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  1. Alucardis666

    Thread [Q] Unroot?

    I've searched everywhere and can't find any answers... can someone please hold my hand and walk me through unrooting my watch on 5.0.2 and then explain how I may get the 5.1.1 update loaded on? Please and thank you.
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    Thread What's your Overclock?

    Was winding v what everyone is chocked at? Post your speed and kernel below. Also the effect on your battery life, thanks! Sent from my SGH-I337 using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Thread What OC are you running?

    Was just curious as to how many of us are OC'd Please post your max clock speed and which kernel you're running as well as if you're undervolting... Thanks. I'm using ElementalX 1.4 and am clocked at 1890 with my lowest voltage at 800.
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    Thread [Launcher] - Nova Launcher?

    Anyone care to comment on how it plays with our phone's and gingerbread? Here's the source.
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    Thread Battery Drain after XLA4?

    FIRST AND FOREMOST! I apologize for any spamming that may have lead you here, however I have a SERIOUS problem!!! My phone will NOT enter deep sleep. 7 hrs of light use has brought me down to 35% I've tried 4 XLA4 base ROMs. Currently on LiL ROM. and I can't seem to find out what the problem...
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    Thread Google Music Craps Out after 2-3 Songs??

    Having an issues with google music where it'll play 2-3 songs then stop and it refuses to play any more. I can't skip a track and if I go back to select a new song it will hang on a blank google music screen with nothing selected. I have to kill the app via task manage in order to play 2-3 more...
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    Thread [Q] Where is the scaling file located?

    I'm searching through android commander as I'd like to delete the default scaling file in the kernel so my voltage control profile will stick between reboots. But I forget where its located and can't seem to find it. could someone help me out?
  8. Alucardis666

    Thread Best Live Wallpaper?

    Share which you're using, or have seen that may be cool. I have been using the Matrix live wallpaper for ages (practically since I got the phone) and just changing the colors every so often, and I'd like to try something new. However I haven't found much interesting. Share what you've come...
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    Thread TITANIUM BACKUP USERS! Which apps do you Freeze?

    Was just curious... I currently have Android Keyboard 2.3.6 - Don't use it Badge Provider1.0 Calendar 1.0 - Theres a 1.1 I'm using. ChocoEUkor 1.0 Clock 1.0 - Theres 2 of these... 2.3.6 1.0.0 CSC 1.0 Mobile Print 1.4.1 - Don't use it Pico...
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    Thread Share your Voltage Control Settings!

    Some of you may recall my similar thread for SetCPU... Well I recently switched over from SetCPU to VC and am quite happy with it... figured I'd make a thread for users to share their experiences with the app... First a few...
  11. Alucardis666

    Thread Best txting app?

    Go sms is kinda buggy at times... but its the best I've encountered. I hate stock and am looking for something with a few more features... mainly the pop-up. And I've tried hancent in the past, not too much of a fan... anyone for any other suggestions? Thanks!
  12. Alucardis666

    Thread Need an extended Battery

    I kno wand understand that a million threads on batteries already exist, however I wanted to be as specific as possible and see what you all can recommend. I'm looking for a batter that's between 2000-2300mah and that will work with the standard charger/USB cable, and not cause my phone to go...
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    Thread [Q] Still worth partitioning?

    I have a class 10 32GB card in my phone and I do realize the GS II is leaps and bounds ahead of older devices like the G1 and the original MyTouch 3G... So I was wondering if there was still any reason for me to partition the SD card *I have a lot of dead space since I moved all my music...
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    Thread [Q] How often do you Flash?

    Would like to make this a poll if possible... Just curious how long do you all like to keep the Rom's on your phone for... Do you... [] Find something and see what sticks and wait till the next update? [] Flash the newest thing that available? [] Flash the one with the most replies in a...
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    Thread Protesting SOPA

    Was just wondering how many of you all are against it and what will you be doing (if anything at all...) To show your support for being against it.
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    Thread Android Alarm Dock?

    Thinking of getting something like this... android&cp=1&lp=3 Anyone have any expirence with this product or something similar? Thanks
  17. Alucardis666

    Thread Android spyware?

    Does this happen and how? After I installed the official grupon app from the market I have been getting notifications every time the phone is powered up from being completely shut off for ads. It's weird as hell. Uninstalled the app but the ads keep coming. It's not a huge deal but it is...
  18. Alucardis666

    Thread What's another good place to find roms?

    Was just wondering if anyone knows any other good sites and if you've found/are running anything that you have got from another site. Thanks.
  19. Alucardis666

    Thread Incorrect MMS orientation?

    Anyone else expirencing any issues reguarding MMS orientation? Whenever I upload a pic in my messaging app it comes out sideways. It's really very annoying. Some workarounds suggested in my research has told me to try another camera app other than stock but I'd like to avoid that.
  20. Alucardis666

    Thread Anyone gonna upgrade to a skyrocket II HD?

    Just saw this today... I think I may make the switch if it is half as good as I hope. Hopefully they learned from their flaws with the skyrocket.
  21. Alucardis666

    Thread How happy are you with Google Music?

    What features would you like to see added/removed, and are you happy with it compared to the stock music app, or how do you feel it stacks up against another music app. *This is a general topic, and I'm just curious to see the community's response.*
  22. Alucardis666

    Thread How many times have you dropped your phone?

    I was just curious. I've dropped mine a small handful of times. thing is pretty resilient though. only cosmetic issues are some scratches around the camera lens. How bout you guys? *Note: Pictures are encouraged to show off any damage on the phone.*
  23. Alucardis666

    Thread Sharp's New and Amazing Image sensor for smartphones That's pretty damn epic. I wish our phones *As well as all future phones with cameras...* Were so apply capable.
  24. Alucardis666

    Thread Top Must Have Apps

    And what do they do? What apps can you absolutely not live without on your phone? 1.) Twitter - Social networking that needs no explination 2.) Facebook - Social networking that needs no explination 3.) Titanium Back Up - Backs up all my apps 4.) Chrome 2 Phone - Streams PC chrome pages to...
  25. Alucardis666

    Thread Removing TW launcher?

    If I'm using GO Launcher EX do I still need the TW launcher? And can I cause any real harm by removing it?
  26. Alucardis666

    Thread Polaris Office

    Anyone know where to get it? Can't find it anywhere.
  27. Alucardis666

    Thread Battery drain with go launcher?

    I noticed my battery doesn't last as long as some of the other users on here and I was wondering if those with 20+ hrs of battery life are using any other launchers aside from stock? I have come to exclusively rely on Go Launcher EX Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I777 using xda premium
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    Thread Extended battery that doesn't change size?

    Is there any standard sized extended batteries out there that don't change the form factor of the phone but give more juice?
  29. Alucardis666

    Thread MiUi Music app?

    Where can I find it? Preferably the apk or a flashable zip.
  30. Alucardis666

    Thread Hope this helps some of you out Seems like a great and very useful tool.
  31. Alucardis666

    Thread Where else to find Roms?

    I was just wondering if there are other places to find roms for this phone, such as devs that may not post their work on here.
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    Thread [Q] Alarm clock?

    is there a better alarm clock than the stock one? one with more options and tones and such?
  33. Alucardis666

    Thread Share your SetCPU settings!

    I'm looking for a good baseline to see what works best on this phone. list everything, screenshots prefer and please specify your rom, kernel, and theme. Mine are as follows... all info in my sig. I use 500-1400 conservative with a 500-500 power save profile set for when the screen is off...
  34. Alucardis666

    Thread Why do I always get errors using the XDA app?

    I have to try to post like 3-4x to post something and it never works when I try to upload pics/screenshots... am I doing something wrong? Also note that I'm using the paid premium app.
  35. Alucardis666

    Thread [Q] Looking for a good durable Stereo BT headset

    I would like a decent bluetooth stereo headset that I can listen to music with and make and recieve calls on with this device. I've already tried the Motorla S10's and jaybird freedoms...
  36. Alucardis666

    Thread Cognition love?

    No themes for Cognition?
  37. Alucardis666

    Thread What bloat can I remove?

    Someone had posted a link to a google doc that detailed this but I lost it :-/
  38. Alucardis666

    Thread Battery is slow to charge?

    Whats up with the slow charge time of the battery? I hate to compare apples to androids...but my old iphone's charged quick enough. ~1.5 hrs went from 10%-100% easily. my phone was at 10% so I connected it to the charger about 2 hrs ago. currently its at 22%. did I miss something?
  39. Alucardis666

    Thread Camera lag with native app

    Is this a fault of the rom? [UnName 1.0.3] or is it the stock app? Are there any better apps for using the camera that are faster and won't pause for 2 seconds after I've hit the shutter button? [EDIT] Also I do have blink detection and anti-shake on, but with these off, its about a half...
  40. Alucardis666

    Thread [Q] Battery optimization?

    How can I make my battery last longer? I am using set cpu and various profiles to give me the best optimization I can, however my phone barely makes it 10 hours with light use *1hr web browsing, avid txting, light music listening via music on phone ~ 1 hr as well.* I'm not faulting the phone. I...
  41. Alucardis666

    Thread [Q] How can I move my live wallpapers to the internal storage?

    I ask because I don't know the location of them on the SD card and when ever I mount my phone via USB or restart it my matrix live wallpaper is cleared and it defaults to a blank grey wallpaper which seems to be stock for the theme I'm running. Thanks
  42. Alucardis666

    Thread [Q] What's currently the best rom? [GS II]

    I've noticed some inconstancies with the CM 7 Stable build and would like a different rom to flash. I want to overclock the phone to 1.4-1.6 and would like it to be as stable as possible. Which rom is currently available that meets my needs? Thank in advanced and please pardon my noob-iness. I...
  43. Alucardis666

    Thread [Q] What's the ETA on Ice Cream Sandwich?

    I was just wondering when we could see it on the AT&T Galaxy S II?
  44. Alucardis666

    Thread Dunno how much this helps but.... Any chance in some dev making a decent hero rom now For the MT3G ?!
  45. Alucardis666

    Thread Which HERO rules all?

    Anyone know which hero rom runs the fastest and supports Apps2SD and has the minimal amount (or no) loading screens?
  46. Alucardis666

    Thread Whos doing Donut?

    Was just wondering, (as I'm sure most others are too....) Which devs are currently cooking up Donut builds? I'm growing old of Hero roms on cupcake and cyangoens newest donut endeavors are still progressing slowly.