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    Post [TOOL][Windows] APK Easy Tool v1.59.2 (2021-04-03)

    I cannot save any settings in the portable version and there is no config.xml Using 1.57, it makes the config.xml and then moving to 1.59 folder allows the settings to save. Also the installed version finds java, the portable doesn't.
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    Post [IPv6] Privacy extensions on rmnet/volte interfaces

    I actually don't have init.d support but magisk runs things from /data/adb/service.d The error message may be related to init.rc trying to set accept_ra because I know I found that in there. I should put a message in my script to make sure it's running. In either case scripts look to be getting...
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    Post [IPv6] Privacy extensions on rmnet/volte interfaces

    I made a script and had it run at startup via magisk from /data/adb: #!/system/bin/sh sleep 30 sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.use_tempaddr=2 sysctl net.ipv6.conf.default.use_tempaddr=2 sysctl net.ipv6.conf.rmnet_data0.use_tempaddr=2 sysctl net.ipv6.conf.rmnet_data1.use_tempaddr=2 sysctl...
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    Thread [IPv6] Privacy extensions on rmnet/volte interfaces

    I'd like to set privacy extensions enabled on ALL interfaces, including rmnet01 and others that connect to the carrier. I have tried setting /etc/sysctl.conf with net.ipv6.conf.all.use_tempaddr = 2 Unfortunately, no dice. Something else specifically disabled it for all except wlan. This is...
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    Post DNScrypt proxy for Android install

    You can pull a binary from the magisk module. That's what I did and made it run directly.
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    Post absolute garbage os. this is why i never upgrade software

    Download the nougat KDZ from here and flash back. I tried oreo as well and was not too happy. Plus it's missing the patched camera libs.
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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

    No edExposed here, I'm on nougat. I installed the magisk version then got the gui so I didn't have type all the commands out. Disabled the boot receiver on the apk thinking the scripts would start and apply what I set in the gui. For ADB it was consistent, tried every which way to enable...
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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

    I installed ACCA. Had 2 issues. 1. It blocks using ADB. On my v20 the debugging setting is always turned off. 2. AccA needs to start at boot or the settings don't get applied, I guess this is good and bad. Putting it all in the on-boot line seems too much to type out.
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    Post [App][4.0+] True Phone - Best Dialer & Contact manager replacement

    What is the volte indicator supposed to look like? I do not see it.
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    Post [APP][2.1+] ExDialer - Dialer & Contacts

    Yea, I wouldn't trust truephone either. Facebook ads inside + russian yandex.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][MOD][ALL VARIANTS] Miscellaneous Mods

    eh, even 4.4 still works for most things. Newer versions of android are great if you're into spyware and dumbed down UIs. Nougat has this mod and patched camera libs going for it but I think IMS services are a little worse. Another weird thing is that the mod force enabled multi-user ui and...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][MOD][ALL VARIANTS] Miscellaneous Mods

    Alpha rom has a nougat version too. Oreo isn't the only one.
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][MOD][ALL VARIANTS] Miscellaneous Mods

    Just bring this from necro to say: Works much better if you don't install the one from alpha rom but the one from the thread. Also, if you block it's internet, mod control will crash :(
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    Post ? Using LG V20 H910 AT&T Model On T-Mobile After (2021) VoLTE Change

    Latest result: oreo works but not nougat. :( IMS never registers. Maybe I can fix it. At least now OK sim-wise. Unfortunately doing the sim swap broke tethering.
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    Post ? Using LG V20 H910 AT&T Model On T-Mobile After (2021) VoLTE Change

    Eh, kinda. I'm having trouble too. My IMS services aren't connecting. Going to try a few different roms. I'm through an MVNO so still trying to get them to understand ISIM vs USIM. see:
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    Post ? Using LG V20 H910 AT&T Model On T-Mobile After (2021) VoLTE Change

    IMS has a phone component and a sim component. you can check status in the service menu of IMS on the H910. Hope it works on my Tmo phone, getting my sim upgraded
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    Post ? Using LG V20 H910 AT&T Model On T-Mobile After (2021) VoLTE Change

    Could also be how his sim is set up. Volte has to be enabled there and in the phone. My suggestion would be to force LTE only on the device as well. Does it use VOLTE on his phone? Also look at IMS registration in the phone and see if it's registered.
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    Post [APP][ROOT][4.0+]Battery Charge Limit v1.1.1

    It restarts charging immediately if below the limit. No point in wasting cycles going from 70-80, etc. Need something else to stop charging when plugged in.
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    Post Help! At&t v20 flashed wrong firmware, broken radio

    Try flashing an AT&T radio?
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    Post ? Using LG V20 H910 AT&T Model On T-Mobile After (2021) VoLTE Change

    You need band 12 support which H910 has. Also a rom with IMS services working so no AOSP roms. Volte works by using IMS processes in the rom to route phone calls over IP. No volte = no phone calls. But the device will still "work". In theory the ATT software will work, unlock it and borrow...
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    Post [Guide][MOD] Hide unlocked Bootloader warning boot screen

    H918 this gives you orange text after you edit the addresses. It says to lock bootloader, seems to boot faster.
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    Post [Tool] Changing LG Logo image at start

    new logo never ended up in the phone. used a 700x300 png out of mspaint. also I tried to get rid of the bootloader image and replaced all red and orange addresses with the boot logo address. Result of that is an orange text of "your device cannot be checked for corruption" It did seem to...
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    Post [APP][N][XPOSED] GravityBox v7.5.0 - tweak box for Android 7 [23/01/2019]

    Advanced reboot doesn't work on LG H918 nougat. I got an app that works but neither weta rom mods or GB can affect the power menu.
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    Post [5.0+][ROOT][3.5.0] AFWall+ IPTables Firewall [10 APR 2021]

    Trying to get dnscrypt magisk to work. I have run it's provided script and set DNS but the process itself is blocked. How do I explicitly allow the dnscrypt process or open up the ports required. Dnscrypt can't contact the servers, it says request timed out in the log.
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    Post [XPOSED][5-9][Pie] Settings Editor - Easily add, edit and remove items in Settings

    didn't work on alpha rom nugat on the v20. it does work with 7.1.1 AOSP on another phone. can settings apks be replaced?
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    Post [APP] Second Screen Status Bar

    Wow, it let me see some posts now where as before it had no preview. It still doesn't let you download files without telegram but better than nothing, I guess. Seeing actual screenshots is nice too. More inclined to buy it when I get and setup my v20 since I can see what it does and how it does it.
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    Post [APP] Second Screen Status Bar

    Can't just post the free version apk? Or now it's 100% paid and based on some reviews I have to sign up with telegram, give them my info and allow them to take my PI/Location and then pay money on top of that? I saw on the windows 10 AME telegram some posts could be made public where you don't...
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    Post At&t and T-mobile to turn off 3g networks and disable non Volte phones in 2022

    ROM I'm on shows H+ and LTE but now I will have to suffer through stock based roms. Maybe they will call H+ "4g". Will need a new phone too and in January, not 2022 as that's for ATT only. Goodbye AOSP, it was nice while it lasted.
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    Post [GUIDE] DeGoogle any device and install MicroG

    ^- signature spoofing must be failing.
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    Post [APP] Second Screen Status Bar

    Telegram? Give them my phone number? That's a no from me dawg....
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    Post T-Mobile VoLTE deadline, Galaxy S5 VoLTE prospects, and potential alternatives

    IIRC, you could use a stock from on your S5 and just remove the bad parts. It's no substitute for AOSP but you got to do what you got to do. Plus it's free. The stock files should be available and you can use recovery to image your phone so you don't lose your data. That is the route I would go...
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    Thread Which phones have working VOLTE?

    I'm having to struggle to find which phone has working volte with lineage. Each model has to be looked up individually and the rom thread found. Sometimes they don't even say. Considering the cutoff on all major US carriers it would be really nice to have a list. Let's start one. What phone do...
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    Thread Custom rom apocalypse. T-Mobile phones that have volte and can be flashed?

    Pulling my hair out. I'm on T-Mobile and my phone will go out at the end of the year. The only list of working phones I found was here: It's old and has no mention of custom rom support, all phones have built in battery and possibly no SD card...
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    Post Override DNS works NO MORE after Magisk 17.1 + Manager 5.9.1 updates

    Watch the log, it does work sometimes but kind of wacky. Often it will pick dns I used previously or not set at all.
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    Thread [MODULE] DNS.Watch for Magisk 17+

    So override dns isn't working in Magisk. I needed to change DNS to something that's not google or cisco. Maybe cloudflare is close but isn't US based. In the repo there isn't much choice so I edited cloudflare and made it set IPv4 and IPv6. Now you're covered for both. I'm using...
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    Post Mokee ROM 7.1.1 SGH-T999

    Be aware that this rom has ads and Chinese spyware. If you're going to use it with any real personal info inside check it really carefully:
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    Post ROM new Lineage 14.1 Unofficial WhenICanlies d2tmo 4-10-18

    Ok, I see now IMS services would have to be compiled in for volte and carbon is only a partial but I think this one doesn't have it at all. I tried to steal libs/bin/apk from other roms but they almost always build for 64 bit arm.
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    Post Override DNS works NO MORE after Magisk 17.1 + Manager 5.9.1 updates

    Has anyone tried it on the latest beta? I'd really like DNS changing to work. I know we have some modules that change DNS to worse spies like google and cisco but that's not cutting it for me.
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    Post [TOOLS][ZIPS][SCRIPTS] osm0sis' Odds and Ends [Multiple Devices/Platforms]

    I checked it returns usage in plain adb... I'll research more.
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    Post [TOOLS][ZIPS][SCRIPTS] osm0sis' Odds and Ends [Multiple Devices/Platforms]

    From what I can tell this is the thread for all of osm0sis' utilities, including said busy box. Now the dev can fix it when they feel like it.
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    Post [TOOLS][ZIPS][SCRIPTS] osm0sis' Odds and Ends [Multiple Devices/Platforms]

    basename is missing from busybox so I can't do an efs backup with efs pro. Kinda sucks.
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    Post [2019.5.1][Magisk] Systemless Xposed v89.3/v90.2-beta3 (SDK 21-27)

    On nougat carbon rom 7.1.2: Install Xposed magisk version and auto timezone goes to GMT0. Regular xposed doesn't do this. I know it sounds strange but I verified multiple times by installing/uninstalling the module. Guess systemless xposed isn't happening for me.
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.2] [OFFICIAL] CarbonROM WEEKLIES [05/23] [d2att]

    I am using this on T999L with decimalman's kernel. Yea I know... AT&T thread... but we don't have our own. Happy to see the voLTE options but sad that call recorder is missing from the dialer apk.
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    Post ROM new Lineage 14.1 Unofficial WhenICanlies d2tmo 4-10-18

    Well its a nice contender to carbon 5.1 rom. I have T999L and the following observations: 1. Camera is always screwed on N or AOSP.. limited to 720P only and makes sounds when recording video (wtf?) 2. Volte is broken on CM? It works on carbon. I guess 999 wouldn't support it but 999L does...
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP4.4/5.1/6.0/7.1] dkp - d2tmo - 2/4/18

    Latest 7.1.x - Error in zip (status 255) Installation Aborted when flashing :( It only flashed when I stole the update-binary from another one of your releases.
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    Post Random Builds and Development
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    Post Random Builds and Development

    Yes I'm using otterx for the extra space. I'm using the new FS version of "OTTERX : pfederighi'c cm11, best battery." He also made an identical EXT4 build which I didn't try. On some roms the battery drains in standby and there are problems waking the kindle up, on the ones in this thread that...