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  1. revanmj

    Thread Nokia Camera Pro APK from Nokia 7

    On the front page of XDA there is a [URL]news[/URL] about Nokia Camera Pro APK being available thanks to leak of Nokia 7 OTA that included it. Seems to install and work fine on Nokia 8 too.
  2. revanmj

    Thread Modded Google Camera with HDR+ on Nokia 8

    Since there is no such thread here yet, I wanted to start discussion about using modded Google Camera from this thread on Nokia 8 (mostly what's best configuration and version). What doesn't work: - Slow Motion in 6.1.x - HDR+ in 6.1.x when number of shots is set higher than 20 What works: -...
  3. revanmj

    Thread Opera Mobile 10 with non-touchscreen devices support released!

    Today Opera released third beta version of their browser - Opera Mobile 10. One of the new features added in this release is smartphone support, finally! You can download it here: Link (remember to choose "Keypad phones" option) Some screenshots: