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    Thread 612c/614c Percentage Battery [ Now Working]

    Hello, I've spent sometime getting this percentage battery working on my 612c (i.e the same as the percentage battery found in the asian rom). I've attached the cab file, all you need to do is click to install and a soft...
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    Thread 614c/612c I'd Like to Learn How to create or at least modify a Cooked a Rom

    Hello, yes, basically I am hoping someone could provide some information on how to create or at least modify a cooked a rom Like the Russian rom or the one from pdaclan specifically for the HP iPAQ 614c/612c. I would like to make modifications to the existing 614c roms and re-build a...
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    Thread 612c - How to [pdocwrite diskimage_Ver.nb0] or flash.dio???

    Hello, I'd like to know please if someone could answer this important question How can I safely write the diskimage_Ver.nb0 back to my 614c/612c PDA? as far I was told there is 2 methods that I can use I have the following 3 questions, I hope someone could answer: 1- Rename...