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    Post Car fast charger?

    It's the newer version on Amazon. There is a $7 coupon for it right now. $12.99.
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    Post Wireless charging compatible magnetic car mount?

    If you look at Nato Mounts, they have a circle ring plate. Big thin O. Scosche also have a U shape plate. Those leave a big opening in the middle. You can get one like the Nato Mount for half the price on Amazon. Just don't know about the charging speed.
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    Post Best Screen Protectors

    Just installed a Whitestone Dome on mine. Thought I botched the install, but once I let it cure it was perfect. Covered everything nicely and no halo.
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    Thread How to prevent Musis autoplay on Bluetooth connect.

    Out of nowhere my phone started to fire up Spotify as soon as it connects to the Bluetooth in my Toyota. It just started. I couldn't find any settings in the phone settings, Spotify settings and the car's settings. I uninstalled Spotify. When it connected, Music fired right up. Music I don't...
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    Thread Find My Mobile and Remote Controls missing from Security Settings

    Disregard. I searched the wrong thing and didn't find it. After looking again I guess VZW crippled it or Samsung left it out. But then why are there instruction for S7 Edge... Nowhere to be found to add the new S7 Edge to it. Don't want to run Google Device Manager because that's another...
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    Thread Rooted S6 Edge - How do I revert to stock.

    Been a while since I messed with the phone. I forgot how to do everything. How would I revert my phone to stock? Had it since the beginning, rooted it hoping for more support. Just want to go MM and call it a day. Thanks.
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    Post CPU Sleep App

    Lol. I found it. It was CPU Sleeper. Thanks!
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    Post Smart Manager

    Tried with Ti Backup and couldn't locate .apk. Hmmm. Changed permissions to write too, still no dice. Final: So I had to delete the SmartManager_PROVIDER folder. Hoping you changed the original to SmartManager_PROVIDE. Copy the original SmartManager_PROVIDE to somewhere else. Now delete...
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    Post Spigen Armor Cases and Sapphire Black Color Match

    Went with Slate Metal before I saw this. Pretty good match.
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    Thread CPU Sleep App

    Been a while since I've been on these forums. I remember back when there were apps for this. These things still out there or is it all built in now? Didn't see any kernel support for my version.
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    Post Mont Blanc S6 Edge cover Here's a useful link that you forgot to post. Samsung doesn't make cases for Mont Blanc. So I don't get why Samsung needs to fire their own employees.
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    Thread Spigen Armor Cases and Sapphire Black Color Match

    What's the best match for the Sapphire Black? Slate Metal or Gunmetal?
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    Post WiFi Log In.

    Yes, it's the one at school. What browser did you use?
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    Thread WiFi Log In.

    This is a separate issue from my previous issue. Same issue as 4.4.3. On Lollipop now. Can't use WiFi without accepting terms. Does not show anything.
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    Thread Lollipop 5.0.1 and WIFI

    Updated to Lollipop and WiFi connects but doesn't work. Great connection to the router, but when I try to pull up my browser or use any apps, it just stalls trying to get a connection. Tried to change frequency and broadcasting channel. Still nothing. Full factory reset, nothing.
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    Post Edit

    Can you go into more detail? Mine connects but doesn't do anything. Thanks.
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    Thread Updated root and s-off?

    Was there ever an updated root with s-off? Been sitting on this phone for 7 months and never could firewater to work. Thanks.
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    Thread [Q] Unsupported picture format

    Please select a different picture. Trying to send MMS, I keep getting this error. Can view the picture but will not load into Messages. Any ideas? This is on the phone itself. It's not on my PC or anything. Nothing updated. Nothing changed.
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    Post wifi issue with 4.4.3

    Anyone else? When I go to restaurants and hotels, it lets me accept the terms. Just at school it's blank. Work fine before the update. Thanks.
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    Thread wifi issue with 4.4.3

    So I just got to school and this happens. I usually just accept the school's terms and continue, now it just shows blank. Anyone experience this?
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    Post Root and Unlock Bootloader

    Ran Firewater and it says nothing can be done. I'll try again later.
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    Thread Root and Unlock Bootloader

    ADB is up and running. Stuck at WeakSauce and SuperSU. WeakSauce says it was successful. SuperSU says root failed. Not sure if I missed something. Does it only work with older versions? I did follow the trouble shooting steps of uninstalling and re-installing in the exact order. Should I...
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    Thread HTC File Explorer?

    Does it come with one and I can't see it or do I have to download a third party one?
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    Post Contacts Issue

    Open up contacts, hit the + for a new contact. Click phone, you'll get a drop down. Select Google Account or whatever. Once saved, it should default to Google Accounts from there on out.
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    Thread Contacts Issue

    Whenever I add a new contact it gets saved to the phone and not on Google Contacts. Got this one figured out. Then whenever I send or receive an email it shows up in my Google Contacts and is displayed in my phone contacts. HELP!
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    Post Waterproof?

    Anyone have an "accident" yet?
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    Thread Stylus?

    Does any stylus work with the Note? Didn't know if the regular nubs did or not. It's a pen with a nub. I always wanted a Titanium pen. Think this one would work?
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    Post Review of Comply Foam Tips with pics!!!

    Which ones fits the Tone?
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    Post Draco bumpers?

    Lulz. Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk 4 Beta
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    Post 2$ Purple Aluminum Bumper On Ebay!

    Wow. Can't believe the used the Sweet Armor name and threw in Korean Design on the packaging. Lol. The real Sweet Armor cases suffer from no signal loss. I have one for sale if anyone is interested. But it's $50.
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    Post Willing to trade white UAG for..

    Damn. I missed out. Guess trading is allowed now?
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    Thread REQ and ISO RSS Notification App

    There may be something out there. I need something that will ring a notification when a new post shows up on a BlogSpot. I would like it to check every minute and pretty much notify me as soon as a new post is up. Let me know if there is something out there. I will reward you if I can verify...
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    Post Samsung Coupon Codes?

    A lot of guys had luck calling in and explaining the situation. As the codes were assigned via email. Just call.
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    Post [ROM][Team WHOMP!]Whompasaurus Rom V4.2-Are we there yet?[AROMA][MA7]4/24/13

    Haven't been around so excuse me for being out of loop. Is there a fix for the auto rotate or is it just me? Gets locked in landscape. :(
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    Post [Q] Note 2 Cracked Screen... Some questions

    Hunt down a true OEM screen.
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    Post [Q] Use this in s korea?

    If it is, expect to pay out the donger. You're better off getting one there if you'll be stationed there a while. Just take your phone over and Hangout/Talk/Skype. WiFi is wide open over there.
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    Thread .zip/script for fixing CM10 - 0 parition

    I was looking around and saw there may be a .zip to flash to restore the 0 partition back to normal when going back to a JB ROM. I looked around and tried to search. Can anyone lend me a hand and shoot me a link? Thanks.
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    Post Post a picture of your case along with your Note 2

    Can you share the wallpaper? Thanks! I think you can if you email them.
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    Post [ROM][4.22/4.3/4.4.2]T.V- SlimRoms Build 7.8 Odex Tweaked/Build 5.1 SlimKat 5/14

    What ad blocker do you use? You guys doing a fresh or dirty install?
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    Post UAG case give away

    You could gift it to your brother. Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn't seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazes. The other guy whips out his phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps, "My friend is dead! What can I do?" The operator says "Calm...
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    Post Broken S-pen; Please Help

    sheared past tense of shear (Verb) Verb Cut the wool off (a sheep or other animal). Cut off (something such as hair, wool, or grass) with scissors or shears. So you cut it off? I'm just giving you a hard time. I would def call into the carrier or Samsung. If you came to my store, I could...
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    Post Broken S-pen; Please Help

    Sounds and looks like S-Pen Ninja.
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    Post Why are people getting the Seido Surface instead of the Best Buy Platinum series?

    Because I'm a brand whore. Sometimes Insignia relabels LG's products. But I buy LG anyway. It's almost the same thing for less. Same goes for Vizeo, eMachines and Westinghouse. Now people are going to bash me and say how bad of a person I am for voicing my personal opinion.
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    Post Broken S-pen; Please Help

    You can just post here. Lol. If you check on eBay, you can score a new genuine OEM S Pen for $15.
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    Thread DBACases Thin Grip on sale NOW!

    Just saw that the black and white were on sale now. :)
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    Post DBA Cases Beta testers needed

    I believe they are just remaining US at this time.
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    Post DBA Cases Beta testers needed

    This is fairly what the case will look like. Styling will be similar. Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk 2
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    Post DBACases Complete Ultra Now Available.

    Seattle Seahawks