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  1. svendsvin

    Thread File manager

    I’m a big fan of MiXplorer. Best file manager ever. I never figured out how to transfer files over FTP to/from SD card using MiXplorer though. MIUI file manager on the other hand I never found attractive. Especially after I discovered it connects to facebook every time you use it. NOT good but...
  2. svendsvin

    Thread Swipe screen to make a call?

    I had this phone for a couple of months now and I’m pretty sure that in the beginning, when I would make an outgoing call I just swiped the contact to make the call. Now when I want to make a call I have to press on the contact and then press the call icon. Is it my memory failing me or has...
  3. svendsvin

    Thread 3C Magisk Helper

    I saw this module, 3C Magisk Helper, in my module list the other day. I simply can’t remember installing it and I can’t seem to find any information about it. Can anyone enlighten me?
  4. svendsvin

    Thread System sounds

    I'm on MIUI 12.02. The system sounds are driving me nuts. How can I mute/disable them?
  5. svendsvin

    Thread Wi-Fi problem

    Out of the blue my phone started receiving wifi signal very poorly. If I am more than 1-2 meters away from the router the signal is lost. No other devices in the house have this problem so it is not a router problem. Mobile data receiving works fine. I have tried to reset network settings. That...
  6. svendsvin

    Thread Magisk & Titanium Backup

    I've installed Magisk (latest version) on a brand new phone (Samsung Galaxy J4). It is just out of the box. All apps that need root are granted access. Also Titanium Backup! BUT when I start TB I get the error: Sorry, I could not acquire root privileges... I'm lost here what to do to get TB...
  7. svendsvin

    Thread Recovery not possible after trying to flash Magisk

    My phone is an Motorola 4G XT1072 Thea. Custom ROM LineageOS 14.1. I wanted to change SuperSU with Magisk root. I therefore removed SuperSU and rebooted to recovery (TWRP) for flashing Magisk. I got an error code 1 flashing Magisk. I tried to reboot to recovery but I couldn't. It just reboots...