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  1. Saqib Nazm

    Post [Review] ihreesy Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Handsfre Car Kit Charger

    For anyone who wants to get a $5 discount on the product, here is the code: 33W844LF, expires March 30th. [/FONT]
  2. Saqib Nazm

    Thread [Review] ihreesy Bluetooth FM Transmitter & Handsfre Car Kit Charger

    This is a product review of Buetooth Car FM Transmitter with Dual USB Car Charger. It comes with a cute little remote so you don't need to reach out to it everytime you want to change a song or receive a call. It can play songs from your phone with a 3.5mm audio cable, it can play songs via USB...
  3. Saqib Nazm

    Thread [Review] Kmashi Portable Bluetooth Speaker

    This is a product review for Kmashi portable speaker with flashing LED light. The product is truly amazing, I have never thought I would get so good sound performance with this speaker. It has latest 4.0 bluetooth technology integrated thus produces flawless connection with the phone. When it...
  4. Saqib Nazm

    Thread [Review] AGPTek Universal Car Mount Phone Holder

    Here is a product review of 360° Rotating Magnetic Car Mount, AGPtek Universal Air Vent Car Mount Phone Holder. It works like a charm and does it's job effectively. It comes with strong magnetic plate and it has a unique one hand mounting system. The magnet doesn't harm the phone. A innovative...
  5. Saqib Nazm

    Thread [Review] Image In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Wireless Earphone

    This is a product review of IMAGE® 3.5mm In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Audio Adapter with Removable Wireless Earphone and Dual USB Charger(5V/2.1A) for all Smartphones and Audio Players which serves multiple purposes. This is a Bluetooth handsfree car kit with detachable earphone, supports...
  6. Saqib Nazm

    Thread [Review] Wireless Charger from LDesign

    Today I am going to review LDesign Wireless Charger which is very convenient serving it's purpose. It is very light with a beautiful round shape and looks nice too. It has a micro usb port to connect to the charger, all one has to do is place the phone on the charging pad. It has non-slipping...
  7. Saqib Nazm

    Thread {Review} LDesign FM Transmitter & Charger

    Hello XDA, Product Features: *Compatible with any smartphone *Perfect audio transmission function *Provides hands-free conversation through car speakers *Full frequency range designed effectively to avoid interruptions USB output to charge phones, GPS, and other devices Specifications...
  8. Saqib Nazm

    Thread [Review] Choetech 5200mAh Rechargeable Power Bank & Flashlight

    Here is a product review of Choetech Portable Phone Charger and Flashlight : This really is a very handy stuff. It is a powerful power bank because it is 5200mAh so you can charge your phone more than once. It comes with a very useful and powerful flashlight...
  9. Saqib Nazm

    Thread [Review] Axgio Sprint Wireless Headset

    Here is a product review of Axgio Sprint Sound Isolating Wireless Headset. With so many wireless headset out in the market I personally liked this one very much because unlike other wireless headset it has small ear speakers with adjustable stabilizer to wrap around the ears. It comes in a a...
  10. Saqib Nazm

    Thread [Review] Vinsic Tulip 3200mAh Power Bank

    I always needed a power bank for my Nexus 5 because it dies really fast when I have LTE, GPS on using navigation or taking pictures on any tours. I came across to this one in Amazon, Vinsic Tulip 3200mAh Power Bank. I am very happy to say that I am more than satisfied with the quality and...
  11. Saqib Nazm

    Post [Review][20,000mAh Vinsic Portable Power Bank]

    This product actually looks awesome. The body is aluminum and I just loved the digital battery level indicator. I also use a Nexus 5 and when I am off to a trip I am always worried about my phone is about to die because when LTE, GPS is on and you're using camera with HDR it takes no time no...
  12. Saqib Nazm

    Post [Dual Boot][ROM/Kernel][MDPI]Radium 4.0

    Glad to see you still contributing with your valuable stuffs for this community :highfive: Thanks
  13. Saqib Nazm

    Post Post ur Screen On Time!!!!!!

    There is a same thread on this topic HERE, Please continue discussion there :) This is is closed
  14. Saqib Nazm

    Post [SEP-11][4.4.4-R2][1.3.7][moto_msm8960 & moto_msm8960_jbbl] AOSB Project

    Do not solicit comparing ROMS, it's a disrespectful question to ask and more disrespectful to answer because both ways it is related to the developer of the ROM
  15. Saqib Nazm

    Post [solved] Ipa to apk converter !? ..

    I am afraid to say this thing and the link you have put up doesn't look legit in anyway. Link removed and thread closed
  16. Saqib Nazm

    Post SailFish for Z1c

    As the purpose of this thread in rather a discussion and not development I have moved it into General Section
  17. Saqib Nazm

    Post {Mini/MiniPro/Active/Live}[DEV][KitKat 4.4.4][CM11.0] LegacyXperia

    Cleaned up some and Moved some OT posts into this thread: {All 2011}[FAQ][Q&A][CM11.0] LegacyXperia discussion, there is a purpose for creating a FAQ Q&A Thread to keep this thread clean to only development topic. Please post in correct section :good:
  18. Saqib Nazm

    Post Good Quick Review of the LG G3 - Great Phone

    There are already two review/impression threads exist Please continue there, thread is closed
  19. Saqib Nazm

    Post [KERNEL] (013) KK442 GSM(3.4+ Hybrid/OC/Intelliplug/active/FauxSound)[08-02-2014]

    Thread cleaned up, Stay on topic Gentlemen :good:
  20. Saqib Nazm

    Post Post your Antutu Benchmark score

    There is already an existing thread to share your benchmark scores: Nexus 5 User Benchmark Thread - With Added Competition! Please continue there
  21. Saqib Nazm

    Post [Q] Do we get Android L preview updates?

    There is already a sticky thread devoted to Android L discussion: Android "L" Developer Preview Help, Troubleshooting, Q&A, please continue there are don't open threads related to Android L discussion :good:
  22. Saqib Nazm

    Post [FTF] Xperia Z1 C6903 14.3.A.0.681 Generic MEA Saudi Arabia KSA

    There is already a pinned thread for sharing FTFs, please continue there
  23. Saqib Nazm

    Post Step backward from the LG G2

    A lot has been going around here lately isn't it? Thread cleaned up and If any of us have to come around here to clean it up again, thread will get closed and offending members will be dealt accordingly.
  24. Saqib Nazm

    Post [ANSWERED] JUMP after three months? Also, glove-mode?

    Thread closed as it serves no purpose now.
  25. Saqib Nazm

    Post News About Kitkat 4.4.2 feature

    All kinds of News/Rumors/Discussion goes here in THIS THREAD. This thread is closed
  26. Saqib Nazm

    Post led notification like not as bright as g2

    Please continue further here:
  27. Saqib Nazm

    Post [FTF] Firmware 17.1.2.A.314 Generic Korea(1281-1983

    As this section is getting overwhelmed with sharing FTFs thread I have sticked this thread, and from now on all the sharing goes into that thread. Anyone opens a thread to share FTF will get closed. op Please share your FTF there..
  28. Saqib Nazm

    Post [FTF] Firmware 17.1.2.A.314 Generic DE

    As this section is getting overwhelmed with sharing FTFs thread I have sticked this thread, and from now on all the sharing goes into that thread. Anyone opens a thread to share FTF will get closed. op Please share your FTF there..
  29. Saqib Nazm

    Post [Q] Android L stuck in boot animation?

    There is already a sticky Thread Please don't open thread regarding android L elsewhere and continue there.
  30. Saqib Nazm

    Post After being skeptical

    There is already a thread for the same purpose Please continue there :)
  31. Saqib Nazm

    Post Post your Phone Home Screen **BE APPROPRIATE**

    Current Homescreen Details: *Zooper Pro with Spectrum Clock *Flat Style Theme *Flazing Icon Pack *Wallpaper from Lumos Icon Pack
  32. Saqib Nazm

    Post [ROM][UB][4.4.4][Z2][Linaro 4.9] Carbon Rom KK Unofficial {built from source}

    Thread closed, you can follow the link in the previous post for further Carbon builds :)
  33. Saqib Nazm

    Post [PORT] [ALPHA] Sailfish OS for the Nexus 5

    Thread closed, Build exist Here already..
  34. Saqib Nazm

    Post [KERNEL] AOSP 4.3/4.4 OC/UV CPU/GPU Frequencies, S2W, DT2W, Faux Sound

    Thread closed as the OP no longer maintains the thread and Links to source are dead..
  35. Saqib Nazm

    Post FTF Xperia z1 c6906 unbrand?

    Thread closed, there is already a pinned thread about sharing and requesting ftf's. Kindly search a bit before opening a thread from next time :)
  36. Saqib Nazm

    Post [KERNEL][GPL][N4] franco.Kernel - r217

    Thread cleaned up again in the last few pages, I would suggest you to stay on topic for you own good. The more you clutter the development thread the more the Developer would find it difficult in tracing the problem. Stay on topic, Keep it clean :good:
  37. Saqib Nazm

    Post [ROM] [4.4.4/5.0.2] [OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth - Hammerhead

    Thread cleaned up, Stay on topic gentlemen :good:
  38. Saqib Nazm

    Post [KERNEL] (013) KK442 GSM(3.4+ Hybrid/OC/Intelliplug/active/FauxSound)[08-02-2014]

    Cleaned up some mess caused by some of you. Look it is quite normal that the things you like may not be liked by others and vice versa. Doesn't mean you will put up a debate in the public. And the rule is simple, If you don't like something, just move on, no one forced you to use something...
  39. Saqib Nazm

    Post Can I flash a Rom from android L?

    There is already a THREAD on L discussion/Q&A. Please continue there, this thread is closed
  40. Saqib Nazm

    Post [4.4.4][XT1033] Screenshots

    Thread closed as it serves no purpose :) Kindly do not open threads what you can do by posting in other threads.
  41. Saqib Nazm

    Post [Rom][KK][LB,UB] MoonWalker ☆ SuperB V4 ☆ Just More Than Only Speed ☆ Final Edition ☆

    Thread cleaned up, Do not clutter the thread with unnecessary topic, Keep it clean :good:
  42. Saqib Nazm

    Post Android 4.4.3 Update Coming on 14 July On XT1022

    Thread closed as 4.4.4 is rolling out :) Discussion thread here:
  43. Saqib Nazm

    Post game that work with android L

    There is already a sticky thread: discussion on Android L, please continue there. This thread is closed to keep the section clean..
  44. Saqib Nazm

    Post Moto G Index Thread (3G)

    Thread has been upgraded to sticky one ;)
  45. Saqib Nazm

    Post E988 Best JB Rom

    There is no Best ROM/Kernel thread allowed, kindly test and find the suitable for yourself. Thread closed
  46. Saqib Nazm

    Post {L}[DEVELOPMENT] - CM11 - Android 4.4 - FreeXperia Project

    Thread cleaned up again, please, there is already another thread to post Q/A, Discussion, Thanks Do not post those stuffs here.
  47. Saqib Nazm

    Post ANDROID 4.4.4 update for Xperia SP

    There's already a discussion thread on Kitkat Kindly continue there
  48. Saqib Nazm

    Post Tuto Android (KK) 4.4.4] Root, Recovery, deodex, Xposed, Serajr, 4k e Timeshift

    I appreciate your contribution towards XDA, But I have to close this thread for two reasons: 1. There is already a guide about it:, we do not allow posting same thing twice to keep the forum clean. 2. You have to post a message/post no...
  49. Saqib Nazm

    Post [STOCK][FTF] C6903 14.4.A.0.108 Central Europe 1276-4318_R1C NOW ROLLING!!

    There is already a sticky thread for sharing FTFs: kindly use that and keep the Forum clean, thanks
  50. Saqib Nazm

    Post First question in this forum?

    Thread closed, Looks nothing more than spamming the Forum, Not allowed Here..