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    Thread What is the best ROM for the Mi9 in 2021

    Post please. I use latest and be happy with it but always looking forward to EVEN BETTER ROMs. GOOD ANSWERS APPRECIATED.
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    Thread Media Pad M5 Pro (C431) HOW TO CHANGE CUST?

    Hi, I bought 1 year ago the Media Pad M5 Pro unbranded from eBay. I never received any update till now Still on Android 8.0.0 ( Build Nr CMR-AL19 (C431) Huawei Support told me multiple times there is no update available for my device. But I think they are wrong. I think it just got the...
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    Thread Whats the newest Recovery for Mi9?

    Whats the newest TWRP and where to get it for our device?
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    Thread Media Pad M5 Pro - Root tutorial? Upgrade inofficially?

    Hi, I have the Media Pad M5 Pro (CMR-AL19) with the firmware (C431). I don't get any update for a higher version, I also asked Huawei Support they told me they pushed the update but if it is still not there I should bring it to Replacement. Well, I don't want to replace it so I wanna...
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    Thread accidentally changed my DPI in developers Options too high - Bricked?

    Hello, I accidentally changed my DPI Settings in developer Options on my Xiaomi Mi 9 to 800 (normal is like 400). After I did it Screen turned black. After I restart smatphone it doesn't pass the boot android logo. I reflashed my ROM in Recovery, still looping. I changed the DPI in BUILD.PROP...
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    Hello, I finaly found out a method how to establish USB-Connection with a "dead" honor 9 (wasn't recognized by computer/didn't turn on/just nothing). WARNING!! YOUR warranty will be lost IF YOU OPEN HONOR 9!, no guarantee you get anything fixed/Maybe you break more!! So I show you how I did...
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    Thread 60% more Graphic Speed/ 30% less energy use. [UPDATE FOR HONOR 9 INCOMING!] Yeah our honor 9 is on the list too!
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    Thread Honor 9 -Blackscreen of death- doesn't turn on anymore?!

    Hi, I make it short... I did some experiments with my Honor Oreo and made it wrong. So I tryed to restore it via DC Phoenix... after DC Phoenix finished flash a firmware smartphone turned off - Black screen (like it's off) - No Led's blinking - Doesn't turn on - Does nothing when put into...
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    Thread Can't restore my Honor 9 (partition length get error in fastboot)

    Hi, As descripted in the title I can not restore my Honor 9 Anymore... I don't know what I did wrong but when I flash a new recovery or so in Fastboot I get the error "partion length error") Any idea how I can fix this? I have access to: - TWRP Oreo (ADB not working) - Fastboot Mode - E-Recovery.
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    Thread Is there any app which activates GPS only when I start a chosen App?

    Hi, I search for an App/Mod which just does the following thing: For example I start Pokemon Go - it will automaticly activate GPS and after I close Pokemon Go it automaticly disables GPS. Anybody can help me?
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    Thread HELP! (HARDBRICK)? [Func NO : 11 (recovery image) Error NO : 2 (load failed!)

    ----------------EDIT --- GOT IT FIXED--- READ FIRST 4 PAGES OF THE THREAD----------------------- BACK TO STOCK <3 XDA Hello, I used relock bootloader command in fastboot.... now the phone only restarts to "ERROR MODE" It looks like that "ERROR MODE" Attention! Please Update system again...
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    Thread Need help to restore my L09 ... (Bootloop)

    Hello, I used full data wipe on my Honor 9 to remove decryption... now after restart the phone I'm in bootloop (Unlocked Bootloader message shows up --->Huawei Animation shows up--> Phone restarting and boots to Huawei Recovery)... To fix it I already tried to flash the SYSTEM.IMG from B130...
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    Thread Need boot.img from Firmware (STF-L09C432 B100)

    Anybody can PLEASE share, need it or my phone is destroyed coz i accidentally destroyed my backup :D EDIT: FOUND OUT A SOLUTION - FLASHED boot.img FROM B130 FIRMWARE - STILL BOOTLOOPED - FLASHED MAGISK 13.3 WHICH MODIFIES THE BOOT.IMG - BOOT LOOP AGAIN -AFTER 4 BOOTLOOPS HUAWAI RESCUE DOING...
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    Thread HELP! Need to reflash stock!!! Removed System/everything!!!!

    Hello, I somehow destroyed my partitions by experimenting with magisk.... can't even do factory reset anymore coz "no OS installed" error.... I only can access TWRP... Anybody can please help me I need a flashable System .zip.... THANKS!!!!! Got the European model... ___________ EDIT... Fixed...
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    Thread Honor 9 (Display) feels better by change DPI to 400~420

    You can change the DPI in the developer options.. standard is 380 if you don't like it try 400 ~ 420, looks much better to me. Edit.: 380-390 looks good too... just try.
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    Thread What's the best manual settings for best Photos?

    Hello, I don't know much about manual set up the Photo Quality (Raw), what settings did the pros of you use to get out max of the camera? Would be happy about some tutorial :) Thank you!
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    Thread "Zao Wujia" - Chinese Spy app or harmless?

    Hello, I found a app called "Zao Wujia" on my Honor 9... it doesn't show up under settings-apps but it shows up when I open Data preferencies... Anybody know what this app is doing? Thank you :) Greetings!
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    Thread Bugs and Problems

    Hello, I think it would be good to collect found bugs or problems in one thread maybe with solution.... just post if you found a bug or a problem and we will find solutions... if you found a bug/problem and got solution maybe add in your post for other users :) Didn't found another thread, if...
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    Thread Who already succesful flash Magisk?

    Hi, Anybody already tried to flash newest Magisk version? Works? Need it to play Pokemon Go :P Would be happy bout answers! Thanks! EDIT.: --Following tutorial worked for me like a charm: Worked great... (European model) To Fix Pokemon GO you have to install following Magisk...
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    Thread Which root method did you use?

    Hi, there are various methods I saw in different forums... which one did you use and worked? My Model is STF-L09. Also how did you guys flash TWRP after? Thanks :) Greets!
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    Thread Still worth buying?

    Hi, I just wonder if you guys would refer to still buy this smartphone in 07/2017... Also question: Are there active ROM/Kernel Developers? I would be happy if anyone could answer, thank you :)
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    Thread Can't flash Ressurection Remix - "could not detect filesystem"/failed to mount.../...

    Can't flash Ressurection Remix - "could not detect filesystem"/failed to mount.../... I get Error when Flashing RR ROM on my Wiko Getaway, since the thread is abbadoned I must ask here the experts.... I have the ROM form here...
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    Thread What smartphones got the strongest Displays?

    Hi, I search for a nice smartphone with a strong diplay... possible cheap... I saw the MOTO X FORCE which has a Display which can't break but it's too expensive to me... are there any low budget (maybe china?) smartphones with a strong display... should protect me from glass break by falling...
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    Thread What's the cheapest /most underrated/ smartphone to get most out by Custom ROM/Tuning

    As you can read above I wonder... I search for a cheap smartphone which can get much better by finetune it in Kernel or with custom ROM... I hope you understand my question :) Greetings
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    Thread LG G2 D802 Rooted, Diplay Flickering/Turning black/Grey

    Hello, I have phone D802 , it didn't fall down or anything but since I turn it on today the screen turns just grey with points (like a tv without signal) or it boot's up normaly (Shoes normal bootanimation of RR without flickering) and than when it boots to system it's total crazy colors and...
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    Thread G5 doesn't boot into system, boots all time into TWRP.... Help!

    Hello, I did factory Reset via TWRP, falshed new ROM (Dirty Unicorns) and Gapps but after reboot it doesn't start into system, smartphone restarts all time back into TWRP... anybody know what I did wrong and how to fix it? Thank you very much. Greetings
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    Thread H850- Nougat doesn't detect my SIM-Card.

    Hi, as in the topic described, all Nogat ROM's I tried don't detect my SIM-Card ... no problems with Marshmallow.... anybody know why and how to fix it??
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    Thread Missing the "App Overview" Icon

    Hi, I miss the Icon at the Navbar with the dots to see all apps installed on the phone, it's just not here.... any idea how to bring it back?
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    Thread "your devices software can't be checked for corruption" after Unlocking

    Hello, I just unlocked, rooted and installed Custom ROM on my G5, now everytime I boot I get the Message "your devices software can't be checked for corruption", phone boots fine but the message is a bit annoying. Is there atm any way to get rid of it? Modified Bootloader or something? Thank...
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    Thread Just bought the G5 (International) what need to know?

    Hi, I just ordered the LG G5, since there are so much threads I wanna ask if some kind person would refer me what I need to know? - What's the best ROM atm? - Any good custom Kernel or should i stay at stock? - How's Camera quality and other hardware settings on Cyanogenmod? - Which root/TWRP...
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    Thread Display of the LG G2 much better with Color Control

    Hi, I want to share you my Color Control Settings, it increases for me the Quality of the LG-Display very much: R/G/B = 256 Saturation = 75 Value = 111 Contrast = 135 Hue = 4 I hope I could help anybody :)
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    Thread Would you recommend LG G5?

    Hello, I'm looking for a new Smartphone, had the last years the LG G2 and was very very happy with it. I wonder if you happy with your G5 and would ask if you would recommend it since there are many reviews with much different ratings. I would be happy about some answers :) Greetings
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    Thread How to install Auto Magisk on LG g2 D802 to play Pokemon Go?

    Hi, anybody got an idea or a tutorial how I can flash Auto Magisk to play Pokemon Go on our LG G2? I tried to flash it via Recovery but ended in Error Message and Bootloop :/. Thank you, greetings.
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    Thread Hardbrick? Any solution?

    Hello, after long time I got out my old HTC desire and wanted to flash a new ROM, but I have big Problem, when I go to recovery it can't mount /sdcard/ , Also I cant use FASTBOOT, I think because USB 3.0 Ports and it only works with USB 2.0, (WIN 10 X64), I hope maybe anyone can help me to get...
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    Thread 30a/30b Firmware difference? /Whats the best baseband?

    Hey, I have flashed 30a firmware, I wonder whats the difference between A and B Firmware? I hope someobdy can help me. Also I wonder whats the best Baseband to flash? Greetings
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    Thread F2FS, useful?

    Hello guys, I read much threads about F2FS but I don't find any clear statement if it's really better or brings REALLY any benefits. So I open this thread and hope some of you share their experiences. Greetings
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    Thread [Q] Odexing Stock Rom?

    Hello, I'm pretty new to all this things and I heard apps open faster and use less Batterie if they get Odexed. Now my question: How to do that odexing? I don't find good newbie friendly tutorial. Maybe there is any app to do it? Greetings :)