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  1. mlaws90

    Thread How do I get root on AT&T Galaxy S6 Marshmallow - downgrade? Please help!

    I have been trying to flash previous firmware version in Odin with no success. I keep getting the error: sboot.bin.....NAND Write....FAIL In the end I just want root access so if I can get it on my Marshmallow build(G920AUCS4CPF1) and help is appreciated. If I need to downgrade first, help...
  2. mlaws90

    Thread ROM|m7|KK|SaberMod Beanstalk 4.4.247 Unofficial|02/13|Dark|Lock-Notif|Halo|MW|A-Theme

    SaberMod Beanstalk 4.4.247 Unofficial 20140213 I used the new Cyanogenmod device trees that combine m7att, m7tmo, m7ul into just m7. If you want to know the recent changes to beanstalk look here: Features Sabermod Changelog for Beanstalk...
  3. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][flo][KK][SaberMod] DirtyOmni v1.1 [01/17][MW][QS Ribbon][Lock-Blur]

    DirtyOmni v1.1 Features Recent Merges Downloads Screenshots Screenshots coming soon... Installation Instructions Sources Special Thanks About the Dev
  4. mlaws90

    Thread |ROM|m7|KK|SaberMod| DirtyOmni v2.0 |Lockscreen Notifications|OTA|01/27|

    DirtyOmni v2.0 Features Recent Merges Downloads Root Google Apps Screenshots Last Screenshot contains apps not incuded in the ROM: | Launcher: Nova Prime | Icon Theme: PopUI | Wallpaper: Tersus 2.0 | Widgets: HD Widgets - Colorform Installation...
  5. mlaws90

    Thread Best way to use a Nexus 7 with a broken Screen/Digitizer? [No Touch]

    As the title stated my Nexus 7 has a broken front glass and digitizer so I cannot use the touch screen. I can however use a keyboard and mouse via usb otg cable and logitech unifying receiver(up to 6 devices on one usb receiver). This is no fun really though. So maybe use a desktop interface...
  6. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][4.2.2 JDQ39][UNOFFICIAL] Xylon \\ 020 \\ 02.16.2013

    /* * Your warranty is now void. * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, * thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please * do some research if you have any concerns about features included in this ROM * before flashing it! YOU are choosing...
  7. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM] [03/20][4.2.2] Dirty RootBox v2.5 [Per-App-DPI][PIE]

    Supporting grouper only at the moment. OP will be updated in the morning, check my last post for v2.5 details. Here Dirty Features in the Current Version: v2.0 Dirty RootBox Changelog RootBox Features Installation Steps Downloads Dirty RootBox ROMs will be hosted on
  8. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM] [WiFi/HSPA±][Aroma][4.2.2] Dirty AOKP v5.1 [JDQ39][KBZ][OTA][02/25]

    Now supporting grouper and tilapia! Dirty Features in the Current Release: v5.0 Dirty AOKP Changelog Installation Steps Screenshots ' More: 2 Nav bar settings(minus menu behavior b/c in TabUI) Downloads Dirty AOKP ROMs will be hosted on Grouper Downloads...
  9. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][4.2.1]XTremE JBR1 AOKP V.3 & CM10.1 V.2 Pure [01/02]

    This ROM was created by KNTXTremE. I manually ported this ROM by file replacement. Device specific files were obtained from the 12-31 CM10.1 build, such as the kernel and modules...
  10. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][JB 4.2.1][AOKP/CM10] ReVolt JB i777 [Nightlies][12/29]

    If coming from a Samsung Stock ROM: 1-Root/Recovery 2-Wipe Data 3-Wipe Cache 4-Wipe Dalvik-Cache 5-Format /system 6-Flash ROM 7-Wipe Cache / Dalvik-Cache 8-Enjoy ReVolt ROM !! If Coming from another Custom ROM: 1-Wipe Data 2-Wipe Cache 3-Wipe Dalvik-Cache 4-Format /system 5-Flash ROM 6-Wipe...
  11. mlaws90

    Thread [APP] CyanogenMod File Manager APK [11/10]

    I wanted to use the Cyanogenmod File Manager in other ROMs so I pulled it and have been using it for almost a week. I decided to share it so people don't have to download the whole CM10 ROM just for 1 APK file. I Will have multiple mirrors soon. Screenshots also coming soon. The APK was...
  12. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][4.2.1] JellyBam Nightlies [AOKP.CM10.1][01/10]

    Updated to Nightlies Message from iGio90 : For everyone that is flashaolic and want a more stable rom i'm gonna build nightly build with only frameworks and without all the aroma things that are generally causing problem. You can flash the nightly as well as the full JellyBam pack but you will...
  13. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][AOKP/CM10][AROMA] ThunderBolt Rom JB v6.0 [12/14][Siyah 4.3.3]

    THUNDERBOLT ROM VERSION 6.0 A ROM for people who love to enjoy the beauty of Jelly Bean with the exquisiteness of XPERIA And S3 on their Best Galaxy S2 Original Thread Jelly Bean (Android) + Samsung (Framework) + Al Hussein's Combination + Arindam Saha (Graphics). Features Bugs AOKP...
  14. mlaws90

    Thread Upcoming HTC Device [Oneˣ5] Sense 4.5 vid | 1080p | Quad-core S4 | 1.5GB RAM | 480ppi

    Upcoming HTC Device [Oneˣ5] Sense 4.5 vid | 1080p | Quad-core S4 | 1.5GB RAM | 480ppi We have seen a couple pictures of a upcoming HTC device that has a 5 in screen most likely at 480ppi(insane and our eyes cant tell, I know) with 1080p resolution. It has the possible name of the Oneˣ5. I know...
  15. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][ICS 4.0.4] SensatioN ROM 4.1 [09/20]

    This ROM was not created by me credit for this rom goes to Crysis21. All I did was port it from the i9100 to our i777. So have fun and please follow the forum rules. Original Thread About SensatioN 4 SensatioN 4 has come, after a long period of waiting, but I hope the result will satisfy the...
  16. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][JB] Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) - SGH-i777 - [JB-MR1][4.2.1][01/03]

    This ROM was not created by me credit for this rom goes to PieR and bajee11. All I did was port it from the i9100 to our i777. So have fun and follow the forum rules. Original Thread The Latest Changelogs can be found on the AOKP Site AOKP 4.2.1 Changelog Porting it right now...
  17. mlaws90

    Thread [Q] How to Deactivate Sprint Galaxy S III? [PLEASE CLOSE]

    I recently bought a Sprint SGSIII from a friend that moved away but it still has service. How do I deactative it? I cant get ahold of him so he can do it. Do is there something I can do it just disable the radio completely because Im only going to use it on Wifi. EDIT: Got ahold of him!, he...
  18. mlaws90

    Thread [Q] Dual Booting Recovery on One X

    Question I was wondering if dual booting recovery/bootloader was a possibility for our device? If so what do we need to do to accoplish this? I have this on my AT&T SGS2 i777 and enjoy being able to test a ROM before using it, and I could have JB on one and ICS with a custom kernel(Blackout...
  19. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][JB][AROMA] Infinity CM10 1.0 [08/04][Out of Beta!]

    This ROM was not created by me credit for this rom goes to ice14777. All I did was port it from the i9100 to our i777. So have fun and please follow the forum rules. Infinity CM10 Changelog Bugs No OTA Support You tell me! Download Foono Download Link Installation Thanks [/LIST]
  20. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][AOSPA][4.2.1] PARANOIDANDROID 3.0 [Pie-Controls][02/13]

    aN9an9rqwOY Downloads are located in my account Direct Link:
  21. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][AOKP 4.2.1]Dirty Resurrection Remix v3.1.3 JB v2.1 [Aroma][01/01]

    None of this is mine, I manually ported Resurrection Remix JB for the i9100. I did not develop this ROM so I can not provide much support for it. Thanks to westcrip for permission to port his ROM. Original i9100 Thread Since the version 1.2 of Resurrection Remix the ROM it's based on...
  22. mlaws90

    Thread [ROM][PORT][4.2.1][AOKP/CM] Vanilla RootBox v3.6 [31/01][Per-App-DPI][PIE]

    None of this is mine, I used flashaholics to hellraise RootBOX for the i9100. I did not develop this rom so I can not provide much support for it. [RootBOX Jelly Bean 4.2.1] ALL of the bellow is from bajee11's i9100 Thread Original i9100 Thread Description This ROM is built from RootBox...
  23. mlaws90

    Thread [Q] When will the AT&T HOX get a Jelly Bean Port?

    Here is a list of some devices that have a Jelly Bean Port: ASUS Transformer TF300T Acer Iconia A100 and A500 HTC HD2 HTC Sensation HTC Amaze 4G INTERNATIONAL HTC One X -----> Couldn't we port it from this build easiest? Some SGS3's I think(carrier specifics I do not know) MORE!!! So all these...
  24. mlaws90

    Thread [Q] Stuck at the first boot screen with red text. Please HELP!

    I have a rooted and newly unlocked AT&T HTC One X. I tried to flash Cyanogenmod 9 on it and it now freezes on boot. What should I do? The fastboot commands work. I used the fastboot boot boot.img to make this problem, then I tried recovery and it doesnt work. Any and all advice would help...