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  1. WSTxda

    Thread (APP) Moto Music Player [DISCONTINUED]

    Moto Music Despite the name this app is not only brand-targeted. :) Feel free to use it. This application is NOT OFICIAL, was created from fan to fan. Moto Music is based on the Phonograph by: Karim Abou Zeid, so I owe much credit to him. List of interesting things: - A redesigned and simple...
  2. WSTxda

    Thread [MOD] (APP) Gallery QuickPic (2021)

    QuickPic Gallery Mod What are the advantages compared to the normal version? Features and exclusive changes - New icon - Adaptive icon - OTA updates (8.4+) - Android dark theme support - Translucid theme - Full solid blue, dark and black amoled theme - Google md2 color values - Material...