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    Thread What is the best ROM for the Mi9 in 2021

    Post please. I use latest and be happy with it but always looking forward to EVEN BETTER ROMs. GOOD ANSWERS APPRECIATED.
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    Post [TOOL] Huawei Multi-Tool v8 by Team MT

    Can I change my cust with this tool? Media Pad M5 Pro and I'm on C431 Cust and want to change to C432 because only C432 get the Updates but are literally the same.
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    Thread Media Pad M5 Pro (C431) HOW TO CHANGE CUST?

    Hi, I bought 1 year ago the Media Pad M5 Pro unbranded from eBay. I never received any update till now Still on Android 8.0.0 ( Build Nr CMR-AL19 (C431) Huawei Support told me multiple times there is no update available for my device. But I think they are wrong. I think it just got the...
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    Post EMUI 10 for our beloved M5 might be coming soon?

    I don't belive in this. I've got the Media Pad M5 Pro (C431) Stil (SEPTEMBER 20!!!) on Android 8.0.0 with July patch 2019 Support says - No update available for my device (Tried 5 different supporters) I'm really angry coz it's the PRO Model.
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    Post [MOD][ROOT] Overclock your screen to 66HZ-69HZ in MIUI Q

    DOES this mod work on latest ROM?
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    Post Xiaomi programmed obsolescence on battery

    I have no problems at all using it since release. newest xiaomi eu.
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    Thread Whats the newest Recovery for Mi9?

    Whats the newest TWRP and where to get it for our device?
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    Post how can i unlock my bootloader?

    I'm also annoyed.... Have the Media Pad M5 (PRO!!) - EMUI 8.0.0 - Android 8.0.0 Model is CMR-AL19 No update available for the model support tells me.
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    Post So does thing have Android 9 or not???

    I have CMR-AL19 from ebay.... (Media Pad M5 Pro) - Still Android 8.0.0 - > 4 times called support, 3 times they told me it isn't available for my model and fourth time they told me they manually push an update and if it still isn't available to update I have to bring it to a store.... no store...
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    Post MediaPad M5 Pro - How can I update to Android 9/10?

    CMR-AL19 (m5 Pro 64gb LTE) here. I'm on Android 8.0 With July 19 Security patches. No Update available. Huawei support told me there is no newer version available for this Model.... I'm abit mad coz it's even the 'pro' Model..
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    Thread Media Pad M5 Pro - Root tutorial? Upgrade inofficially?

    Hi, I have the Media Pad M5 Pro (CMR-AL19) with the firmware (C431). I don't get any update for a higher version, I also asked Huawei Support they told me they pushed the update but if it is still not there I should bring it to Replacement. Well, I don't want to replace it so I wanna...
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    Post [NEWS/INFORMATION] Huawei MediaPad M5 (10.8) Pro (CMR) - OTA Update Thread

    I just bought the m5 pro lte and no 9 update available, not with hisuite not in android.... germany any idea? Also tried with sim
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    Post Android 10!

    Unlock not possible
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    Post [Magisk] Quantic-MIUI-Debloater-Optimizer

    Battery is hard draining with this mod. also it removes SMS app so if you want to receive sms u must dl a sms app
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    Post [Magisk] Quantic-MIUI-Debloater-Optimizer

    Works on newest ROM? And what exactly is removed?
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    Post [MOD][ROOT] Overclock your screen to 84HZ

    Any News for Miui 11
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    Post Just tweak it

    How to execute the .sh script on latesr doesn't work for me.
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    Post [Magisk] Mod Optimal For Mi9 By NTH

    Can I use it together with FDE.AI mod or will it have conflicts? ( )
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    Post Feature for Facebook

    same problem on xiaomi eu rom also with google Chrome and netflix
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    Post A de-bullshified version of Facebook (less ads, less clutter, less crap)

    Crashes when opening Links or Sites/Groups.
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    Post [MOD][ROOT] Overclock your screen to 66HZ-69HZ in MIUI Q

    I flashed the 66HZ Mod on newest ROM. Only one problem: When scrolling it sometimes opens links... for example I scroll down on Reddit and it starts to open random threads as if I clicked on them. Annoying. Any fix?
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    Thread accidentally changed my DPI in developers Options too high - Bricked?

    Hello, I accidentally changed my DPI Settings in developer Options on my Xiaomi Mi 9 to 800 (normal is like 400). After I did it Screen turned black. After I restart smatphone it doesn't pass the boot android logo. I reflashed my ROM in Recovery, still looping. I changed the DPI in BUILD.PROP...
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    Post Change DPI (no root)

    I accidentally set 806... now smartphone turned black in the system. and doesn't pass android boot animation at start.. any idea how to revert it without reflash rom?
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    Post [APP][ROOT] Sa2ration

    Link down...
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    Post unlocking bootloader?

    Is there any way to unlock atm?
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    Post [APP][MOD][5.0+] Facebook - lighter and faster version by ALYSKY

    Difference to Facebook De-bullished Version?
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    Post [ROM]-[2019.11.28]-MiuiMiX_2.2.0_cepheus-[10]-[Official]

    Ist the newest version in the First Post??? A Bit confusing.
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    Post A de-bullshified version of Facebook (less ads, less clutter, less crap)

    Works great... and finally that annoying "Stories" trash is away. You are my hero mate.
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    Post [MOD][ROOT] Overclock your screen to 84HZ

    So... anyone can post finally a clear review how it is about this mods? - Do they damage pixels? - What the best HZ rate? - how long did you use the mod? - How is Improvement compared to battery life?
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    Post [ROM]-[2019.11.28]-MiuiMiX_2.2.0_cepheus-[10]-[Official]

    Nice! Can you add in kernel f2fs data/cache and GPU oc 830mhz? Also using newest release: Magisk Manager doesn't open (screen flackers 0,1sc black but no app opens) (fixed by manually remove magisk manager and reinstall it)
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    Post MIUI V10.2.28.0 PFAEUXM Stable 485M just released

    Fingerprint unlock is faster.
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    Post Kernel source for EMUI 9 is available

    So also any new method to unlock the bootloader?
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    Post EMUI 9 For Honor 9

    Don't forget to report bugs in BETA App guys so we will get a great final build.
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    Post EMUI 9 For Honor 9

    well I'm #2 in BETA-Slot and I'm still on "pending", didn't receive beta update yet.
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    Post Remix 2.0 on Chuwi Hi12

    BIOS Updates are always risky bro. Don't do it if you don't know the risks. Myself I updated the bios without problem on my hi12 dualboot
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    Maybe wrong drivers installed, maybe you didn't connect the testpoints right (I also needet much tries)
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    Post A de-bullshified version of Facebook (less ads, less clutter, less crap)

    Error 505 when try installing... When I have fb and than try install messenger error 505 amd when I have messenger and try install facebook error 505 Wat
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    This should work with all damaged Smarpthones but I also think there are better and much softer techniques to revive looping or software side errors where the phone still turns on. Maybe try via fastboot mode? But no OT please there are enough threads for it bro. Revive via testpoints should...
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    Failure in playing and experimenting with the Software.