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  1. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Samsung Email keeps set not battery optimised

    I'm having this annoying issue. Samsung email drains battery a lot because it somehow auto sets itself to not battery optimised. Any other email app I've used could receive notifications reliably without being so battery hungry. Anyone know how to solve it? Thanks
  2. blackhawk_LA

    Thread [Help] How to use Tasker to turn on AOD

    Hello, I've just started to learn to use tasker and I can't set the task I'd like. The idea is the same as this tutorial: So when you receive a notificacion of the selected apps, AOD turns on, and when...
  3. blackhawk_LA

    Thread [Added] integrated call recorder option in Oreo (rooted)

    I wonder if there's a built in call recorder on Oreo firmware, maybe only for some regions, that could be activated on EU stock rooted Oreo firmware. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is what xpirt did to include call recording option on Films, right? Thank you Edited: Thanks to xpirt...
  4. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Any way to select an application "just once" to open a link?

    This is one the most annoying things I find in touchwiz. For example, there are links that I would like to open with tapatalk and others with browser. Is there any way, via root Explorer or xposed, to get back this important function that Samsung takes out? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  5. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Wifi consumption while wifi off?

    I've noticed that in battery graph wifi appears as on mostly all the time. But actually it was disabled. I had also location turned off with its imprinted accuracy also off. Is this normal? Sent from my SM-N910F using Tapatalk
  6. blackhawk_LA

    Thread LBE privacy guard

    Hello! Has anyone tried this app on Mate 8? It needs root and afaik latest version works on marshmallow Sent from a disliked Touchwiz
  7. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Navigation bar?

    Is there any way to have navigation bar on our Note 4? On stock or custom roms, I don't mind rooting. I'm left handed and I found a pain to use the usual Samsung keys Sent from a disliked Touchwiz
  8. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Audio quality through jack

    Hi. I'm thinking about getting a Nexus 6p and audio quality is one of my biggest doubts. In gsmarena review, it is very disappointing. On specs it's worse than let's say, Huawei Mate 8 (is my second option) because of its 96khz vs 192, and audio tests confirms that. My question is if audio...
  9. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Screen brightness "flickering" on non stock ROMs

    Hi, finally I have time to make a thread about this. The problem is present on every non stock ROM, no matter if it is lollipop, MM or Nougat based. At low brightness, it seems like the screen is uppering-lowering brightness really fast. I have made a video, because "maybe" I didn't explain it...
  10. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Mokee ROM

    Has anyone tried this? Is a very famous chinese open source ROM based on Cyanogen Mod but with some add ons. I've tested it on other devices and is pretty stable. Has anyone tried on Xperia z·? I hope they will make a MM version.
  11. blackhawk_LA

    Thread How does the software read the model number for customization?

    I'm using KangVip ROM but I know it is based on TL10 software so there are a few differences; mainly come from the "cust" partition. If I exchange the kangvip cust with Stock 331 (TL09 software) one, and even do the same with build.prop , the ROM doesn't load any customization (I thought it...
  12. blackhawk_LA

    Thread [Q] Best way to wake the device?

    I wonder what is your prefered way to wake the device. For me the most comfortable is using an app like Simple Cover Lock, but it causes a bir battery drain and sometimes is very sensitive, so the phone can wake while it's still on your pocket. Also, I read the s2w , tap to wake and so also...
  13. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Brighter notification LED ?

    Hi, I think that the notification LEd of our HTC One is really poor. It really small and also not very bright, so it's very hard to see if you are not in a dark place. But I noticed that when the battery is empty, or nearly empty, and you plug in the charger with the phone turned off, the LED...
  14. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Bricked: Un-writable memory??

    Hi, I have a very strange problem on my DHD. I started to have a lot of FC, making the phone unusable. I tried to make a factory reset from settings but the phone got stucked at HTC logo, and nothing was wiped. I made a factory reset from bootloader, but the phone vibrated three times and also...
  15. blackhawk_LA

    Thread CRC check: Recovery partition corrupted?

    Hi. I'm having a lot of problems with my HTC Desire HD. I get a lot of FC, and the phone stucks at HTC logo 1 of every 2 times I reboot it (literally; it always boot at the 2nd time, I have to pull out the battery) If I made a factory reset, from settings, from the hboot menu, or from recovery...
  16. blackhawk_LA

    Thread RAW camera?

    Would it be possible that we ever have a RAW camera in our Z1? I know that for some phones, devs have made camera app that can shoot in RAW mode. Is it possible to do the same for z1?
  17. blackhawk_LA

    Thread How to install MIUI V5?

    Hi, I've tried to install miui from and from the official miui site, and it doesn't pass the HTC logo. I'm using 4ext recovery, wiped everything before flashing, checked md5, flashed boot.img through fastboot after flashing the ROM, changed hboot to eng and nothing helps. What...
  18. blackhawk_LA

    Thread MIUI based on GPE?

    I've seen there's an official release of MIUI for the HTC One M7, but it is based on stock Sense ROM. Would it be possible to have a release of MIUI for the Google Play Edition, which will be much lighter, faster and battery friendly? All the Sense stuff that is left on MIUI is like bloatware...
  19. blackhawk_LA

    Thread How to add init.d support

    Hi, Im using miui as my daily driver and i miss the init.d support. I've tried some different methods but none work for Razr; I've seen that you had to do something with rootfs if I'm not wrong. Could someone please explain me? Thank you very much!
  20. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Will my Razr burn?

    :eek: Well, the serious question is: Has the Razr CPU temperature sensor, and or is it a bug of SetCPU? I know Blur ROMs has some security alert that block everything in your phone but emergency calls when it reaches a really high temperature, but I don't know if it measures battery or CPU.
  21. blackhawk_LA

    Thread No sound in Lapdock 100

    I just bought a Lapdock 100 and everything seemed to work; but I realize that there's no sound from the lapdock. I've tried playing music and videos, having volume set to max, and it doesn't work. The player shows that there's a song/video playing but I can't hear anything. I tried with a...
  22. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Which are your stable OC/UV values?

    I think we can post our own values of that kernel values, for finding a good measure for the best stability and less battery drain. I think it's better to post only UV on stock frequencies; for making easier the comparison. "Stable" means you have no reboots ever, you have to try for a long time...
  23. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Apk's needed for lapdock connectivity

    I've just bought a lapdock 100 and so I need a ROM that supports connection with it. I always remove most blur stuff, cause I don't use it, but now I need the apps related to lapdock connectivity. Does anyone knows which are these? Thanks!
  24. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Problem mounting partition from adb

    Hi! I'm running FTS v3.0, and I'm not able to remount my device from adb. It says "operation not permitted". Of course I have adb debugging enabled, I can remount from the recovery but not whith the ROM booted. Maybe I'm missing something very basic but I never had this problem with my old HTC...
  25. blackhawk_LA

    Thread How to mount r/w on init.d?

    Hi, I'm running CM9 ROM and wanted to use some init.d scripts, but on every bot, I get stuck at the bootanimation. If I run from adb "adb remount" the phone boots normally, so the problem is that the system is r/o. I've tried adding a 01mount script with but still not luck. Can someone help...
  26. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Stock ROM on "safe mode"

    Hi, I had a problem when trying to swith from BMM to Safestrap; I lost the recovery and the ROM didn't boot. I used RSD Lite to flash the original fastboot, and the process was ok, but after installing the ROM stucked in the bootanimation (not the initial boot logo) So I restarted to stock...
  27. blackhawk_LA

    Thread A (maybe stupid) idea to unlock bootloader

    Pardon me, I don't know too much about computing (and even less about hacking) but I read in a forum that it's not possible to unlock the bootloader; because even when it would be theoretically possible, you will need a supercomputer and/or looooooong time. My question is; would it be possible...
  28. blackhawk_LA

    Thread How to set download folder to data/local/download?

    The title is clear I think :P I know the "mountdl" script, but the problem is that right now my market downloads go to /cache, and not /cache/download. And I don't know if it's a good idea to move the whole /cache folder to /data/download. Any ideas? Thanks!!
  29. blackhawk_LA

    Thread Problem: GPS turning off

    I am using latest stable MIUI Scotland ROM and when I try to use any navigator, the GPS starts to search for signal but then stop, after a minute or so it starts searching again, and also when i get the location, sometimes the gps turns off (I mean that the icon dissapears from status bar and I...
  30. blackhawk_LA

    Thread [Q] Is it possible to install CarHome from google in a non-supported ROM?

    Hi, I've been searching but didn't fin the way. I'm trying to install CarHome in Oxygen but I can't download from the Market. Also tried flashing the gapps zip for CM7 but can't launch the app. Also tried installing the CarHomeLauncher (taken from AlexV ROM) and then the app itself but no luck...
  31. blackhawk_LA

    Thread What does affect more the gps reception?

    I'm flashing different ROMs every time, and I've noticed that gps fix is really slow in some of them. I'm always using the same radio (54) and RIL and the same gps.conf file, but there's still a lot of variation between different ROMs. Is the kernel also related? Or maybe other files from the...