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    Thread Where do I ask for backlighted buttons notifications (open source)?

    Hi all, I'd really like my backlit buttons to light up if I have unseen notifications. Am I correct that there is no open source solution for that yet? Can we get funding up for that? I'm happy to pay 5€ for that feature. Maybe others want to join so there is more incentive? Where should I post...
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    Thread [Q] NFC Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 issue

    Hello everyone, the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 seems to have an issue with NFC says my roommate. It's as if there is no nfc hardware. It doesn't even show up in the device managéur. Any ideas? Any LTT10 users? Regards and thanks
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    Thread [Q] Would it make sense to try to merge glibc and bionic?

    Hi people, so with all the development going on seperately for glibc and bionic based applications respectively, would it make sense to try to get everyone to work together? For example extend the bionic libraries because they've been optimized for devices with lower ressources and to be low on...
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    Thread MediaTek driver sourcecode (want custom ROMs? read this!)

    Even though it was said that the Fairphone will be completely open, the sourcecode of the MediaTek chip (MT6589M) is still not available (update: that was true for the time of writing. Luckily as of now, sourcecode is available and a custom ROM is in the making, see Developtment and Original...
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    Thread Completely secure phone

    Hi, the Replicant team made me aware of something. Replicant is an Android fork ROM that emphasizes on security and privacy (e.g. they removed all Google services from Android). This is their article I'm talking about: I think all the software is free now...
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    Thread [Q] audio sometimes broken when on call

    Hi, I got this problem that my phone sometimes outputs strange noise instead of the other's voice when on a call. It has happened with outgoing and ingoing calls. Right now I use official Cyanogenmod 10.1 ROM but it has happened before with others. Has anyone else this issue as well? Can anyone...
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    Thread [Q] Screen drop outs and now always black, why?

    Hi guys, my DS did some strange stuff lately. It began with the screen staying black when I woke it up (hardware buttons did turn on and touchscreen also worked). I thought it was a software issue, because after a few on and offs the screen usually worked again. Also, this never happened when...
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    Thread Can't find stable Android 4.x ROM/ Kernel

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find a Android 4 ROM/ Kernel that doesn't randomly reboot my MT4GS. So far no luck with CM 9.1 from scverhagen r8, r9b, r7b and the experimental 10a3, AOKP 4.2, CM 10 has been most stable of all so far but drains battery soo fast and also got me random reboots or shutoffs...
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    Thread "Invisible" data drops with CM 9/ 10

    Hi people, I'm opening a new thread because I have not seen a post about my kind of data drops here and couldn't find any by searching. Thing is, since switching to Cyanogenmod 9 my data dropped. However these drops are kind of "invisible" because the system bar shows H/ G/ or else, but...
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    Thread Nexus 10 usable as screen?

    Hi xda users, since the display of the Nexus 10 will be awesome I'm contemplating getting it because I'd really like to use it as a (second) screen for my computer. Does anyone know if this will be possible? Probably not without, but maybe *with* a mod? Can we use this Miracast Screen Share the...
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    Thread WPA Enterprise/ Eduroam issues

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with Android 4.0.4 CM 9 on my MyTouch 4G Slide Phone with connecting to Eduroam network which uses WPA Enterprise. The thing is, it disconnects automatically after 15 minutes approximately even though I set the sleep policy to "never" (never go to sleep, even if...
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    Thread HTML5/ web app local/ client-side storage

    Hi guys, I am interested in HTML5 apps and I want to know if there is a method for them to save data on the client side, e.g. on the phone. Will it only use the so called HTML5 local/ session storage (extended cookies)? Is that not very complicated/ less useful than current local storage...
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    Thread Overview and Features/ Bugs of ICS ROMs

    Ok guys, I am looking for an ICS ROM since I love ICS and to be up to date with Android stuff. So I had a look at which ROMs are there and found these: (Ordered in last activity of its thread in the development section) 1...
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    Thread [Q] Alternative to Androidscreencast PC to Android USB control

    Hey there XDA Community, I open this new question thread, because similar ones are not as specific and/ or posted in sub-forums for phones. However, Androidscreencast is a cross-phone program. Androidscreencast is a java programm that allows you to connect to your Android phone through an USB...
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    Thread [Q] Dual Sim card on MT4GS

    Hi guys, has anyone tried a Dual Sim Card on his/ her MyTouch 4g slide? Thanks for any replys
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    Thread [Q] Import locked MT4GS (?)

    Hi there friends! I'm live in Germany and the MT4GS is my favorite Android phone to date (have a HTC Dream right now :) ) and found a very good ebay deal, however I will purchase a locked device. (The MT4GS is not available for purchase in Germany) So what exactly is the worst thing to happen...
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    Thread Searching for voice recognition/ walkie talkie app

    Hey there xda dudes, I'm searching for an app or rather a feature which I can't find: I want to send voice/ audio messages like walkie talkie apps and also have voice recognition in there, so that me and friends don't have to hear the message and can also read it, even if it was recorded as a...
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    Thread nandroid only partially backing up/ restoring

    Hi all, I did a nandroid restore and it only partially restored my phone content, for example it did restore - hotkeys - sms - wallpaper, but didn't restore - contacts - homescreen setup - applications (and data). It worked perfectly well when I tried it, but last time it didn't. Here is what...
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    Thread import/ copy SIM Contacts does not work with Cyanogen 6.0.0 stable

    Hi, i think i found a bug in CyanogenMod6, because i couldn't import any Contacts from my SIM Card. Tried it with three different SIM Cards and with several restarts, but it didn't work out. But then i tried CyanogenMod5 and it worked there. That's why i think that is not some mistake by me...