But it looks like I'll have to Odin LH2 then wait for the update. ;(
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    Thread Odin tar for LI3, 8013

    Anyone have or know where I can get the odin file for the newest update? I guess i could odin to lh2 and just accept the update or is flashing the stock recovery an option?
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    Thread [Q] Stock system files for LGB

    Anyone have an unmodified 8013 with LGB? root is fine but I need a zip of the system apps. Can anyone provide that for me please? Not deodex. Thanks.
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    Post For those who insist the Windows 8 tablets will be superior, please read:

    oh mitchellvii. Poor, poor, mitchellvii. Owning both a Win8 tab [Asus Eee Slate] and (obviously) the GNote10, I can say that no matter how hard Samsung or Android try, Windows is the true multi-tasker. No way around it. Also, definitely more capable to do ANY task. The GNote10 does have...
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    Post Horn for GN10.1?

    Thanks y'all. :( Weak it doesn't work. Stupid nvidia.
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    Post Horn for GN10.1?

    Yeah. And our GPU is the Mali-400. Not a tegra. Whaaaat? Lol.
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    Thread Horn for GN10.1?

    Hey all. Like many others, I was excited about todays release of Horn by Phosphor on the Play Market. After some research, I found out it was only for Tegra 2 and 3s...? But on the Play Store website, it says it is compatible with the Galaxy Note 10.1. Has anyone purchased it? Does it work?
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    Post Check your new Note 10.1 for light bleed...

    Lol. Yeah, screenshot won't show it. ;) I actually got over it last night and wasn't going to return it but y'all making have hope. I guess I can go back to using my phone for a week or two. Maybe a nandroid would work? Just backup system and data then restore on new device?
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    Post Check your new Note 10.1 for light bleed...

    Word. But yeah, the person I talked to at Newegg said it would be a rare case for me to get another one and it have light bleed as well. Might just be a prompt response but I'm still debating on whether to pull the trigger or not... Apparently it would take up to 2 weeks to get a new one...
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    Post Check your new Note 10.1 for light bleed...

    Yep, tried to get over it but can't. Talked to Newegg today about sending my Note back. (Noooooo!) Will have to play the waiting game again. Le sigh... :( And it was all set up and everything. >_< Edit: Got my RMA details... do I really REALLY want to do this?! T_T
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    Post The "Everything I Wish I Could Change About S-Note" Thread...

    Anyone figure out how to get rid or change the "subject" at the top of the first page of a standard note? Maybe I can't change it because of the imported jpeg?
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    Post The "Everything I Wish I Could Change About S-Note" Thread...

    Thanks for this. Made it a lot easier than what I was gonna do, make one in Photoshop and import. Thanks again!
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    Post Check your new Note 10.1 for light bleed...

    Dang. Mine has bleed on top center. :( Didn't really notice it until now. Still unsure if I'm gonna go through the return process. Unroot, reset counter, reflash stock, RMA, send back, wait, wait, wait. Then hope the second unit is good? Then do it all again? Uggghhh.... Sad I'd gotten...
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    Post Final Fantasy 3 save file help

    My solution is to use Titanium Backup to store/save your FF3 data. So when you flash a new rom and wipe data, you also use TB to restore that FF3 data. Bing bang boom, saved data.
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Hey everyone! Clark, new version is great so far. Installed fine after a full wipe. Thanks man! Couple things I wanted to run by you; I chose not to install Samsung apps this time but I found that there are still a bunch of Samsung stuff in there. What's up with that? I chose to install...
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Did you get the new drive apk? i sent u a link in PM. Also, WHAT?! Hahah. Sorry but I don't really understand what this double flash is.
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Prolly has something to do with the theme because the first thing I do from a fresh install is turn those lights off (but still functional).
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Reinstall? Mine works and I use the stock TW launcher. GL mate.
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Dang. U right. Edit: I tried removing Drive from system. Used a file explorer to delete it. Then reinstalled via play store and txt files work now.
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    I had the same thing. Go into applications under settings, force stop, clear data, re-open app, and you should be good.
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    That's what I'm saying. And there is a toggle for brightness too. But oh wells.
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Hey guys, quick question. How many of you use the brightness bar that was added to the notification drop down? Now that we have the customizable buttons I find it a bit redundant. I was gonna take it out but I just dunno if others use it. Do you?
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    ..... It might be a blue/white version issue... This will work. Why? Because I did it this way and I used this awesome website called GOOGLE.COM!
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    :D Mornin! Clark ! Latest version is spot on amazing everything. Only music skip is missing for me. Home hack is on. Other than that, battery and Google now are stellar. I guess I should be checking in more to help it know me? Anyway, good on ya mate! Naddict, let's facepalm together...
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Crap. I hope it is a system app I removed and not a dud! >_< I'll do some testing in a bit.
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Hey Clark! Battery has been phenomenal! Excellent work. Question: I got my USB OTG in today and.... It doesn't work. I have removed a bunch of apps from system and I was wondering if you knew of a certain one that controls this feature? I'll return to stock to do some testing but I just...
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Aroma themes?? I missing them. Where?
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Micro usb to regular usb female. Meaning u can plug anything usb into the phone. External drives, internet, controllers, and other sht I can't think of. Google it. I bought it mainly to hook up a controller for games.
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    Post [ROM] Team Sonic-FreeGS3 JB v3.0.0 |12-24-12| |REVOLUTIONARY...Redesigned|

    Btw, I bought a usb to go this week. Pretty excited about it even though I'll rarely use it. I'll give y'all some feedback but from what I've read it should be spot on.