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    Thread G935F cannot connect to PC

    Hello guys, first of all sorry for my bad English. I have very big problem with my phone, when i connect it to PC, it says "usb device not recognized" and when connect to wall charger the phone says "cable charging". I tried to change the cable and etc but nothing works..
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    Post Honor_7lite_5C_NEM-L21_hw_eu_EMUI_5.0_beta

    I'm getting failed to mount '/cust' can someone help me ?
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    Thread Screen problem

    Hello, i have problem with the screen of my htc. Everything was OK, the phone was rooted, with custom rom. Now i have to sell it and after reverting back to stock the screen start to "strobe" it looks like the lights are vibrating. I can't record it with camera but if someone have any idea...
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    Thread New to g900f

    Hello, tommorow i will get G900F model and i want to root and flash custom rom. Can you tell me best rom for this device, s7 port or CM 13-14 but i want FP working.
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    Post [ROM] [MIUI8] [D85x, f400] [6.0.1] [2016-12-20]

    new link please.
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    Post [LG G3] 8.0.0 || Ground Zero ROMs || Validus - Tesla - Tipsy || Official

    Hi, for now rom is best for me, but when i try to lunch Injustice game after loading and starting comercials the game FC. Tried to flash Gamma kernel still no luck.. Any ideas? with cleanrom game runs (sry for bad language)
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    Post Daily driver?

    You mean this , right?
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    Thread Daily driver?

    Hello, guys! What is your daily driver? For now mine is Resurrection remix M with aCC 1.6 kernel.
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    Post [ROM][7.x][D-855] AOSP 7.0.0_r14 [17-10]

    When i try to run heavy games like Injustice, Injustice has stopped messege arrived.
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    Post [ROM][7.x][D-855] AOSP 7.0.0_r14 [17-10]

    Does it work with root?
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    Post Help me with ROM poll

    Answer the poll in you opinion, and you can write a comment with your fav. rom :)
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    Thread Help me with ROM poll

    Hello guys! Can you help me choose the best rom, for my d855? I don't have much time becouse I'm on fullday work and it's hard to flash new roms. I need Stock look rom, with good performance and battery life. I'll be very thankful :confused: sorry for bad english
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    Post battery rom

    Thanks, but what is Modified stock note 3 and between Purify and Modified .. which one have better batt life ? :confused:
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    Thread battery rom

    Hello, guys! Can you tell me which rom&kernel \ kernel settings are best for battery life b'cos I really don't have muuch time for testing. I'll ve very thankfull of you :) Sorry if i have any mistakes, I'm not very good at English.
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    Thread better battery life

    Which rom you use for better battery life and performance? :confused:
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    Thread What ROM and Kernel you are using

    Hello guys! From today i have rooted n9005. Now can you tell me what rom and kernel you are using, which is your best and what is the difference between CM13 and Touchwiz roms? Which one have best battery life and ect. (Sorry if i had mistakes, i am not very good at English )
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    Thread s-off phone

    Hey guys, how can I get S-OFF free on my phone?
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    Post 🐉[APR24][ROM][KERNEL] SkyDragon | Sense 8 MarshMallow | v4.0.0 | 6.20.709.2

    try different charger, i have this problem with some chargers
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    Post 🐉[APR24][ROM][KERNEL] SkyDragon | Sense 8 MarshMallow | v4.0.0 | 6.20.709.2

    Is 6.12.1540.4 firmware is good for 1.5.1 ? because i dont know how to get s-off to flash others
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    Post HTC M8 rom

    which version of GPE ?
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    Thread HTC M8 rom

    Hello, which is most stable and battery saving rom?
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    Post [ROM][G900F][XXS1CPK1][02/12]PhoeniX ROM V15.0[Customizable | Unique | Fast | Stable]

    Can some1 send me a link for G900FXXU1BOJ1_Modem_Bootloader_LTE.tar becouse the site is broken ? And for Rom
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    Post ROM[06/04] [G900F/M/I/K/T/S/W8][5.1.1] V6.0 REVOLUTION S5 (S6E +NOTE 5) Xposed

    Hi, I'm getting very low stats on antutu - only 34k, what can i do? I'm with BOE5 bootloader and modem
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    Thread Original ROM compare

    Hi guys, I want to ask you about two roms - dirty unicorns and exodus. Which one is more stable and battery friendly. For this moment i am with DU and got good battery but i have lags sometimes
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    Post Which is your favourite g900f ROM

    And what is your opinion about stock rom with custom kernel ?
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    Post [ROM]FlymeOS Lollipop g900f/v/t/m 27/10/2015

    With which modem and bootloader do you use it for better battery life? Sry for mistakes in English ...
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    Thread Which is your favourite g900f ROM

    Hello guys, which is your favourite rom for our devices? I know that there is no such thing as "best rom" and i want to know what is your choise :) There is no matter AOSP, CM or Touchwiz roms (sorry for bad English)
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    Post International Whatsapp group for S5 developers & Users.

    +359878292652 add me Sent from my SM-G900F using XDA Free mobile app
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    Post [ROM]4.4.2 MIUI v7 - G900F/T/m/I/Scl23 v6.5.27 by koolvir

    Hi again, is there any way to use s-health and bpi sensor?
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    Post [ROM]4.4.2 MIUI v7 - G900F/T/m/I/Scl23 v6.5.27 by koolvir

    If I downgrade to stock 4.4.2 and then install miui will be better? (Sorry for my bad english)
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    Post [ROM]4.4.2 MIUI v7 - G900F/T/m/I/Scl23 v6.5.27 by koolvir

    For 20 minutes surfing in forum 10procents from 100% to 90%
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    Post [ROM]4.4.2 MIUI v7 - G900F/T/m/I/Scl23 v6.5.27 by koolvir

    Hi, what kernel i need to install for this rom ? Because my battery is draining fast look SS for my version
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    Thread Which is fastest and stable Touchwiz ROM

    Hello , everyone! I want to ask you wich is the fastest and stable custom touchwiz rom for g900f ? Now I'm with stock rom but there are too many lags and I want to root my device and install custom rom..
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    Post Aurora Full N4 Port 3 v9.0 [Discontinued]

    Is there any way to set default menu button after instalation?
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    Thread [Q] Which is the best Custom rom for Note II

    Hi guys, tell me wich is the best rom for you? I need good battery and aircommand feature
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    Thread WP7-8 ?

    Hi, I want to ask you is there any way to port windows phone 7 or 8 on our XE phones ? I know there is many launchers but it's not same .. Thank you and sorry for bad english :)
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    Thread Looking for good ROM

    Hi, i have Sensation XE and im searching for good rom. Now im with JellyBam but the battery level come down too fast and some games are laggy, can you recommend me your fav ROMs on android 4.0 n 4.1 ? Thanks :)
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    Post How To | Unlock Booloader | HBOOT S-Off | Flash Recovery | Root | Sensation

    guys help me, when i paste my <<<< Identifier Token Start >>>> 28DBB22D7B2C4446F4A8C6FFE9836CB5 A603D8E2E0B7951A7CD9C4D294447A71 6007F0BA077687243E412740F212C6FA A6C1C2453D384B882FF86DABC8B63331 5D5073617B5C751C89D7E085F0D470C7 C43359F23CBA1AC331BC13DB0B70BFAD 2AE46490F94C631D13EF58073A47C590...
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    Post [Q] Sensation XE JB

    ok thanx and now can you recommend me Jelly Bean ROM ? i saw this but i dont know its for sensation not for sensation XE:confused:
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    Thread [Q] Sensation XE JB

    Hi guys, i have Sensation XE with stock 4.0ICS ROM and i want to root my phone and install Jelly Bean can someone tell me is this possible and if it show how step by step i'm new in that :) than you:cyclops:
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    Thread Is there any game

    guys is there any game like tekken ot UFC and ect for our device ?
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    Thread bad blocks help ?

    hi its me again :D now i'm sure i have bad blocks. Can you tell me is there any way to rapair/fix/regrading theese bad blocks ?
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    Post Please help me i want ICS ;[[

    I've tryed everything you tell me but no result v1.5 stuck on go go go and 2.3.7 stuck on black screen with green HTC text
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    Post Please help me i want ICS ;[[

    again Go Go Go stuck :confused::confused::confused: i have SPL-2.08.HSPL 8G XE .. if this important
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    Post Please help me i want ICS ;[[

    ok thanks im on school now ill try when im back.. and is there any solution for bad blocks