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  1. olegat0r

    Thread [GUIDE][ROOT] Root your LG L40/L70/L90/G2 mini!

    Deprecated! Use TowelRoot app instead! It is oneclick and without reboot. Starting fom 10e firmware TowelRoot doesn't work. For root you can use this guide or PurpleDrake script for G3 - it works fine on LG L90. Here is the link: However, this guide still works! ;)...
  2. olegat0r

    Thread [Q] Original development is ...?

    Please answer me such question: What is the difference between "Galaxy Ace S5830 Original Android Development" and "Galaxy Ace S5830 Android Development"? I use ROM from Original Android Development on my Ace, can I use Roms from Android Development? Or is it for different phones?
  3. olegat0r

    Thread [Q] How to temporary change mac adress for wifi?

    I've tried to use this guide: But failed even using wlan0 instead of eth0 and even using such method: su busybox ifconfig wlan0 down busybox ifconfig wlan0 hw ether 00:11:22:33:44:55 busybox ifconfig wlan0 up Somebody please help me. The...