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  1. gauthier81

    Thread 1080p 60fps issue

    So tonight I noticed in video mode at 1080p 60fps there is a bit of an issue. The video is clear at 1.0x regular zoom but once you switch to wide angle at 0.6x the video is all blurry and not very focused. Once you go back to 1.0x it's better again. Any other resolution wide angle is fine. Just...
  2. gauthier81

    Thread Unlock bootloader on Rogers I337M?

    I used to have a GS4 a few years back. Just picked one up real cheap for a backup phone. Back in the day this thing was pretty easy to root and install custom roms. Fast forward to now and it seems there may be a few things in the way. Just need to know if there is a way to unlock the...
  3. gauthier81

    Thread Caller ID with Name Display in Kit Kat?

    I notice on all the Kit Kat roms when i receive a call it only displays the phone number. With my phone plan with Rogers it is supposed to show the number and the name (names that are not in your contacts). I believe on CM 4.3.1 it displays the name but then once you go to the call log the...
  4. gauthier81

    Thread TWRP nandroid restore fail

    So why is it that TWRP 2.6 cannot restore my nandroid backups? I tried backing up Slimrom, Vanir, and AOKP. All backup fine but fail when i try to restore. So for now i have switched to CWM temporarily until i can figure this out. Never had this issue before with TWRP. Any comments or tips...
  5. gauthier81

    Thread Action Launcher?

    Has anyone heard about any updates for the release of Action Launcher. Real wager to try it out :) Sent from my SGH-I747 using xda premium
  6. gauthier81

    Thread GB from with Name Display?

    Is there any GB roms out there that have working name display for the call display? I know it shows the name from your contacts but I am talking for non contacts? There are a few ICS roms that have it working but want to use GB again. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks Sent from my Nexus S...
  7. gauthier81

    Thread Cannot answer calls!!!

    Anyone else having this problem that last few days. Can't answer any calls. Slide to answer and it hangs up on my phone and my wife's phone. Both on rogers. Here is a thread with someone else with the same problem.3
  8. gauthier81

    Thread Name Display for call display??

    Are there any ICS roms out there that have name display for call display? It seems every rom i flash it only shows the number and not the name. If anyone knows of a rom that has name display please advise. Thanks in advance.
  9. gauthier81

    Thread Red interface?

    Just wondering if it is possible to get my nexus s 3g to look like this? I am running CyberGRv7 ICS rom atm. Thanks in advance
  10. gauthier81

    Thread [Q] Need help ASAP

    I have a Rogers HTC Magic and i was trying to flash a rom and my phone restarted and now it just shows the green android guy and a triangle with an exclamation mark. Is my phone screwed? Please help. Thanks Edit. Nevermind i pulled the battery and reset the phone cuz i made it to the menu.