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    Thread LG G4 - Boot problem - Download mode works

    Hi, I have problem with my LG G4 (H815). I has stacked at boot screen and sometimes it is able to boot to home screen but after a few second of work, it restarts again. Few days ago the situation was the same but after a few attempts it booted normally. I can normally enter recovery mode and...
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    Thread Differences - N6P UK vs N6P US

    Has anyone information about differences between NEXUS 6P from US and 6P from UK? I am curious about LTE band and frequencies. Because I am able to buy one from US, I wonder if it will work well in Europe.
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    Thread Best Kernel and ROM combo.

    My girlfriend uses my old Galaxy Nexus as a daily phone but it lags as hell (Current ROM is the CM11 which based on 4.4.4)... Is there any ROM and kernel combo for GN which makes it more responsive and smooth ?
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    Thread Battery charging time

    Hi, My phone needs about 3,5 - 4 hours to charge fully from 0% to 99% and then it hangs for sometimes. I need to reboot it to get 100%. Is it normal charging time or not?
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    Thread CM 10.1 font change

    Is there any easy way to change a default font from roboto regular to roboto light? Wysyłane z mojego Nexus 4 za pomocą Tapatalk 2
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    Thread Percent battery indicator - incorrect.

    Has anyone problems with percentage battery indicator? I mean, the battery stay on 15 % for long time and then drain quick to 7 %, stay, and drain to 1 % and and stay there. Is phone broken or what ? Reboot can fix the percentage indicator but it is not a solution. Wysyłane z mojego Nexus 4...
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    Thread Nexus Label on the Box

    I want to buy a Nexus 4 but the label on the box is quite strange. what does this ss after lge960 Black 16gb(uk) mean?
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    Thread Headset button + 4.2.1

    I want to buy a new headphones for GN with mic and button, but I read that there is no option to use button to control music because of google now, is there any mod to change it or this application will work without changing anything in rom...
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    Thread Nexus 7 - questions about otg

    I have a little problem with buying a nexus 7. I want to buy one but I dont know which version. 8 GB + 32 gb microsd or 16 GB? 8gb + micro sd is 50 $ cheaper in my country but the questions is: does OTG use more power ? i want to keep my music, game on tablet and movies on microsd ? is this...
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    Thread How to root Imm76I

    Any can provide a link where someone explained how to root a new bulid?
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    Thread 4.0.4 Data Drops Problem - Google doesn't care about this problem.

    It is 20 days since we report a problem with drops after update to 4.0.4 . I judge that it is already too long and we should already have a fix. Now when all customs roms are using a new base, people who have this problem are forced to use an old 4.0.2 because with 4.0.4 phone useless. I think...
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    Thread HTC Keyboard form HTC ONE X - port ?

    as they htc one x with 720p screen came out, someone may be able to port the HTC keyboard to our GN? in the past it was one of the best keyboards and supports many more languages than ICS keyboard.
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    Thread Wipe Battery Stats - possible?

    Can we do a wipe battery stats with this phone via cwm ?
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    Thread Screenlock and PowerAMP - volume issue.

    I have problem with my Galaxy Nexus. When the screen is locked and I press the volume up button , the volume goes down first and then up. It is quite weird because with unlocked screen everything is ok.
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    Thread sgs and creative aurvana live

    is it worth to buy aurvana live ? i am going to use it with sgs. someone said me that our minijack output hasn't enough power to work with aurvana, is it true?
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    Thread Perfect SPL, root and guarantee.

    i am a new user of g2 touch. because rom which i have on my phone is so slow and has a lot of bugs, i decided to root. My phone has the perfect SPL and i must do root with goldcard method but then i will lost my guarantee. I want to do backup of original recovery and rom but perfect SPL blocks...