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  1. Jbazt_katuforzs

    Thread I want a Pixel AOSP rom!

    Hope they'll release the kernel source soon 😭. This be the perfect phone with the perfect rom!
  2. Jbazt_katuforzs

    Thread [SOLVED]Help needed on my port

    done porting official firmware from other device to my device...;) details: * both device havent hit opensource F_U_C_K!!! i know! :D * both MDPI screens * both CPU freq based * both internel space * both ram size What works? * Boot Ok * Dual sim working * Calls * SMS * UI is fine * All...
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    Thread [TUTORIAL]How to root Alcatel 918N (HARD WAY) when Superoneclick and Unlockroot fails

    NOTE: I will not be held responsible on anything that may happens to your phone... This proceedure is to DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK!! and rooting the phone may void your warranty .. Its better to try Superoneclick and Unlockroot procedure first before you try this!! this is just your last option...
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    Thread TSF Shell News

    heres the latest news form the site... its is written in chinese google chrome translated it :D
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    Thread Alcatel OT-890D (DUAL SIM) root success!! no pc needed

    NOTE: I will not be held responsible on anything that may happens to your phone... This proceedure is to DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK!! and rooting the phone may void your warranty .. These are the steps I did to successfully root my cheap Alcatel OT-890D in chronological order. Step 1 is Optional...
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    Thread Help!! Video Calling using Yahoo Messenger

    I'm from Asia and we uses yahoo messenger here a lot. I received this phone locked to tmo with the default rom. All is working fine with the preinstalled YM app as far as video calling is concern. Here's the problem, after upgrading the rom to cm's/royal's/etc.... I noticed that when I use the...
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    Thread Help to sign this APK

    can someone please help me to sign this app? rebuild this using Smali/baksmali tools and it cant be installed in my G1. please can anyone sign this for me. It did create an output using testsign.jar tool but still I cannot install it on my G1 and I don't know what to do. I'm new to this stuff...
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    Thread How to edit browser's server?

    Just want to know if theres a possible way on how can i modify a .cab browsers programs assigned to connect to a specific server? for example java browsers like ucweb and opera mini connects to a specific address before the app can be use. i already learned to locate those class files in java...
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    Thread (PROXY UPDATED JAN 23) Opera Mini 5 modified for free browsing (Philippines only)

    ive modified the opera mini 5 for globe prepaid subscribers to make it surf the net for free. REQUIREMENTS -Windows Mobile PPC wm5, wm6, wm6.1, wm6.5, 6.5.x -Globe Prepaid Sim with Inet Connections( even kahit 0 load babawas kz pag dami load. pag ayaw connect la k...
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    Thread help! how to remove camera glass?

    not using my hermes anymore. pls delete this post sir. thank you very much
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    Thread Need help guys!!!!!!!!!

    my atom pure's touchscreen is totally not functioning. tried to upgrade different roms but still no help. so i buy a touchscreen replacement and send it to somebody who can fit it on. the touchscreen replacement fits well but the problem is when im on the screen alignment program, point tapping...
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    Thread WM3/SE must see

    Magandang Araw sa lahat!!! I'd like to share this software that I downloaded @ a european link. The app is called "eXPerience" according to the site, it only works on Windows Mobile WM3/SE. I tried to install it on Himalayas running WM6 but I guess it really have compatibility issues. Anyway it...