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    Thread [APP] Inbox everything with 1 click using InboxIt [now via Tiles]

    Ever find something you really want to read or review later, and then forget about it? Whether it is an article, image, video, or anything else, easily send it to yourself with a single click and find it waiting for you later! How it works? For sharing items like websites and files, InboxIt...
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    Thread [APP][Productivity] InboxIt - Share to mail

    Hi All It was a real bummer to hear about Inbox shutting down. I was (and still am) a heavy user of the 'Save to inbox' feature. I simply like all my action items to be in one place. This way I don't have to juggle between apps and I know exactly what I need to do. I looked around for a decent...
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    Thread Starting Bluetooth voice recognition mode via the device itself

    I have a new car, and for some stupid reason, it has bluetooth headset connected to the multimedia panel but I don't have any 'voice command' button. So for now I've used tasker to start voice recognition when I long press the home button when connected to the car BT. However, starting voice...
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    Thread [APP] WiMinder - Reminders when you really need them (Out of Beta!)

    WiMinder lets you set reminders based on your wireless devices connectivity events. This means you can be reminded when you leave or enter your home, office or any other place you know its WiFi. I know there are location based reminders, but I find them not accurate enough and furthermore, I...
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    Thread How to enable/disable tilt to wake from mobile device ?

    I've came across this thread : But when I go to the settings page on Android Wear app I have no such option.
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    Thread [FREE][APP] Float Lock

    . It’s happened to all of us. You’re lying in bed and have screen auto-rotation on, and as soon as you open an up on your home screen, the screen turns sideways. Yes, we know we can turn off the auto-rotation in the settings, or change the position of the phone until the text is upright once...
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    Thread Heads up click does nothing (12.0-YBG1TAS17L)

    I've installed the first Cyanogenmod 12 manually just as it was released Later on (a week or 2 ago) I've got OTA update to YBG1TAS17L) I think ever since the heads up notification no longer response to clicks. Is anyone experiencing this ? Any ideas ?
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    Thread Some WiFi networks aren't recognized.

    Hi It is really weird, but my home WiFi network isn't recognized by my OPO. It recognized and working on multiple devices other than the OPO. It's not matter of reception since I'm standing right next to the router. There is nothing special about the network, it is not hidden or anything. Is...
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    Thread [Q] Testing apps over Android L on simulator ?

    I want to make sure my apps works fine on Android L. Last resort would be to install the Android L preview over my device but I prefer not to do it. Is there any way I can use the Android Simulator to test Android L OS ? Thank you
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    Thread [Q] No sound in calls (only on speaker) after updating to 4.4.4

    Hi All, I've updated today my android ver to 4.4.4 I found that I don't have sound when using the phone normally while in call, only after I switch to speaker I get sound. It works both ways, meaning, the other side can't hear me as well until I switch to speaker mode ! This is a really big...
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    Thread [NEW][GAME] SPOT - guess your friends pictures location.

    This game is actually a University project made by 4 students trying to get their A. The game is now developed for few months and hopefully you will find it enjoyable enough to keep it running in the future. Don't you sometimes take a look on a picture and say 'I know where this picture was...
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    Thread Delete

    Please delete. Thank you.
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    Thread Wireless charger ? how ? which ?

    Hi I'm looking for a wireless charger to buy, I really have no idea of what I should buy ... I looked on this one : It's only 15$...
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    Thread [Q] Phone goes to alarm clock\settings while in call

    Hi Is your device opens alarm clock\settings\ other apps while in call ? It always happens, I can't see the screen turning on and yet sometime during the call it happens. It didn't happen in my N4...
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    Thread Where to buy original wall charger ?

    I've looked over the internet for an original wall charger for the N5 and couldn't find one. Is it possible to get it ANYWHERE ?! Thanks
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    Thread Broadcase Receivers stops working on Android 4.4.2 ?

    Hi All, I use some Broadcast receivers in my app, But i've noticed the receivers stops working sometimes when running on Android 4.4.2 It doesn't happen in 4.4 ! and not on any prior version. Does anyone aware of something like that ? Thanks !
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    Thread [APP] Calendar Status - GOOGLE TASKS ADDED ! [2.1.8]

    Calendar status places your agenda on your notification drawer, providing easy and quick access to your agenda from any app and any screen. You can customize almost each detail in the layout so it will perfectly fit your needs and style. Calendar Status also support Google Tasks, providing you...
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    Thread [APP][3.0+ / 4.0+] OrientationLocker - Set your Orientation EASY and FAST (1.6) - NEW

    Samantha -Read the full review 'OrientationLocker' enables you to toggle the Auto-rotate mechanism EASILY. Each time you change the screen orientation without any need of pulling down the status bar, going to settings or using external application. Each time you rotate your phone, the lock...
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    Thread [Q] Selecting a radio for the device

    Hi All I've searched in the development subforum for a radio, after my current starts to drop signal from time to time and i would like to try fixing it (first by trying a new radio. after ROM was replaced with no help). There are tooo many RADIO version and i really can't seem to decide what...
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    Thread [Q] Gmail app on ICS sometimes freezes when opening a mail

    Hi All It happens from time to time (too many) when i get an email, open it through the item in the status bar, and when the Gmail app loads it shows the loading circle and then get stuck (freezes). After a few seconds i get an option to wait or FC, (sometimes the device is reseting itself)...
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    Thread Calendar sync fails, force sync causes FC ?

    Hi All Starting today, Calendar has stopped sync, all items are gone, When i try to force sync, i get FC whenever it gets to the calendar (Docs,Contacts & Gmail finishes successfully), I'm using MIUI GB over DHD . Has anyone experienced something like that ?!
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    Thread [q] enabling gtalk quick reply notifications?

    Hi all, I've looked all over and couldn't find anything to make my gtalk notifications to be 'quick reply' styled. Is there any app or gtalk ver. Which allows it? Thanks!!
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    Thread [Q] Ice cream sandwich gmail app ?

    Hi All i've seen some threads about the gmail app leaked, but all in 'Transformer ..' forum... Is there a leaked app which we can use (Desire HD) ? Thanks :)
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    Thread [Q] Do you recognize this keyboard ?

    Hi all I've seen this keyboard on the ROBOTO font thread... Whats its name ? (image attached) Thanks !
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    Thread [Q] Is there an app for Voip SMS ?

    I'm using the Voip option of my MIUI ROM , But it doesn't seems to have any voip SMS support. Is anyone familiar with an app which enables me to send SMS using my voip provider ? Of course the one with the 'deepest' integration Thanks !