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  1. hyelton

    Thread Magisk Tethering Mods?

    Any good Magisk mods for tethering? New to the recents of rooting and root mods etc. I've been out of the loop since 2014. Mostly to enable tethering and or hide tethering like through a VPN instead of having to deal with something like proxies with PDAnet. Thanks
  2. hyelton

    Thread Video is Jittery

    Can someone else with the S20 test this? Not sure if its hardware or software Using 4K60 havent tested 1080p yet but the video is jittery like shaky hands are holding the phone, Video example: This is...
  3. hyelton

    Thread Show off your S20 Cases!

    What cases did you all get for the for your S20? Here are the few I've gotten so far Tech21 Its nice looking, but its sort of meh seems like protection wise. Feels a little thinner than the one I had on my 11 Pro Max and Note 10, so it may end up getting returned, looks like theres complaints...
  4. hyelton

    Thread How to get carrier config working?

    Just got mine today, How does one enable carrier config? I got the U1 model and I assumed just like my S9 flashing the carrier U model and changing sims would result in getting the bloatware for whichever sim inserted but after flashing a regular U firmware its still XAA . Carrier bloat from...
  5. hyelton

    Thread G960USQU5CSF3 T-Mobile update?

    Where is it? Samfirmware doesnt have it etc, but my phone clearly updated to it even said "Update from T-Mobile" But I just had to try out something in the U1 firmware and now after flashing back I cannot get it to update to it.
  6. hyelton

    Thread For those who use Verizon MVNO's VoLTE Now works after Update!

    I have a Verizon S9 with flashed T-Mobile firmware from back when I had it on Metro, which has the Verizon bloat from inserting a Verizon sim, anyway I use RedPocket CDMA Verizon on this phone now, and apparenlty VoLTE was broken last year after an update and there was work arounds like enabling...
  7. hyelton

    Thread XT1789-01 HS-USB QLoader 9008?

    Just got a XT1789-01 from a friend whos daughters phone just abruptly stopped working. No signs of life, except when plugged in to a computer I see the QLoader 9008 driver load. I tried some blank flash that says to bring the booloader back but it did nothing but say Generic Error. The tool...
  8. hyelton

    Thread Convert/Upgrade the AT&T G6 to H873 OR US997 With VoLTE

    Lets get those warnings out of the way! Warning Do this at your OWN RISK! There is NO WAY BACK to AT&T firmware at the moment and might never be. Only loss is you'll loose VoLTE and WiFi calling (If using the H873 Firmware) Idea came from this thread which also perfectly works on the AT&T...
  9. hyelton

    Thread Convert H871 to H873?

    Who has the AT&T model and converted to the Canadian model? It seems theres a few posts on it but really not a lot of info of experiences. I know how to use LGUP etc, but its been a general rule to NOT flash wrong model firmwares and I even have to tell people myself in some of my threads :p...
  10. hyelton

    Thread Anyway to restore the Mate SE?

    So I was somehow able to flash the Honor 7X firmware via Firmware finder passing verification on the Oreo firmware causing it to actually flash. Any way to restore this? Its stuck on the factory reset/ Recovery mode. It actually shows Honor on booting up now before going into recovery, it...
  11. hyelton

    Thread AT&T S7 Problems

    So just got my mom an used S7 was an AT&T unlocked model, etc. Out of the box it was stuck on the AT&T logo so booted into recovery reset all was good, quickly went through setup without any login etc, Got to the home screen, Reboot!. Phone booted back up and each time I unlock reboot! So I...
  12. hyelton

    Thread White lines on screen

    I've owned this M9 for about a week now, its the AT&T variant. This is a 2nd line use phone and rarely sees much use so the white line issue occurred when phone was not in use. This happened earlier today after being in my pocket for a hour or so, then phone sit on my desk for about an hour...
  13. hyelton

    Thread RUU to update S-ON M9?

  14. hyelton

    Thread [Guide] GSM unlock for Sprint LG G5

    Unlocking the LG G5 Sprint model! First and foremost thank vittger over in this thread where the method was posted - HERE Reason I am making this Guide/post is it seems like even though its been posted, theres not a thread for it and some miss the actual method of doing it. I haven't...
  15. hyelton

    Thread GSM unlocked, high CPU usage all the sudden

    Anyone ever have this happend? I have mine GSM unlocked via the hiddenmenu APK and have it on T-Mobile. Anyway all the sudden today I sat the phone down for about 2 hours, picked it up and it was completely dead, had maybe 60% left when I sit it down. Anyway charged it up. Was on for 5 min...
  16. hyelton

    Thread Signal issues when using on GSM Network

    I switched my parents over to Cricket from Verizon today. They both have S5's. I set the network mode to lte/wdcma/gsm but it keeps going from Edge, HSPA, and emergency calls only. So I thought I'd try setting it to WCDMA only well I can't as *#*#4636#*#* does NOT work. While my LG G2 on...
  17. hyelton

    Thread Data issues

    So I have a Verizon model M9 using it with a GSM sim. Its a data sim which can roam on both T-Mobile and AT&T. Here is my issue, T-Mobile is only EDGE in my area, and the phone works perfectly fine on that, but for some strange reason on AT&T HSPA+/3G It will work for a few min and all the...
  18. hyelton

    Thread Change the CID?

    Can we change the CID on the Verizon M9? Im S-off , rooted, etc. Or can I just get away by using a different SKU instead of changing the CID? I pretty much use this on another carrier GSM and no need for the CDMA stuff.
  19. hyelton

    Thread RemoveThread

    Removed, Posted in another thread
  20. hyelton

    Thread A few issues with my G4

    I just got a VS986 to use with a GSM carrier etc. Anyway I updated it to the lastest MM 24c and not sure if its the phone or the software as I did not test 13B that it came with. At times its a little sluggish in say the Pokemon Go app once open for a few minuets. And also it has random...
  21. hyelton

    Thread Created new Google Account, New account "disabled"

    Was not sure were to post this, but thought I may ask if anyone has ever ran into getting a Google account disabled. I have several Gmail accounts only really use just 1 but the rest are for different devices over the years, or sites I do not want to give out my personal email etc. But I...
  22. hyelton

    Thread AT&T H810 Back to Stock Guide (TOT Method)

    Use this at your OWN RISK! No responsible for anything you do to your phone. 2015 (updated with pictures) TOT Method! RETURN TO STOCK TOT METHOD for AT&T H810 !! How to Flash YouTube Video: 7B1AVX4yAPo 1. Download Everything! 1.1) Download Both Stock Image & DLL File – Download HERE & DLL...
  23. hyelton

    Thread U.S.Cellular XT1526 Vs Verizon? for GSM? AT&T?

    The U.S.Cellular version is cheaper locally by $10. Will it work as the Verizon one does with AT&T? or is it more like Sprint/Boot/Virgin with the sim slot not working for GSM?
  24. hyelton

    Thread [Guide] LG V10 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) KDZ & TOT Method

    Here are all the current KDZ files for flashing Your LG V10 Back to Stock! Will Be adding Firmwares as I get them, Give me a little time to fix up the guide a little as it WILL be the SAME method as the G2 and G Pro, G Flex, Etc. KDZ's & TOT's HERE NOTICE! - IF you download fails or does not...
  25. hyelton

    Thread Screen extra sensitive

    Any fix for this? This so far has been my main annoyance with this phone. Happens on both my parents Galaxy S5 running Lollipop as well. Examples: Scrolling through settings is bouncy same for webpages which is just awful. Then the worst is the Notification panel, Its so bad that I'll scroll...
  26. hyelton

    Thread Deleted

  27. hyelton

    Thread Scrolling Problems?

    I just ordered an G920i which I will be getting tomorrow. Is it like the Galaxy S5 with lollipop when it comes to the scrolling? I absolutely hate it its hard to explain but example: Scrolling up and down through settings or a website, its not lag its when you scroll really fast it has a jumpy...
  28. hyelton

    Thread To get the G920a or G920i?

    If I get the G920a I would defiantly be wanting to Odin the cricket firmware or an international stock right away. (I can pick one up tomorrow) OR Is it just worth to get the international G920i? (which is actually cheaper) How well does the i version work on AT&T? I know it has all the correct...
  29. hyelton

    Thread GUI and other features

    I wonder how the features of the actual router will be? How will the web interface be? I honestly don't care much for Wireless, But my actual internet performance and reliability. Along with a good upload QoS which even ASUS has messed up. It gets released on my birthday, but I`ll see how it...
  30. hyelton

    Thread New AT&T G Flex 2 for $349

    Not sure if this is posted, but looks to seem to be brand new over at NewEgg Just thought I'd share this in case anyone wants one.
  31. hyelton

    Thread SPH-L720T downgrade from Lollipop?

    Is it at all possible? If not what about root and recovery? I flashed CF but it failed. Thanks, I've been away from samsung for awhile and someone wants there Sprint S4 on GSM.
  32. hyelton

    Thread [Case Giveaway] Roocase Plexis clear case

    I occasionally get a few extremely cheap or free cases, I`d like to give some away as I get them. I don`t own an S6 Edge but might get an S6 once I get the money. Currently I have this case and an S6 case. This post is just for the S6 Edge. I was going to just go with YouTube but it does not...
  33. hyelton

    Thread [Guide] LG G4 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) KDZ & TOT Method

    Here are all the current KDZ & TOT files for flashing Your G4 Back to Stock! This Guide includes 3 different methods. KDZ, TOT, and LGUP (Which flashes both KDZ & TOT files) Will Be adding Firmwares as I get them, This guide applies to general ALL LG models including G2 and G Pro, G Flex, G3...
  34. hyelton

    Thread [ROM][Stock][D850] D855 Lollipop Stock Rom for D850

    First off to give credits to - robalm for the Base/rom here And Credit to - autoprime for posting, boot,modem,images and so on! Rom Status - STABLE [CENTER]Rom Details: Stock based on D855 v20i LG apps/LG Update Center (Works?)...
  35. hyelton

    Thread Verizon Turbo, Change Build.Prop to remove "Non Verizon SIM"

    Will changing the Build.prop to something like OPEN on the make the Non Verizon sim go away when theres an AT&T sim in the phone?
  36. hyelton

    Thread Thinking of Buying one for AT&T

    I`m thinking of buying one and use it on AT&T, I know it its factory unlocked but my concern is can I flash say the Puerto Rico version firmware on to it? To get rid of the Verizon stuff along with the annoying "Non Verizon sim" message I know that will prob be there.
  37. hyelton

    Thread Who runs CM and likes it?

    I've really been thinking about it but is it as stable as stock? I don't need fancy features or add ons just stable and fast :). I really love stock but there are random things here and there.
  38. hyelton

    Thread International Data Icon & Sign on Stock lollipop

    Anyone do it yet? Was really wanting to go with Lollipop but a few of the AT&T crap including the Signal Bars is so annoying! Ive done build prop changes before on Samsung phones to change this, anyone do this on there D850?
  39. hyelton

    Thread USB Jig Question

    How much of a chance would I have unbricking by buying an USB Jig.. About 8 months ago I was just playing around with my Old Note 1, Well now I need a spare phone for my 2nd sim card (867-5309 Phone # :D) Anyway I was playing around flashing N7005 roms I think back when it happened well...
  40. hyelton

    Thread [Guide] LG G Flex 2 Stock Firmware (Go Back to Stock) KDZ & TOT Method

    2015 (updated with pictures) TOT Method! RETURN TO STOCK TOT METHOD!, AT&T (stock rooted TOT) , T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, & a The few International TOT`s that are available At the moment you cannot downgrade the Sprint G Flex 2 if your latest/updated, But thankfully there is NOW ZV8 to restore...
  41. hyelton

    Thread Phone shut off and wouldnt come back on!

    I have an G3 running Cloudy (whatever version before lolipop) Anyway I was taking a ton of pictures of the sky, car, etc and then all the sudden phone shuts completely off while taking a pic and would NOT turn back on even with battery pull!, Then pulled battery for 5 min and phone came back...
  42. hyelton

    Thread LG G2 weather widget on G3?

    Anyone do this? I like the older style like on the G2 anyone the same? Sent from my LG-D850
  43. hyelton

    Thread AT&T D850 use International Firmware?

    I haven't owned an LG in a little while, Thinking about buying a G3 along with to update my Guide etc. But anyone who has the D850 do you or have you ran an International firmware? I really like to stay stock, But when I last tried a G3 D850 it was awful and buggy and my guess would be because...
  44. hyelton

    Thread Delete.

  45. hyelton

    Thread Do you like your Note 4?

    So I just sold my Xperia Z2, Thinking about the Note 4 or G3? Im leaning more towards the Note 4 but is there common issues going on with them? I`d be buying one Used AT&T is asking way too much for theres. Also is there an International like rom/stock rom that will work with the AT&T...
  46. hyelton

    Thread Edit/Lower Viberating Intensity without root?

    .402 Vibration is normal. .314 Vibration is awful!, Its way too strong. Its always been like this but I flashed a .402 and it was normal. unlike .314 .167 didnt notice it, But I cant stand the touch responsiveness on .167. Anyway to edit system wide vibration? Even when Answering calls has...
  47. hyelton

    Thread Micro SD Card Data Recovery?

    So.... I always backup my things, but my friend not so much and well all the sudden he was asking me why there where hardly any pictures in his gallery. Well the micro sd card was not being detected so I put another in and it reads it fine. Also put the Micro SD Card into my PC nothing at all...
  48. hyelton

    Thread New firmware (23.0.1.A.3.12) releaed for Xperia Z2 + FTF

    Somehow I have became the thread owner of this thread which was created by someone else. Locking the thread.
  49. hyelton

    Thread How to change screen sensitivity?

    How can it be done if I root? I really enjoy the 4.4.4 update but everything I've tried and every generic and branded firmware has the issue!! I don't like customising my phone much anymore but id root again if there's some build.prop changes in can to fix this issue. It's not glovemode...
  50. hyelton

    Thread Screen Issues with 4.4.4??

    I NEVER had this on ANY firmware I`ve flashed all stock never rooted and never unlocked boot loader etc, But now excited about 4.4.4 .167 and every firmware I try that issue is there and is of cause of this firmware. Its not the screen flashed back to 4.4.2 and its no longer like that but I...