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    Thread Android P update for LM-V405VBW Hong Kong pushed

    Finally the Android P update have been pushed to LG V40 ThinQ in Hong Kong. I received this around off-work time. Takes about 5-10 minutes to load homescreen after keying in password (to optimise apps I suppose) Enjoy!
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    Thread CSC feature.xml Discussions

    --- CSC feature.xml Discussions thread --- /system/csc/feature.xml is now known as a new way to enable some features that was disabled by Samsung. There was actually a lot of flags to enable different kinds of features but many of them was still mysterious and their usage is unknown AND this...
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    Thread [Q] Phone Hanged

    Recently my phone always hang after it left untouched for a long time. It can still response to some actions like pressing power button to lock and broadcast sound when plugging in USB, but the screen has no response at all. The LED light turns red. I could only reboot it in order to make it...
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    Thread Yakju update from JRN84D to JRO03C without data wipe

    This is a tutorial about updating from Koush's JRN84D repack/ to Google's JRO03C OTA for yakju users. Although this kind of method isn't recommended as wiping is important when upgrading, it might help n00bs or guys who hate using TB (like me) a lot. Prepare adb, IMM76I factory...
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    Thread [Q] Error mounting/formatting /data

    When I flashed stock ROM to my phone, the initial reboot shows up "E:failed to mount /data (File exists)" under "Deleting files" It also shows up "rfs format failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2" (in stock ROM) OR "make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2" (in custom ROM) when I tried to wipe...
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    Thread [Fixed] Serious Problem on CM9 ALPHA B16.

    I got a problem that my Galaxy S reboot when using and after that those modes selection (airplane, vibration) in power button meun are missing and my lock screen is skipped. The home button is disabled and can only wake up the phone. ADB is not work. All user settings (not gapps) seems lost...
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    Thread [Q] Galaxy Tab ICS (CM9) Problem

    I've tried to install Angel_666's ICS Alpha 3&4 but all dosen't work. Alpha 3: Can't boot Alpha 4: "Unfortunately, Setup Wizard has stopped" after boot. I've installed CM7 before. Some informations: Model: Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000 Region: Hong Kong Using ROM: Technomancer's CM7 Flashing way...
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    Thread [Q] Problem of teamhacksung's ICS Build 8

    I've tried to install teamhacksung's ICS Bulid 6,7&8 but all dosen't work. "assert failed: getprop...... E"Error in /sdcard...... (Status 7) Installation aborted." I've tried to install CM7 before it but also encountered status 7. I've tried to modify updater-script but encountered status 7...