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    Thread [Q] Can't seem to flash or update from fastboot or recovery. HELP

    I've never had problems like this and I've been flashing custom roms and recovery since HTC G1 days. Maybe you chaps can enlighten me a bit. I can boot into all partitions of my device just fine, regular system, recovery, bootloader all okay. My daily rom (Vanir), however, has been getting a...
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    Thread [Q] My Nook refuses to boot or power on. Help!

    I have been running the kanged builds of CM9 for a while, but it began to get bogged down recently and would freeze up almost daily forcing a hard shutdown and reboot. Sometime yesterday, it began to boot only into recovery no matter what option I tried in the Cyanoboot menu. From there I tried...
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    Thread [Q] New Dolphin Browser for Pad

    Just wondering if anyone has looked into getting the new Dolphin Browser for Pad to run on our good old friend the Nook Color. It does say that the requirements are Android 3.0 or better but I've seen more amazing things from you guys before...