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    Thread 2.2.1 ROMs

    I wanted to know why all the devs are now using the 2.2.1 version. What is the point of porting Froyo when GB is already out? Also, why is 2.2.1 better than the older versions of Froyo? I've searched around and can't really find anything discerning 2.2.1 from older versions. TY! :p
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    Thread [Q] Captivate or any other Galaxy S to Vibrant

    What exactly is needed to port (for example) a captivate rom to the Vibrant. I'm tired of going on the Captivate development to see so many useful roms that are updated while on the Vibrant, most haven't been updated in a while. Just list everything needed, not instructions.
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    Thread Scrollable widgets

    Well I noticed that in the samsung widgets that it can use them, but can it run 3rd party scrollable widgets?
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    Thread MyTouch 1.2!!! :O

    Will it be possible that they run out of original MyTouches so when you get a replacement, they give you the newer 1.2 model? I'm dying for a new phone, but T-Mo isn't giving out any good android phones! D: I just wanted a MyTouch with more RAM to actually run stuff faster. I should have just...
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    Thread Force Closes?

    Hi, I have a MT3G and a G1 before that. I have experience flashing roms and other stuff. I have had the MT3G for sometime and noticed that I can't flash roms anymore since I get FC errors after the boot up. Even the latest CM mods don't let me sign in, and I have to skip the initial sign in to...