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  1. CitizenLee

    Thread Gap Between Screen and Frame

    Noticed recently when cleaning my phone and case there's a small gap between the screen and frame for the ear piece speaker. Seems strange there no grill here to keep out dust and fluff etc. I assume this is by design and doesn't affect the IP68 rating?
  2. CitizenLee

    Thread [Q] Phone Gets Hot & Not Charging Or Powering On

    Hi folks, I bought a used SG2 for a friend recently but it’s having some issues… As soon as the phone arrived I plugged into the PC and rooted it, along with flashing latest stock firmware. That all went smoothly but as I was setting up Google etc I noticed it gets really hot both when...
  3. CitizenLee

    Thread Modules Randomly Stopped Working

    Hi, Just got back to my desk after lunch to find my Nexus 5 looking very "normal" Google search bar is back Homescreen dots are back I have huge icons again (despite build.prop changed to 360) Hidden apps have reappeared Wallpaper scrolls again etc, etc I have tried uninstalling and...
  4. CitizenLee

    Thread [Q] Issues with O2 Mobile Internet (UK)

    Hello folks, I seem to be having some strange issues with mobile internet on O2. I have been with them since October 2012 when I got the GN2 and everything has been fine up until 1 maybe 2 months ago when I noticed by phone was connecting to H+, which I had never seen with O2 in my city...
  5. CitizenLee

    Thread [REQUEST] Transparent Status Bar and Notification Window

    Hi, Just got a Tab 2 yesterday and have a few TouchWiz mod requests - mainly semi/fully transparent status bar, and semi/fully transparent notification window. The ability to change all the green icons and symbols would be nice too. I also have a Note 2 and these mods are available for that...
  6. CitizenLee

    Thread [Q] Desire HD + Infrared Transmitter Cable = Output Too Weak

    Hi, Stick with me on this one... One of my hobbies is photography and recently I discovered an app called PhotoIRmote which lets you control your camera via your Android phone. The downside being it has to be via Infrared. Now, the dev's site provides links to build your own IR transmitter to...
  7. CitizenLee

    Thread [REQ] Transparent 5 App Drawer for GB ROMs

    There's a transparent 4 app drawer for GB ROMs but no 5 app version. Can anyone do this, or let me know how and I'll do it? Is it just a case of editing an xml file? Apologies if this has been covered before for GB, the search didn't come up with anything useful. Thanks, Lee
  8. CitizenLee

    Thread [Apps] Honeycomb, MIUI & Songbird Music Players

    Found these in the Nexus S section so thought I'd share the links here. All credit to the original posters. Honeycomb MIUI Songbird...
  9. CitizenLee

    Thread [REQEST] Port this theme to DHD?

    Hi, I've always loved the look of the Espresso bottom dock so was wondering if anyone would be able to port this theme to Android Revolution HD for DHD: If not the whole theme then maybe just the dock as an I'd be willing to...
  10. CitizenLee

    Thread [Q] Market has uninstalled itself?

    Just went to look for an app and my Market seems to have stopped working. The icon has changed and when I try to open it I get an error saying "The linked program is no longer installed on your phone". I was using the 2.2 Market (from Modaco) and have just tried to install it again but upon...
  11. CitizenLee

    Thread [REQUEST] Transparent Notification Drop-down for VR12 / 2.1 ROMs

    Hi, I've searched the forum for this but couldn't find anything specific to the Hero. The closest I got was this suggestion however I already have the coloured circle battery mod and don't want to loose it. Is there any other way to get the transparent notification drop-down? Preferably as a...
  12. CitizenLee

    Thread Logcat reports with no ADB?

    Hi, Is there any way to get a logcat report of the phone without using ADB? I'm on my work machine at the moment and it's doesn't play well with ADB but I need to get the report so I can submit it with a bug report (in VR12, when using an app or in a menu, pressing the Back or Home keys crash...
  13. CitizenLee

    Thread Question about HTC Mail email attachment size limits

    Hello folks, I am asking this on behalf of a collegue at work who is considering buying an Android phone (Hero or Desire). Assuming he did go for one of the above phones, he wants to set up the HTC Mail app with his work email account, which should be straight forward enough, but he would...
  14. CitizenLee

    Thread [Metamorph] Error "Metamorph with not run without an SDcard"

    Hello all, Posted this in a theme thread in the Hero section but I thought it might be a good idea to post here too. Anyway, I was just away to test some new themes but get the following error when opening Metamorph: "Metamorph will not run without an SDcard" The SDcard is definitely working...
  15. CitizenLee

    Thread Cyanogen ROMs on Hero?

    Sorry if this has been covered before but I was wondering if there were any Cyanogen ROMs that work on the Hero and have the Sense UI? I hear nothing but good things about his custom ROMs so would like to test one out. I believe he has added some Donut stuff too. I'm currently using MCR v2.2...