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  1. aminaked

    Thread [Android 2.1+] Naked Browser Pro - Where no mobile browser has gone before

    TRY THE FREE VERSION OF THIS WEB BROWSER If you are not familiar with the free version of Naked Browser then please see this thread on XDA Developers. Please try the free version first before you even consider Naked Browser Pro. WHAT'S NEW RIGHT NOW? Naked Browser Pro is the paid version and...
  2. aminaked

    Thread [APP][2.1+] Naked Browser 1.0 - A full featured yet tiny web browser

    Hey now, I was fed up with the privacy violations, bloat, instability, and general stupid functionality of Android browsers. I decided to make my own. Introducing... Naked Browser TRUST: Right permissions with no spying. SPEED: No bloat, including minimal GUI candy. FEATURES: Crash restore...