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  1. pissinguoff247

    Thread Hulu not available in app store?

    I haven't tried downloading Hulu for a while, but just got my ChromeCast and wanted to give it a shot. -It's not searchable in the app store from the device -If I go directly to the hulu app link on mobile, it says my device is not compatible -If I try to install it from, it...
  2. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] No ADB from Recovery, hesitant to wipe /data

    I currently have CM10.2 on my DNA. I had soft-bricked my phone previously and recovered it using RUU; from there I did the CM10.2 install. I'd like to wipe my /data partition then push what's necessary to install CM11M8 because of the way it divides up the profiles, but I can't ADB from...
  3. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Send text message directly from dialer? (CM10.2)

    Is it possible to send a text message to someone from the dialer in CM10.2? Open Dialer -> Enter Number -> ?????? Wasn't that possible in the stock ROM via the menu button or something, or am I remembering incorrectly?
  4. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] New 35it, browser and pandora crash constantly (memory issues?)

    I just got a 35it, brand new in the box off the shelf. Ran whatever out-of-the-box firmware update it needed and immediately started having issues. In my head should be the perfect device but I keep having problems that I think might be memory related. I know this isn't a "high end" device but...
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    Thread [Q] Disable volume wake?

    Never mind, figured it out.
  6. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Mic drops when holding phone with shoulder?

    I seem to be having a really bizarre problem with my phone. When I hold the phone with my hand normally, calls are fine and clear. When I hold the phone with my shoulder against my face and ear, the other caller says they can't hear me, I sound like I'm muffled or under water. I have disabled...
  7. pissinguoff247

    Thread Independent Navigation (or all app) volume control?

    The newest versions of Google Maps and Navigation have combined the Navigation volume with the Media Volume. I've read that by rolling back the version of the app to somewhere around 5.7 - 5.8, you can get your separate Nav and Media volume back, however I'd like to keep the latest version. Is...
  8. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] No progress bar in video player

    Hey Guys, I'm running CM7 A-Final on my NT. Occasionally I'll stream a video file from the web and I've noticed there's no progress bar in the video player like there was on the stock rooted NT. There's play/pause, rewind, and fast forward; clicking either RW or FF pushes the video ahead/back...
  9. pissinguoff247

    Thread Hide button savior on lock screen?

    Is there a way to hide the button savior trigger in a lock screen such as golocker (included in the rebloat rom in the dev section) or widgetlocker (my preferred lockscreen of choice if I could get the dang widgets working)? I like my lockscreen to function as just that, without the bypass...
  10. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Adding Widget to WidgetLocker FC's, rooted, snowballed

    Hi guys, As stated in the title, have a rooted snowballed NT on 1.4.0. I installed widget locker and all is fine until, well, I try to add a widget. As soon as I hit "Widget" after a long press to the options screen, I get a force-close. anyone have any thoughts or a possible solution...
  11. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Can an IMEI be faked?

    There is a way on a rooted kindle fire to fake an IMEI so that apps that look for it won't crash / will run without error. Can this be done on a rooted nook? There were cries of "Illegal" when the instructions were posted for the kindle, but as long as the IMEI starts with 00- it's a legal...
  12. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] XDA app keeps crashing on Snowballed NT

    SOLVED Hey Guys, I snowballed my NT from stock 1.4.0 and can't keep XDA from crashing. I can view threads fine when NOT logged in, but as soon as I log in and try to open up any thread, it immediately force closes. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Dan
  13. pissinguoff247

    Thread New NT won't boot off of SD?

    Hey Guys, I just got my 16gb NT during ebay's $199 sale. I'm having a serious problem getting the thing to boot off of an SD card. It came stock with 1.4.1, but I think something's different because I've tried: Restoring back to 1.4.0 with the
  14. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Anyone experiencing a data outage in South Florida...?

    Or have I fried yet another SIM card? Fort Lauderdale/Pompano Beach area. Thanks, Dan
  15. pissinguoff247

    Thread This phone fries SIM cards (rant)

    After reading through the big "dropped data" thread, the Q&A section, a few other stories about data dropouts, and finally my own experience having to replace one, I've come to only one possible conclusion - this phone is frying SIM cards. The question remains - is it the hardware doing it, the...
  16. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] How the heck do I get started theming?

    Like the title says... I've tried searching but can't find anything on how to actually make my own themes. I'd rather learn to build my own than flash someone else's. Is there a step by step somewhere? Where do I find the image files I need to replace? How do I get the theme on to the phone...
  17. pissinguoff247

    Thread Another outage

    No data connection at all, 3g CDMA or LTE, since about 11:45PM. Able to send and receive phone calls and SMS fine. Drove from plantation to pompano beach (a good 20 mile stretch of south florida). This is getting old. Anyone else? UPDATED: turns out my SIM card fried. Just had it replaced...
  18. pissinguoff247

    Thread This fixes data dropouts

    Rather than bump up my old thread - first read this: Went 3 days without dropping data. 1. Root, 2. set to R/W 3. make a folder under /mnt called "radio" (all lower case, no spaces, no quotes, etc). Gotta leave it as R/W... but it...
  19. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Water Damage Indicator

    Hey guys... what does the water damage indicator look like on this phone when it's "dry?" Mine is white with red crosshatches - I sometimes take the phone into the bathroom and play it through my stereo while I'm showering and I'm hoping that doesn't indicate water damage. Thanks, Dan
  20. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Interesting radio errors - someone please try to duplicate this experiment

    I'm running stock rooted lagfixed EE4 (PBJ Time), rooted. I was messing with the app "android system info" and saw the following errors showing up under radio: Can't set 3g_traffic /mnt/radio/3g_traffic (no such file or directory) To see these errors I went to...
  21. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Cancel contract - go month to month?

    If this is going to be considered a duplicate thread, my apologies in advance. I know Sprint is waiving ETF's for cancelled contracts - but - Can a contract be cancelled and put month-to-month? I just spoke to a Sprint rep and they told me no... but I'm pretty sure it can be done. She said...
  22. pissinguoff247

    Thread Do these modems suck or is it just me?

    I get a lot of random data dropouts, even when I switch to cdma only on the wireless network settings. Way fewer on cdma, but they still happen often enough that I notice them. I can go from looking at a web page one second to no connection the next. On the road listening to pandora the other...
  23. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] LTE +Netflix+USB = Fail?

    My charge is running stock Froyo with the latest version of Netflix and the rotation patch applied. In my office here, I get LTE, so I enabled it, fire up Netflix, and connect with my USB cable (The cable is Samsung, leftover from my Epic) to my computer to keep it charged. The battery still...
  24. pissinguoff247

    Thread Thank god for otterbox (saved my phone from the toilet)

    So I took my barely-a-week-old phone and dropped it in the toilet. Not on purpose. It's funny how you hear these phone-in-a-toilet stories and wonder how the hell they happen - then it happens to you and and you're just like... "ohhhh." Anyway, I have the Otterbox commuter on it. Not the...
  25. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Fringe 4g data drop - wtf?

    I live in an area mostly covered by "4g" LTE. My charge will sometimes connect to LTE in my bedroom, but most of the time it can't. Every time it briefly connects to 4g in my home, however, it does not hand back off to 3g for a good 5 minutes or so. Instead, I lose all data connectivity. I've...
  26. pissinguoff247

    Thread Does your phone rattle?

    I had returned a defective droid charge with a defective, buzzing earpiece speaker. Before I returned it, I had noticed that it seemed to also rattle... if I held it between my thumb and forefinger with nothing in it (no battery, no SIM, no sd card), I noticed that if I shook it, there was a...
  27. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] What's the deal with the buttons?

    I've seen people trying to disable the bottom button backlight, but nothing about enabling it. I just got my Charge today in the mail. Powered up, no button backlight. Connected USB, no button backlight. Under what conditions are those buttons supposed to light up?
  28. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] working camera flash strobe?

    I'm coming from a Samsung Epic 4g. There was some magical mystical thing going on with the camera flash that it was impossible to strobe it. Does anyone know if there is a working camera flash strobe light for the Droid Charge?
  29. pissinguoff247

    Thread Potential (very annoying) USB connection issue

    I went into menu -> settings -> connectivity, and set the USB connection to "Always Ask" when connecting to a computer so that it would ask me if I want to use Charging/Mass Storage/Media Sync/etc. Even with that box checked, no matter what I do, when I connect the phone to my computer, it does...
  30. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Does Best Buy *CURRENTLY* do rapid exchange on black tie Epics?

    I've seen a few threads pop up about Best Buy's rapid exchange - whether or not it exists is still a big question. I've seen threads that say they modified their policy back in April, but nothing definitive. Does anybody know what Best Buy's current "Black Tie" policy is on broken phones? I.e...
  31. pissinguoff247

    Thread Weird EF02 Problem - Edit build.prop, break exchange?

    If any geniuses out there know what's causing this, or could help me determine what it is, I'd be eternally grateful. I changed ro.product.model=SPH-D700 to Nexus S to get Netflix working. Netflix worked, but the email app would crash constantly.. I've since reverted my build.prop file and...
  32. pissinguoff247

    Thread EF02 Bug Thread

    Doesn't look like there's one of these yet, so I'll start. -Potential speed issues -SOME slow rotation issues - Mine is working fine, YMMV -Can't make up its mind if it wants to be on the EF02 or EF10 modem -Battery Meter something something (can't duplicate) -Battery life blows (YMMV) - I've...
  33. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Why no new builds?

    In the weeks and months leading up to EC05, there were tons of links like this one: With EC05 as the build number [E = 2011, C = March, 05 = Build 05] I've tried everything from EC06 to ED09 and there's nothing new. Why haven't we seen...
  34. pissinguoff247

    Thread SPH-D700-EB13-8Gb-REL.tar.md5

    This is SPH-D700-EB13-8Gb-REL.tar.md5 as pulled from the Samsung update program. I figured I'd put it up, I didn't see it posted yet. Sorry it's a zip, but it's huge and I'm not paying for MediaFire.
  35. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Who tweeted it?

    Guys, I have a silly question - it's not related to Froyo "Rumors" so I thought it appropriate to start a new thread on it. But, back in November, everyone was "informed" that Froyo would be out by the end of the year for the Epic. I don't remember where this came from, can you guys help...
  36. pissinguoff247

    Thread Premium Data "4g tax" lawsuit starting

    I've never been one to complain about our $10/mo "Premium Data" add on, but apparently there is a class action lawsuit starting regarding it. The below is the text of an email that was sent out regarding it (and the page at If You Purchased a...
  37. pissinguoff247

    Thread I think we're getting DL15, not DL11 - Found this on

    Every morning I do a quick search of the interwebs to check for new ROM leaks - so I search "Epic" "Froyo" "DL11" "DL15" etc. I just googled "Epic Froyo DL15" and THIS was the third result. It looks like an unfinished FAQ for a DL15 update...
  38. pissinguoff247

    Thread Posted in wrong section, please disregard

    Please delete this - I meant to post it in the EPIC 4g section
  39. pissinguoff247

    Thread TVOut a possibility on DK28 (found using LauncherPro)

    I use LauncherPro for my homescreen. LP Allows you to set up a shortcut to virtually anything on your phone. I noticed today when I was looking for the UAString setting that there is a "TV Out" Setting. Unfortunately, this process crashes immediately when I try to run it. If you have...
  40. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] No UAString Spoofing on DK28?

    So I entered about:debug in the browser address bar and pulled up my settings menu. I am most definitely missing the UAString option under my settings. I am definitely in debug mode, as I have the normal Debug options (JS Console, Single Column Rendering, Wide Viewpoint, etc.) Is it not...
  41. pissinguoff247

    Thread Crinkling Keyboard?

    Guys, My Epic's keyboard seems a bit "crackly" lately... when I type on it, it sounds like there's maybe a layer of plastic or saran rap or something underneath it, like a potato chip bag or something. When I run my finger lightly over the keys, there's a crinkling noise, as if if I was...
  42. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Persistant Touchscreen Press, possible bug - Anyone else able to replicate?

    I was messing around with a synth progrm last night and found something weird, so I decided to confirm it in a few multitouch testing apps. This is really bizzare and I'm wondering if it's a bug - I'm going to try to make a video when my other computer is up and runing but for now I'll try to...
  43. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] No Dialpad Tones On Incoming Calls - Please Verify

    I just noticed something wacky with my phone while experimenting with trying to figure out why Google Voice wasn't working. It looks like the dialpad tones/touch tones do not sound when connected to an incoming call. If you can, please try the following: 1. Call your Epic from another phone...
  44. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Google Voice - Can't Press 1 to accept + Greeting is cut off

    I just installed Google Voice on my Epic 4G and received my first phone call on it - and was unable to answer. Two problems - first, when I answered, the greeting telling me to press "1" to accept was cut off at the beginning (all I heard was '...all from [spoken voice]. Press 1 to accept". I...
  45. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Notification Vibration While On Call

    Guys, I keep the vibrate notification on for my text/mms messages 'cuz i like to know when I get them if I have music on in the car or something, etc. Today I was on the phone with a friend and got a text -she likened the noise that the vibration made to a "truck horn." Is there a way to...
  46. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Forwarding Texts - Where are my contacts?

    So I had received text message that I wanted to forward. I pressed and held the text, selected "Forward" from the menu, and I get the "to" box and the body, but where are my contacts? I can't select a contact to fwd the message to, can you? Tapping the "to" box just brings up swype, and taping...
  47. pissinguoff247

    Thread [Q] Bluetooth File Transfer?

    Guys, Every time I try to connect my PC to my Epic via BT to do a file transfer (just wanted to put a ringtone on), I get the message "Device 'Epic 4g' does not support service 'File Transfer'" I've tried pairing, connecting, disconnecting, reconnecting, verified both the PC and the phone have...
  48. pissinguoff247

    Thread SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 mod for QVGA Landscape

    Hi guys, I've got a Samsung Intrepid with a 320x240 landscape screen. Because of the resolution, SPB mobile shell sets the toolbar on the right hand side of the screen. Trouble is, I freakin' hate that. I'd gladly sacrifice some screen real estate to get that thing on the bottom. Is there...