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  1. Pras_92

    Thread Unable to pick / reject calls

    I have been experincing this weird bug in all the roms, starting from miui 12 rom to all famous roms like havoc, evolution x etc. Its as follows: Sometimes when i receive the call, and i try to pick up it up, the green slider slides but it says unable to answer the call and the call...
  2. Pras_92

    Thread Moto G4 plus lost/stolen

    Hello Guys, Just need some help from you. Unfortunately I got my Moto g4 plus stolen yesterday. I want to Lock/block the device in order to prevent the misuse. Is there any way to do so other than using the Android Device Manager ? as Android Device Manager requires Location and data to be...
  3. Pras_92

    Thread U20i Stock ROM ftf 2.1.1.A.0.6

    U20i Stock ROM ftf 2.1.1.A.0.6 Searched a lot for U20i stock rom ftf but couldn't find it. So created the ftf using PC Companion. NOTE : ITS ONLY FOR UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER AS I HAVE NOT TESTED IT ON LOCKED BOOTLOADER. SO PLEASE TRY IT AT YOUR OWN RISK ON LOCKED BOOTLOADER INSTRUCTIONS: 1...
  4. Pras_92

    Thread Status 6 error

    Help needed please.... I have tried build a custom gingerbread rom,trying to build a rom first time...but when i flash the built through CWM rec, it gives me (Status 6) error and installation aborted:confused::rolleyes::(...Can anybody help plz...badly want to build my first ever...
  5. Pras_92

    Thread [CM7 THEME]ICS CM7 theme with 'android' battery indicator

    This is ICS Theme for CM7 with 'Android' as battery indicator. Insructions to install theme: 1.Backup your current rom via recovery..(For safety, incase something goes wrong) 2.Download the zip file in attachment and place on root of sd card. 3.Flash through CWM. Reboot.:good: 4.Apply...
  6. Pras_92

    Thread [Q] Xperia Keyboard

    Can anyone plz provide the Xperia™ Keyboard apk plz if u have... thanx...
  7. Pras_92

    Thread [BOOTANIMATION]Speed Time Bootanimation ldpi

    This is a Bootanimation called Speed Time for ldpi devices Instructions for installing bootanimation: -Download the from attachments. -Copy it to system/media using Root Explorer. -Set the permissions of the zip file to rw--r-r. -Reboot... Enjoy ! :good:;)
  8. Pras_92

    Thread Android 2.2

    Any android 2.2 rom for our mimmi...want to try it...
  9. Pras_92

    Thread Theme my Android

    Plzz..want some help...Can anybody tell me some way to theme my android OS 2.1 update-1...i found android 2.1 update-1 very stable on X10 mini pro compared to other i want to theme it in some or the other way...any suggestions ? Thanx..
  10. Pras_92

    Thread System UI

    Hey..i just wanted to know that if i put the SystemUI.apk and framework-res.apk form a GB rom to other GB rom, then will it work fine ? or will it cause some issues like force closes or Unexpected Stopping n all ? Thanxx..
  11. Pras_92

    Thread BBM for X10 mini pro

    Can anybody make a compatible BBM.apk for our X10 mini pro...?? thanx:good:
  12. Pras_92

    Thread iOS theme for cm7

    Anybody has a iOS theme which is a paid app on play store....??? White iphone or Black iphone theme??:confused:
  13. Pras_92

    Thread [Q]

    Hey x10 mini pro owners...can anybody suggest better rom for my x10 mini pro i am using minicm7 pro there any better rom than this one ???