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    Thread updated slow mo camera without updating firmware(question)

    Is there a way to install the new updated camera with slow motion apk without updating the firmware? I tried installing the apk but it says app not installed.
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    Thread missing update screen after Oreo

    I updated to the Oreo unlocked firmware. I'm now missing the option on my settings to update manually. Am I missing something or is it gone now?
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    Thread weird keyboard ghosting problem

    Has anyone ran across the issue on Oreo where the keyboard photo stay up after you've done your search? Like in the photo.
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    Thread [GUIDE]--Unlocked OREO(CSB2) on Cricket/ATT wireless

    SO i just wanna start by saying i did not make these files. I simply arranged them together to help out those on cricket wireless like i am and needed Volte working. So here we go. I also know there are other tutorials with similar things but this is a simple more straight forward process who...
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    Thread Please delete

    please delete
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    Thread Please delete

    Please delete
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    Thread updates

    Hey, I'm using cricket wireless(aio) with the unlocked firmware. I flashed the unlocked firmware then flashed the aio/att user data. I'm able to get all the cricket/att options(like volte) but now I'm not able to receive ota. I was under the assumption that if I flashed the att user data I would...
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    Thread disable Bixby but still use button

    Is there a way to use bk disabler and disable Bixby completely while still retaining the use of the button? Whenever I disabled Bixby with bk the button stopped writing all together.
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    Thread screen rotation issue with videos

    After this last security update when watching any video be it YouTube, mx player, etc, when I'm watching the screen will randomly rotate and then go back to the normal. This is causing YouTube to pause and then I gotta press play again. On mx player it just rotates then goes back to normal...
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    Thread can't install recovery on internal

    I'm having troubles installing recovery on the internal memory. I have the sd card bootable and flashed the root and unknown sources. I can't install any roms either. It just keeps saying status 7. I've looked around and it says something about updating the cwm to twrp. But anytime I try to...
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    Thread Enable hotspot on rooted s7 edge(at&t)

    is there a way to install a hotspot app that bypasses the one built into the s7 edge? it used to be possible on the s5 so this is why i ask.
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    Thread hotspot on g935a

    I'm on the AT&T s7 edge(using cricket wireless). I used foxfi bit out only allows hotspot through usb. Is there any other app that allows a hotspot through the device?
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    Thread Samsung account issues

    Hello, friend of mine bought a s6 edge a few weeks back. Worked good until he went to reset it. Note it's doing the this phone had abnormal reset please insert old Samsung account. The guy isn't responding of course. Well I can bypass it and get the phone working but it won't allow him to log...
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    Thread updates on phone

    I have the AT&T s7 edge on cricket wireless(owned by AT&T). I haven't gotten the security update or any updates. My question is is it possible to get the AT&T updates for the phone on a different carrier or would it just be good to go and get a prepaid sim for AT&T to be on the network to get...
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    Thread speaker mod

    I like to have my phone sitting sideways to watch movies, kodi, YouTube, etc. Is there anyone who can suggest a speaker mod that allows the volume to go up to the front? Even a ghetto cardboard diy thing or I currently use a stereo headunit case to tilt it up and have the volume...
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    Thread S pen support on S7

    If I bought a note 5 s pen would I be able to use it m the s7?
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    Thread Gsm unlock galaxy s6 edge for AT&T

    Is there a way to unlock the Sprint galaxy s6 edge for AT&T? For free? I see people offering it for free on here but wanted to see if it was something like the razr where you edited the nv files or something. Thanks in advance
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    Thread Disable "allow Google to scan regularly"

    Anyone who has there s7 edge figured out how to disable that annoying "allow Google to scan regularly"? Google settings app gone do can't figure it out.
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    Thread Fast charging kernel

    Like title says. Just got the tablet and installed blisspop 6.0 on the 530NU. Is there a Rom or kernel that supports fast charging? Sent from my SM-G900T using Tapatalk
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    Thread Android Pay..who else is using it??

    I just got Android Pay last night. Seems pretty cool but was wanting to see who else is using it and how you like it?
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    Thread Galaxy s6 camera port

    Maybe I just can't find it but is there a galaxy s6 port for our phone?
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    Thread HTC camera on any android(Q)

    Would it be possible to mod the new HTC camera to be useable on any android? I have the apk I'll upload in just a bit.
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    Thread [Q] htc camera app on galaxy s5?

    is this possible? i really like the split reaction on the new htc camera app. Has anyone figured out how to get it working? i have it installed on my phone but it force closes. any help is appreciated!!
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    Thread Google Camera help

    I have the T-Mobile s5. I downloaded Google camera. Whenever I load Google camera video recording I cannot take pics while recording. Anyone have this issue? Google camera says it supports picture while recording.
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    Thread Disable usb stability

    Is there anyway to disable the usb stability on this phone? Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Hello modding stock phone.apk

    Hello, I'm needing help modding a stock 4.1.2 phone.apk to get my flashed razr native voicemail notifications. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Sent from my DROID RAZR using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Any cricket dealers here?? need help getting MIN

    im needing someone who works at cricket to get my MIN for me if anyone needing it im sure it wont happen that fast but THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY HELP FROM ANYONE!
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    Thread 4.2 camera help on ics

    I have the camera and video recording working on my phone. Problem is that the camera and video camera are stuck on 1.0 zoom. It won't let me pinch out down to no zoom on it. Anyone else have this problem? Sent from my DROID RAZR using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Recording orientation???

    Everytime I record a video in portrait mode out records sideways. anyway to make the phone (xt912) record in portrait without it being sideways??? Sent from my DROID RAZR using xda app-developers app
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    Thread Custom kernel for stock ROM??

    Ifs out possible to put a custom kernel on a stock ROM? I'm on ics 4.0.4 stock and just wanted a little better battery life. Sent from my DROID RAZR using xda app-developers app
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    Thread MMS on stock app for Cricket (ICS)(tutorial--testing)

    Ok..was playing around with apns on my phone today. I was able to receive but not send. I'm now able to receive and send on the stock app for messaging on ICS. THIS IS FOR STOCK ROM BUT LET ME KNOW IF IT WORKS ON CUSTOM ROMS OR JB. I'm currently using 4.0.4 while i did this on a stock ROM. So...
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    Thread [Q] boot animation change?

    ia there a way to change boot animation on the droid razr? searched on here but didnt find anything.
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    Thread custom batter icon on stock rom?

    im on the stock ICS rom 4.0.4 on) on my stock rom? and if so which icon would i use?
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    Thread need help activating on cricket

    ok..i got the phone programmed and it now is on my account but it makes no calls/texts. But it does have internet on it right now for my account. is there anything i can do to fix this? i tried changing PRL and reflashing but nothing has helped.
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    Thread need help flashing to cricket

    IM trying to flash to cricket. already rooted and has the Eclipse Rom. i got to change the SPC in CDMA WS 2.7 and i confirmed that. i know to flash it you cant read from QPST so i didnt and just filled oout the write spots. In QPST when i click write it just tells me ERROR...
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    Thread diag mode on ECLIPSE ROM??

    is there a diag mode on the ECLIPSE rom? i cant seem to get my razr to connect to qpst. i have safestrap and when i do select BPtools if shows a comport but then boots up to the recovery. as soon as i boot up to the system again no com port. any help would be great.
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    Thread [Q] usb host???

    i see the galaxy 3 has usb host functions. will this be able to be ported to the evo 3d? or is this a hardware thing?
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    Thread cricket phone.apk fix for ICS?

    is there a way to put this phone.apk onto an ICS rom? im on cricket wireless and the voicemail doesnt work native for the rom im on. its the MIK zrd3 rom.
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    Thread anyway to insert stock contacts and dialer?????

    hello my mom has the Evervolve(or however spelled rom).. The rom is a little dark but she likes it tho. was wondering if there is a way to put the stock dialer and contacts back into the phone(like below). Her's...
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    Thread Voicemail notification fix cricket??

    ok ive looked around and cant seem to find this for the Evo 3d on cricket. Is there a phone.apk that i can use to get native voicemail notifications on cricket wireless?
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    Thread [Q] full flash HTC Evo 3d on $35 plan

    i have the cricket $35 plan with the upgraded $5 a month unlimited web. Does the u2nl/autostart method work? i tried and it doesnt. also tried the anycut method and it dont work. Any suggestions?
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    Thread Cricket Huawei Ascend apps not working question

    ok my girl got the $35 dollar plan for cricket. but then she went and did the unlimited mobile web thing for onyl $5 more. the apps and such are not working on her huawei and havent cuz she is only on th $35 dollar plan. any work around for this?
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    Thread [Q] wildfire to cricket???

    i have looked in this sub forum for how to flash this phone to cricket..maybe im just i ended up with this phone in a trade and need to get it flashed for my girl but dont know how. i owuld assume its like the Evo kinda, just get the spc's to 0 then put the PRL in with cdma or qpst...
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    Thread forum chat that supports Android phones?

    OK is there a forum Chatroom that can be accessed on an android phone? XAT does not work on xscope, dolphin or any phone browser.
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    Thread [Q] how to implement items into a kernel from another kernel

    im wanting the new HDMwin kernel source added to the netarchy-toastmod-bfs-havs-nosbc-universal kernel. i want to know how to do this or if its possible. i hate to change kernels as i get good battery life with netarchy's. if someone could do this or could direct me in the direction on how to...
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    Thread PRL not sticking for cricket

    ok i have the EVo and i flashed one pretty easy. But everytime i try to flash a PRL for cricket into it with cdma workshop or QPST it just reverts back to sprint once i reboot. Can anyone help me?
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    Thread [GPL- Violation] Full HDMI Mirroring(Released)--(NEW UPDATED APP)

    :::EDIT::: FROM Orrebmas himself Hi, I was told and verified that the donate button does not work in the version I released. I fixed and re-uploaded it to android central. Please update your post. Thanks for bringing it to XDA. -- orrebmas I have updated the app to the new updated version...
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    Thread [Q] Camera MP quality Question???

    ok i have the Stock camera app set at 8mp 3264x1952 and quality HIGH. Thing is i notice when i take the pics and look at them on my comp they are only showing around 1.4MP for each photo. Is this normal? with the Vigntte app i can get the camera to take about a 4-5mp photo(with the settings on...
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    Thread converting old zip to edify???

    i have this file here(to get cricket working internet and MMS & apps). but clockwork 3.0 wont let it flash. i have tried the amend2edify program but maybe i just...
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    Thread Port rom to Hero??? Could someone possibly port this rom over to the hero? I tried with the ported app but i guess i