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    Thread Android P update for LM-V405VBW Hong Kong pushed

    Finally the Android P update have been pushed to LG V40 ThinQ in Hong Kong. I received this around off-work time. Takes about 5-10 minutes to load homescreen after keying in password (to optimise apps I suppose) Enjoy!
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    Post [TESTING] Flash Patched boot.img to achieve Systemless Root

    Nope. SuperSU said "Root not available"
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    Post [TESTING] Flash Patched boot.img to achieve Systemless Root

    Tried on a retail Nokia 8 TA-1052 running 00WW_4_35J_SP01 Boot passed but unfortunately no root End up having to upgrade to 4390 using 4G Update: Can't install 4390 even when I download the update multiple times. Flashed 435J using OST and tried flashing the kernel again but still no root.
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    Post [EXPERIMENTAL][AOSP][NRD90U] Unofficial Android 7.0 Nougat build

    Replace these lines in updater-script: block_image_update("/dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/system", package_extract_file("system.transfer.list"), "", "system.patch.dat") || abort("E1001: Failed to update system image."); to this...
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    Post [GAPPS][DAILY] Open GApps for Android; All Android Versions & Devices

    I'd recommend you first install the ROM without Gapps to check if it boots, then install Gapps and remove PackageInstaller. Please beware if your ROM don't have the AppOps patch, you'll boot straight into a SetupWizard force close and in that case, remove that using ADB OR recovery mode well.
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    Post [GAPPS][DAILY] Open GApps for Android; All Android Versions & Devices

    After reading that specific commit, I learnt that what MastahF did is to fix typo which prevented the installer from: Removing /system/priv-app/PackageInstaller The workaround is to remove it yourself and voila, my OnePlus One with CM13 boots!
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    Post Encore Music, a new way to experience music

    Great to see a new music app with a nice design but I have to say the Google Music plugin couldn't sync playlists so I have to refund it first. Also, I want to know whether a 'download'-like feature for Google Play Music is available to ease my burden on mobile data
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    Post [ROM][BACON][CarbonROM][5.1.1][CM Based - Linaro 4.9][2015-12-12][UNOFFICIAL]

    I have to report that the backup functions of dirty flash is not working. After I dug into the file responsible ( and .function), I discovered that the build name defined in /system/build.prop and that in the file mismatch and triggered an exit condition. I personally think that the...
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    Post Is there any way of updating CM 12 Nightlies without breaking Xposed and V4A ?

    In CyanogenMod and many of its derivatives, the addon.d function can persist system files for OTAs. What you need to do is simply add the script under /system/addon.d with appropriate permission. The script for Xposed Framework (Android 5.0 or above) can be found here There is also a script...
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    Post [APP][4.4.x-5.x][PORT] MaxxAudio w/ 10 band EQ [DISCONTINUED]

    I have took the original audio_effects.conf from the XNPH44S and patched the 05Q update using bspatch. The MaxxAudio finally works in my CM12 but the equalizer was still 5-band only... And here you go: (Don't forget to remove .txt from the end)
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    Post [APP] Official ViPER4Android Audio Effects (FX v2.5.0.5) - New Features & 7.0 Support

    Thanks for your effort to take V4A into Android Lollipop. May I put the link of files and post to V4A's official forum in Chinese? I'll give a credit and will not reupload the files there but only forward the download link to them.
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    Post [Nexus5]Lollipop UPDATED OP August 7th!!! [Zip Package] Viper4android

    Thanks for you help in bringing V4A into Android Lollipop. I've tested it on CM12 on OnePlus One and proved work. To spread the good news, may I translate it into Chinese and post on V4A's forum? I'll surely give a credit
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    Post Successfully rooted without tripping knox!!!!

    Take a look at post 18 of the thread? I was also using 3.4.0-636608 kernel before. Update the kernel to a newer version (of course before June 3rd, e.g. NC1) will make towelroot work. Perhaps the trick will work for WiFi version P900 too. Don't be worry because as long as your kernel is...
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    Post I'm throwing a party and you should come **GS5 ROOT THREAD**

    Look at my tutorial here, just need to update the kernel, hope it will work for you!
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    Post Successfully rooted without tripping knox!!!!

    For those who can't root for P905 (LTE version), I have found a solution. 1. Update the kernel to NC1 or newer through Download Mode (like this one at the bottom of OP) 2. Root with towelroot. This time if you see those wordings after pressing "Make it ra1n", it works! I have...
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    Post [GUIDE] Internal Memory Data Recovery - Yes We Can!

    Guys if you can't use the netcat from the post/cygwin use this. I got the same 0 B / 0 KB problems too but now it's fixed and I'm copying .raw files now. Just put nc.exe in cygwin/bin.
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    Post [ROM][AOSP] [Nightly/Release] CarbonRom JB [i9305]

    Sorry to interrupt but where is the kernel? I think I should clear this point before having the ROM on my phone.
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    Post [ROM][GT-I9305][JB][4.2.2] CyanogenMod 10.1 official nightlies

    It's great having both the support of CWM and CM. It's definitely the greatest birthday present for my birthday on 03/16!
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    Post Should I9305 say "4G" or "LTE" in bar on top speed?

    Mine is 4G, whenever in stock or CM10.1 HK version GT-i9305 like yours
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    Post [UPD]CRT+3 Lockscreen(Circle,Ripple,AOSP JB fixed)+15 InkEffect+Torch in Lockscreen

    Still got bootloop on I9305XXBLL3 even with inkeffect installed. Can anyone give the method to port this mod?
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    Post [UPD]CRT+3 Lockscreen(Circle,Ripple,AOSP JB fixed)+15 InkEffect+Torch in Lockscreen

    It caught bootloop on I9305XXBLL3. anyone port this or how can I port this mod?
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    Post CSC feature.xml Discussions

    What I'd do to remove carrier content is to remove customer.xml and nothing more. I believe the reason people tried to customize this thing is because they want some freedom while keeping stock!
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    Thread CSC feature.xml Discussions

    --- CSC feature.xml Discussions thread --- /system/csc/feature.xml is now known as a new way to enable some features that was disabled by Samsung. There was actually a lot of flags to enable different kinds of features but many of them was still mysterious and their usage is unknown AND this...
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    Thread [Q] Phone Hanged

    Recently my phone always hang after it left untouched for a long time. It can still response to some actions like pressing power button to lock and broadcast sound when plugging in USB, but the screen has no response at all. The LED light turns red. I could only reboot it in order to make it...
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    Post [GUIDE]Step by step guide file edits to port I9300-I9305+ CWM .zip Jkay mod for I9305

    Hi man you are as rock as your name! P.S. I've seen you in Galaxy S Android Development before!
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    Post [ROM] (Leaked XXELK4) & (Official XXELKC) Android 4.1.2!

    Can you tell us how you managed to port the ROM, Ausdim? I mean, what have you modified to make it work on our S III LTE? Anyway, it is the milestone 1 of S III LTE's Android Development. Thank you for your archievements.
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    Post According to Three, LTE is 15Mbps

    OMG! What's happened with UK carriers (maybe Three UK only)? What's the usage to have 4G network when 3G is even faster! Once I got 59.93Mbps when I walking in the street with my pretty new S III LTE in HK! I think Three HK won't make them too stupid to have such a slow speed 4G working!
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    Post [APP] Root Call Blocker - need some feedback please

    I want to raise a question. What is the pros and cons using this Root Call Blocker over some replacement. I thought this because the word Root in the title. Does this app requires root? This one even don't require root and could connect servers in order to get junk call list. Maybe you can...
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    Post Aroma, Edify, updater script Question and Answer thread.

    I wrote an aroma-config for my ROM in S III LTE, however it has an error at line 381 col 1 (the end of the code) I thought it is an endif error but I didn't found out any. The whole META-INF is attached in the zip. Please help if you could.
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    Post help find and install i9305 ODIN and root tools

    Well, just another set of instructions and recommendation only. Sorry if I made mistakes or confusions because of that. I don't think it will brick your device. Recovery partition is a relatively safe one compare to /boot, however it may happen. It won't break your /efs except you flashed CWM...
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    Post help find and install i9305 ODIN and root tools

    I appreciate your altitude of ask before risking. Well, I'd give you process & advices for your question. You inverted step 1 and 2. 1st: Either - a) Install Samsung Kies from the enclosed disc / Samsung's site OR b) Install the SAMSUNG Android USB Composite Device Driver (Google it...
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    Post [MOD]MegaBassBeats! V3 [ICS/JB-4.x]

    I'd say this awesome! This mod is the only one I tried that there are no - DSPManager FC - Sudden increase of volume when changing song in Galaxy S III LTE (GT-I9305) Works great on stock I9305ZHALI8 kernel!
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    Post [MOD] Note II POPUP Browser for Sammy JB ROMs

    GJ! It works on S III LTE!
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    Post [ROM] [I9300]Cooper V 1.0 [ Aroma] 20/10/12 By Leandrouno

    Well sir, base on S III (I9300) ROM not S III LTE (I9305)? Is this ROM usable on S III LTE?
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    Post [Q] Copy paste problem on stock ROM

    Not mine. I've tried copying text from webpage to search bar, and even copied some text from Gmail to Whatsapp. But...does I9305ZHALI8 exist? Mine is ZHALI7. Where's your S III LTE brought from? Mine is HK. Edit: Seen the upgrade. I decide not to upgrade first.
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    Thread Yakju update from JRN84D to JRO03C without data wipe

    This is a tutorial about updating from Koush's JRN84D repack/ to Google's JRO03C OTA for yakju users. Although this kind of method isn't recommended as wiping is important when upgrading, it might help n00bs or guys who hate using TB (like me) a lot. Prepare adb, IMM76I factory...
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    Post Evil Samsung Hong Kong, all Galaxy Nexus sold out, and stop restock (yakjuzs)

    HK's Samsung is the worst one in the world! Check out their FB. Just full of complaints. Hongkongers does use products with warranty only. But, guy, have you tried 先達(Sin Tat)?(If languages other then English are prohibited, sorry.) Well, I use SC-04D for NTT Docomo $3200 PS:If you do asking...
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    Post [RECOVERY] [GN] [maguro] ClockworkMod Recovery + Nightlies [Flashable Zip]

    GJ! I've never seen a nandroid backup finished in a minute or two. That's the fastest I've ever seen. Awesome!
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    Post [Q] Error mounting/formatting /data

    Yes, I've flashed it a couple of time. I fixed that by flashing DarkyROM Resurrection 10.2 and then back to ZSJV6
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    Post [Q] Error mounting/formatting /data

    Yes, I've. I9000ZSJV6 with 512.pit
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    Post [Q] Error mounting/formatting /data

    TAJB's port of Jelly Bean with modified Semaphore kernel in the ROM
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    Thread [Q] Error mounting/formatting /data

    When I flashed stock ROM to my phone, the initial reboot shows up "E:failed to mount /data (File exists)" under "Deleting files" It also shows up "rfs format failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2" (in stock ROM) OR "make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2" (in custom ROM) when I tried to wipe...
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    Post [APK][PORT] S Voice ported to all Samsung devices! [June 5][Initial release]

    Wrong section. You're not the first one to do. There are a lot in Apps and Themes
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    Post [APK][PORT] S Voice ported to all Samsung devices! [June 5][Initial release]

    They are already some modded S Voick apk available. P.S. Admin: Move this thread to Apps and Themes Forum please
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    Post Rooting/Hacking BlueStacks - BETA information added! (Updated 12/6/2013)

    Well I can't boot BlueStacks after making root by all ways that I can make. It just show Loading... in the BlueStacks Frontend Any help?
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    Post [ROM][ICS][IML74K] teamhacksung's CM9 ALPHA for Galaxy S (BUILD 17) BUG REPORTS ONLY

    Current build 17 Last build without the problem 16? Stock kernel? Yes, of course Current modem ZSJPE Any other modification you've made to the ROM. No, not yet. What were you doing Manage Applications How often does the problem occur? Every time Attach a logcat Wait... Attach last_kmsg if it's a...
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    Post [ROM][ICS][IML74K] teamhacksung's CM9 ALPHA for Galaxy S (BUILD 17) BUG REPORTS ONLY

    I don't know whether these problem are made ny series of errors or 1 only. But I do hope someone to help. My Phone got "" FC When I tried to go to application menu to wipe app data, it reboot about 15 seconds later. I can't use USB Mass Storage. When I press "Open USB...
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    Post [Q] Looking for a fast, simple ROM for my mum.

    I think you'd better use GB ROMs. They are more stable than ICS as S II ICS have not come yet to be ref. CM7 may be better. It is a community ROM that every one help. CM (Steve Kondik is hired by Samsung! <off topic> Your Mum is really different from mine. My Mum don't want me to make any...
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    Post [Fixed] Serious Problem on CM9 ALPHA B16.

    WIPE and start again. Fixed THX Kaik541 @ IRC #cmsgs