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    Thread Firestick 4K Help

    Hello was wondering if someone could help with a few questions. 1. -What is the safe way to factory reset a rooted firestick? I don't want to lose root (magisk) and just want to wipe out everything to get a clean start. 2. I am wanting to expand the internal storage via OTG cable. I...
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    Thread Availability USA

    If you look at Kimovil's Frequency Checker, you can see that it is a good option for us Europeans but the support for the USA is rather lacking. This may be the reason why there isn't many of them in your country. If I look at eBay, there is a couple of them that ship to my country from the UK...
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    Thread Read only problem with 6GB 128GB Variant

    Hello, Am running into a read only bug with my phone. It seems fine with standard MIUI as operating system without any modifications. Once I put on TWRP as recovery and root the filesystem becomes unreadable. The SD card itself was still working though on miui only. Upon using Havok or...