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  1. dingermtb

    Thread Samsung Galaxy S III Custom Splash Screen Images

    Here i have created some custom splash screen images for the SGS III. Mind you, these are just images. You can find my inspiration for making these , along with a link to the one-click conversion tool here Major ptops over there, so if you...
  2. dingermtb

    Thread Safely and Easily unbrick your LG Optimus V

    Here's a safe and easy way to unbrick your LG Optimus V. Worked like a charm for me. First, what happened with me was, I was using Xionia recovery and was wiping in preparation of installing another ROM. Under advance, for curiosity sake I hit "LG Style Wipe", which, from what I understand is...
  3. dingermtb

    Thread [Q] LG Optimus V Stock Apps?

    Does anyone, by chance, have the original stock apps for Optimus V? I'm mainly looking for the Accounts app. Any help would be greatly appreciated.