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    Post [FREE] [OPEN SOURCE] Keyboard/Button Mapper [NO ADS] [4.4+]

    The volume keys were indeed working. So no dice, I guess. No worries, thanks for the response! Phone is the LG G8X, and I'd read the Google Assistant key is notoriously difficult, if not impossible, to redirect, especially without root.
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    Post [FREE] [OPEN SOURCE] Keyboard/Button Mapper [NO ADS] [4.4+]

    Quick question, I was wondering if I could KEYCODE_INFO (165) as a trigger on a non-rooted phone? It shows up in my actions, but will not come up in the trigger section. Thanks a ton for the amazing work on the app!
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    Post [App][4.4+] Aurora Store - Open Source Play Store client [April 8 2021]

    Okay, I've done some searching and have a question. I have a good amount of paid apps through Google. I know there have not been any substantiated bans, but I have an idea just in case. What if I were to login to Aurora using one of my "family" accounts through Google? That way I could access...
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    Thread Color settings only applying to second screen, game settings the opposite

    Title, pretty much. I change my color settings and they only apply to the dual screen when attached, and not at all when disconnected. It's the exact opposite with specific game settings. I can change a game's resolution and framerate settings and this works on the main screen, but NOT on the...
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    Post G975U and G975U1 Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    Well apologies again, gentleman, I was unaware of that. Thanks for your time and patience!
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    Post G975U and G975U1 Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    I see, I didn't get that from the thread, sigh... The phone no longer even has the Sprint SIM card, does that mean I'm SoL?
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    Post G975U and G975U1 Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    It is indeed Sprint. I've read through a good chunk of this massive thread, did I miss something? Does it have to be unlocked, or are there special issues with the Sprint version? Apologies if I misunderstood something. Is there a different process for unlocking it from the carrier? I thoughts...
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    Post G975U and G975U1 Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    Okay, I finally got around to trying again (it's a family member's phone, he came by again today). I downloaded the newest U and U1 firmware with Frija (and the VZW USERDATA) but at step 2, after inserting the SIM on the U1 firmware, it gives me an error of "Invalid SIM Card" and does not prompt...
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    Post G975U and G975U1 Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    Hmm, I must've messed something up somewhere. I wiped the phone and flashed the BL/AP/CPC/non-home CSC but the phone never prompted to switch carriers. It booted to the setup screen and I rebooted and flashed everything but with the vzw USERDATA this time. At the end of the flash, it failed in...
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    Post G975U and G975U1 Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    Awesome, so I can just flash any of those, then follow the instructions on post #25 to change it over? This whole "U" thing that newer phones are doing is kinda nice. :) Thanks a bunch!
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    Post G975U and G975U1 Firmware Links and Flashing Discussion Here

    Hey, I have an S10+ on TC9. Can I downgrade that to TB3 or any earlier one? It seems TC9 is b3, I'm not sure when b2 ended and b3 started. I'm trying to flash it from Sprint to Verizon.
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    Thread Any way to enable tethering when carrier locks it?

    With StraightTalk. Used to have tethering, now they've locked it to their higher payment tiers, which have way more Gigs than I need. Is there a way to force it to be enabled? I've see it done with other phones, but haven't come across anything for the G950.
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    Post Multiple issues.

    Awesome, thanks, I'll mark that one as "solved" in a sense. I have access to a few other phones on the same Android version that don't have the issue, so I figured it was phone specific.
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    Thread Multiple issues.

    I was wondering if anyone had solutions to any of these issues: Double clicking the "recents" button doesn't go the last app, it just acts like I hit the home button once, minimizing everything. Likely fixed by a software update (before 4/29). The dual screen does NOT abide by my LG Game...
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    Post Accessing ADB

    THANK YOU SO MUCH! Man, I wasn't expecting a reply after all this time, figured my unit was somehow defective or something. This worked perfectly! To others suffering, here's the direct link to the LG drivers, current version as of now, 4.4.2: tool.lime.gdms. lge...
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    Thread Accessing ADB

    I'm aware there is another thread on this, but his solution was simply switching the cable. For me, adb is currently working on multiple other phones, but on the G8X, it simply doesn't list the device. Any idea? I do NOT have the full Android SDK, only the "minimal ADB and Fastboot" package...
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.1 for 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 [SM-T510]

    I still can't figure out why my Odin is hanging. This is a fresh TWRP install. Step by step: Bootloader is unlocked (option displays as checked is dev options) (Bonus: Had the table more than 7 days as well) Power off tablet, hold vol UP+DOWN, plug in, get into Download Mode. Using Odin 3.12.7...
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.1 for 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 [SM-T510]

    Hmm, I'm still having the same issue. Had the device over a week now, so that's not an issue. Bootloader is unlocked. I do a factory reset, power off, boot into download mode, put TWRP in the AP section on Odin to flash, but it just hangs on boot.img.lz4. I'm still on ASI4, using the previously...
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.1 for 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 [SM-T510]

    I see. Thanks a ton for your hard work and your quick response! I'm excited to root and debloat. :D
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.1 for 2019 Galaxy Tab A 10.1 [SM-T510]

    I can't get TWRP to flash. I'm using Odin 3.12.7, got the md5 file from OP, unlocked the bootloader, and booted into Download Mode immediately after a stock recovery factory reset (to avoid encryption of the data partition), but Odin just hangs on boot.img.lz4. Looking at the data at the top...
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    Thread SM-T510 disable software update?

    I'm not quite ready to root/unlock yet, so I just want to disable the software updates. I had 3 postpones and I'm down to my last one. I've used adb to uninstall everything with the word "update" in it, but it doesn't seem to have worked. I've also disabled auto-updates though the developer...
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    Post [HOW-TO] Installing AOSP Android 7.0 "Nougat" Internally on the 16 GB Nook Tablet

    I have 2 identical nooks I'm working on. One completed fine and had no issues (though I had to use Pico GApps), but the other one has a peculiar issue: the volume + and - buttons won't scroll on the boot menu, so I have no way of getting into the various recoveries... Any solution? EDIT: Well...
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    Post [APP] Button Mapper - Customize your hardware buttons

    Thanks for the response. Oh, well. Still love the app, thanks for the amazing work!
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    Post [APP] Button Mapper - Customize your hardware buttons

    Apologies! I meant with the "soft" buttons (back, recents, home). Everything else works fine. Perusing this thread, I assume it's because the LG phones soft buttons don't send a "key press" signal the same way as other devices? Is there any possible workaround for this?
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    Post [APP] Button Mapper - Customize your hardware buttons

    Is there any chance of getting this to work on newer LG phones (v20, v30, v40, etc.)? It's worked phenomenally with all the other half-dozen phones I've owned, but won't work on these..
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    Post [ROOT] SM-J727P Galaxy J7 Perx TD-LTE

    I tried the uninstall, but as soon as I booted into recovery I did not have access to /system nor /data, so I assume the device went ahead and locked itself down? :D Fortunately, it was just a burner phone for me, so it's no worries. Actually, I had disabled a ton of default packages (including...
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    Post [ROOT] SM-J727P Galaxy J7 Perx TD-LTE

    Well I wish I would have known that. :/ I'm stuck at boot. Do I have to wipe it and do everything again, installing Magisk 19.2? EDIT: Didn't necessarily have to follow all the steps, just formatted, rebooted to recovery (to NOT encrypt and allow mounting of the System partition), mounted...
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    Post Debloating

    Just followed this list (with the exception of a few that were not on my phone) and did NOT debloat "upsell," but don't have Hotspot. Does anyone know which of these other packages affects hotspot? EDIT: The error I get is "You are not subscribed to data tethering." This is with Boost Mobile...
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    Post Step by step guide for lg v20 h918 unlocking, downgrading, rooting and twrp

    How do I just reboot into recovery? I think I've messed something up. I did all the steps up to installing root, flashed Alpha Omega, and everything seemed to be fine except the SD card slot would not work at all. I think it may have had something to do with encryption, as during one of the...
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    Post What and How to: freeze/disable/debloat v20(no root)

    Okay, so additionally, uninstalling com.lge.appbox.client gave me a weird instant crash, and a DeadObjectException. The phone did a soft reset and everything seemed fine? Then I just had to run the uninstall command again and it was fine. Also, during another factory reset, I uninstalled this...
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    Post What and How to: freeze/disable/debloat v20(no root)

    Ugh So I finally did the Oreo update today and this is killing me. Something I'm uninstalling is giving me a constant "Unfortunately, Second Screen has stopped" crash that I have to click "Close app" on multiple times A SECOND. The phone is virtually unusable and I have to factory reset every...
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    Post [Discussion] PokeMon Go Magisk Discussion Thread

    Hmm, after a restart, it appears that the MagiskManager folder reappeared. Maybe I messed up? Or does renaming the package create the folder again? Either way, I had no modules installed; deleted the folder and everything is Honky Dorey!
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    Post [Discussion] PokeMon Go Magisk Discussion Thread

    Yup, I'm in the same boat. Custom OS, deleted folder and hid, but still the 1A error.
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    Post [MODULE] Volume Steps Increase (for Magisk v10+)

    Just wanted to post that this does not appear to work on an LG V20 on 7.0 with Magisk v14.
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    Post How to mute selective apps?

    Hmm, so no dice on this for Nougat? I would love to mute a game that always starts with the volume up. I can change the volume in the game, but only after a lengthy, loud intro, and it resets the volume the next time I play it...
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    Post [LS997|VS995|H910|F800L] DirtySanta Bootloader unlock and Root guide

    Well, I've searched this thread for a while now and I'm stuck. Completed all steps up to 7, just not the final, step 8, or re-reflashing su. I have a VS995. I get the static at boot and was hoping to use the WETA ROM, but I can't get into TWRP... I see when I start up it's the Red Triangle, but...
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    Post Verizon V20 (VS995) on Straight Talk?

    Ha, nevermind. Verizon actually has a decent prepaid plan, so I can just get the VS995 and not have to worry about it. :)
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    Thread Verizon V20 (VS995) on Straight Talk?

    In the area that I live/work, Verizon is the best network. I've used MetroPCS (T-Mobile) and the speed was fast, but network availability was terrible, and I've used Boost Mobile (Sprint) with decent connection and speed. So I think I would like to do Straight Talk, but it's not listed on the...
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    Post Root 20l w/Dirty Cow

    So I recently got my V10 (LOVE it!) and I'm looking for a method to hide the root, as I have ONE app (looking at you Pokemon Go) that's not too keen on rooted devices. I've used magisk, phhsuperuser, and had a systemless setup on my Galaxy S5, would something like that be possible on the V10?
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    Post [2019.5.1][Magisk] Systemless Xposed v89.3/v90.2-beta3 (SDK 21-27)

    Huh, so I did that and the problem never happened again.. I did each one one at a time (I have about 10), and the problem never surfaced. Maybe it was with activating too many at once? Or certain ones at once that were conflicting?
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    Post [2019.5.1][Magisk] Systemless Xposed v89.3/v90.2-beta3 (SDK 21-27)

    Stuck Boost Mobile Galaxy S5. Resurrection Remix Nightly. Uninstalled old Xposed, installed Magisk, set up root right, installed Systemless Xposed, and granted root access to it. Everything seemed fine. I went in and enabled all my old modules (and updated 2 or 3) and now I get "Unfortunately...
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    Post 900P Boost WiFi/APN issues - KLTE&KLTESPR

    I know this post is old, but I'm in the same exact boat. And it's one of only 3 posts that comes up in the S5 forum when you search "boost apn." Bluetooth works, but is extremely spotty. I get MMS ONLY from other people on the Sprint/Boost network, but none otherwise. I've tried 2 different APN...