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    Thread [TWRP + MAGISK] FULLPROOF Guide for all Razers! Wifi Fix!

    This is the new official way to root the Razer! Please forget all older methods. If you follow this guide, you will not have problems. Ok, so there isn't some file you download to fix the Wifi, but this is how you make it work, when you swear you've tried everything. (Trust me you didn't even...
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    Thread Factory Images - Not yet?

    So I was going to contact people in TWRP about making TWRP recovery for this phone, then I realized that we probably will need to have some factory images lying around in case I break something, I can restore the phone in the mean time. I checked the Razer website for these images and they are...
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    Thread I have mine in hand. Ask any question.

    I picked mine up from the Local Microsoft Store. They had a small few in. I've already confirmed bootloader is unlockable as we knew it was. If you want me to test or try anything, just ask. Kernel: 4.4.21-perf+ [email protected] #1 Sat Oct 21 01:14:31 UTC 2017 Build Number...
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    Thread Alternative to Android Pay.

    Okay guys, I want to start a serious discussion about Android Pay, and specifically alternatives to it. I want to start off by saying this is just sad that we, who buy nexus phones to have options as unlockable bootloaders, and base Google nexus roms or custom roms, that Android Pay requires...
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    Thread 4.4.2 Slimkat beta [Unofficial] gchild

    To the guy who made the rom in the title. Sorry i didn't post there it won't let me due to tight user restrictions on these forums, but I fixed the GPS problem people are having with your rom by changing the value LPP_PROFILE = 0 to LPP_PROFILE = 1 in gps.conf located in the zip under...
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    Thread Any CM7 kernels that have loop support?

    Looking for a kernel that supports loop device for CM7 Kernel for the Thunderbolt. Using MR2 Radio. Wish to install debian onto my phone and it is a requirement.