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  1. TheAH

    Thread [Q] Can the same method for root on GS6 w/o tripping Knox be applied on the S5

    There has been a new root method released for the Galaxy S6 which enables root without tripping Knox. You can read more about it here: Do you think this can be applied to the Galaxy S5 to achieve root on 5.1.1 (T-Mobile or...
  2. TheAH

    Thread [Q] WiFi calling now in AOSP, can it be brought to N4 ROMs?

    Now that WiFi calling has been brought to AOSP and is open source, does that mean that custom ROMs can now implement it or will it still be dependent on the firmware (radio/IMS subsystem)? See:
  3. TheAH

    Thread Unlocking Solution 2014 HTC TouchPro2 Verizon

    Hello everyone, I have recently received an HTC Touch Pro 2 Verizon from my friend who is no longer using it. I have T-Mobile and I want to use it on my network. Unfortunately, the phone is locked to Verizon. Does anyone know if there is a way to unlock the phone for free without contacting...
  4. TheAH

    Thread Confused about Verizon TP2 on T-Mobile

    Hello, I am getting an HTC Rhodium that is from Verizon. I currently have T-Mobile and I am wondering what the steps are to get my T-Mobile SIM running on it. Could someone please give me detailed steps on how to use the Verizon phone on T-Mobile's network? I've been here...
  5. TheAH

    Thread Some questions...

    Hello, I am an avid BA user, and the BA is my main phone. Some features have been driving me crazy. Could you please answer the following questions: 1)Sync time with network... It knows the time when I receive a text message, but I cannot make the real time sync. 2)Actually shutdown the...
  6. TheAH

    Thread Installing G-Apps on D-Two's Android

    First, thanks to D-Two for outstanding work! Now to my question. What is the exact process for installing G-Apps on my BA (in Android)? I've been here: Thanks, TheAH
  7. TheAH

    Thread MMS Won't Work

    I have installed many versions of ARCSOFT MMS composer, but none of them will work on my Blue Angel. If I insert a picture, it only says /C-C, and I cannot do anything else. I have searched before, nothing worked. Any help will be appreciated.