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  1. zgomot

    Thread Please help solve fastboot errors on Huawei device.

    I wanted to flash a Lineage 17.1 image on my device so I'm trying to erase system before flashing the GSI image I am met with this error: FAILED (remote: Command not allowed) Bootloader is unlocked, fastboot lists both PHONE Unlocked and FRP Unlock. I've also tried flashing the GSI image...
  2. zgomot

    Thread Latest Magisk Canary builds can root EMUI9 From the man himself. Seems as though it's only a matter of time now.
  3. zgomot

    Thread Where does one download official Huawei firmware in the absence of HFF?

    Huawei Firmware Finder has not worked for a short while now, throwing all sorts of errors, mostly 503, on both desktop and mobile. Where would I go to donwload official Huawei firmware files?
  4. zgomot

    Thread B152 with GPU Turbo is on FF.

    Happy flashing. Will report back soon.
  5. zgomot

    Thread Need to get the bootloader unlock code.

    Anyone able to help? The official Huawei BL unlock page is 404, and I can't get HCU client to launch.
  6. zgomot

    Thread Smartcover issues

    Just got the original Huawei Smartcover and there are some issues. Main one being that when I get incoming calls it doesn't show me anything in the cover window, so I have to open the cover everytime to answer incoming calls. Another problem is that after ending calls, the notification gets...
  7. zgomot

    Thread [GUIDE/DISCUSSION] [2K] [4K*] [50+ MBPS] Video recording on the Huawei P9 Lite.

    This phone continues to amaze me. After discovering RAW still capture, now this. Apparently the Huawei P9 Lite can record 2K and 4K* video. And to top that with a big juicy cherry, you can get bitrates as high as 70MBS, hovering around a 50MBPS constant. AT 2K resolution. This is quite...
  8. zgomot

    Thread [VIDEO] Mini documentary shot entirely on a smartphone

    I love making movies and although I have a DSLR sometimes I much prefer shooting with my phone. Mobile digital photography has gotten so good in recent years you can get stunning video with just your phone. I shot this video entirely on the Huawei P9 Lite, using a Aukey 20x Macro lens. A bit...
  9. zgomot

    Thread [VIDEO] Mini documentary shot with a macro lens entirely on the Huawei P9 Lite

    I love making movies and although I have a DSLR sometimes I much prefer shooting with my phone. Mobile digital photography has gotten so good in recent years you can get stunning video with just your phone. I shot this video entirely on the P9 Lite, using a Aukey 20x Macro lens. A bit of post...
  10. zgomot

    Thread Z3 and Nougat. Is overheating still a thing?

    I'm offered a trade, a near-mint condition Z3 for my near-mint condition Huawei P9 Lite. While I love many things about the P9 Lite, there are things that draw my interest in the Z3, like higher resolution snaps, way better development community, more premium design. However, having owned the...
  11. zgomot

    Thread RAW .dng files always come out blurry and unfocused.

    I own a P9 Lite and managed to enable RAW capture in PRO Photo mode, however there is this issue that is totally killing my joy. Shooting RAW, the camera takes one compressed .jpeg and one RAW .dng. However, no matter the shooting conditions, the RAW .dng always comes out blurry and very soft...
  12. zgomot

    Thread [GUIDE] [ROOT] Enable RAW capture in the stock EMUI camera app

    If this is common knowledge, I apologize for the redundancy of this post, however I doubt it, since I searched for a way to do this for quite a bit of time, until I finally found a way. As you probably know, if you're into photography, the P9 Lite supports Camera 2 API which allows for the...
  13. zgomot

    Thread Looking for the P9 stock camera apk

    I own the little brother, the P9 Lite and while it does support Camera2 API and thus RAW DNG capture, there is no way to enable this in the stock camera app. While I know there are several 3rd party camera apps that allow RAW capture, having tried most of them, none even comes close to the...
  14. zgomot

    Thread B380, new builds in Firmware Finder

    Flash away, brick away, let us hear your opinions on this new build. I am downloading the files and will attempt to flash via twrp. B370 worked great so why shouldn't this? Have a full backup on hand just in case. Will update soon.
  15. zgomot

    Thread Notification icons on the status bar, where are they?

    No notifications are shown on the status bar when the screen is locked? Is this normal to EMUI 5?
  16. zgomot

    Thread Small (but annoying) issue with PIN and fingerprint unlock

    After updating to b370 I noticed a small, yet very annoying issue. I have set a fingerprint to unlock the device, however, about 5 times out of 10, when I try to unlock the device with my fingerprint, it will say "Device administrator locked device" and still force me to enter my pin. Anyone...
  17. zgomot

    Thread Why does music playback glitch out when turning off the screen?

    Every time I turn off the screen while music is playing , there is a short (<1s) glitch/skip/interruption in playback. I've had this happen on both stock kernel and Veno's kernels which I am currently using, so I think we can safely assume it's not ralated to the kernel. I tried all the usual...
  18. zgomot

    Thread I can't change the ringtone.

    Or the notification sound for that matter. Whatever I choose, the default sounds stay. I tried wiping cache and dalvik. What now? This is so strange I don't even know where to begin.
  19. zgomot

    Thread TWRP backup issue - can't backup /data

    TWRP backup doesn't give me the option to backup /data and gives an error saying unable to mount /data, mounted without encryption Running stock b160, on vns-l21, rooted systemlessly with magiskSU, running systemless xposed.
  20. zgomot

    Thread Questions about the Nougat beta, root and recovery.

    I'm currently running b160 on my L21. I'm rooted via Magisk and phh Superuser, with Meticulus TWRP and I've applied for the official Nougat beta programme from Huawei. My questions are as follows: 1. Will I receive and be able to OTA update to Nougat since I'm rooted? 2. If yes to 1, will I...
  21. zgomot

    Thread How to see external SD storage in the file browser?

    I have formatted a class10 32gb ADATA microsd card as internal storage, and sure enough, apps download and install automatically on the emulated internal storage on the external SD card. All fine and dandy, however I can't seem to be able to see and browse the content of the sd card. I tried...
  22. zgomot

    Thread How to turn off, (or looking for a video app that doesn't do) image stabilization

    Any and every video camera app I tried has some sort of built in image stabilization and this makes any footage useless for me. Corner warping and distortion is very visible a lot of times.
  23. zgomot

    Thread Camera can't focus properly, screen tearing/shaking/jerking.

    Yesterday I bought a used (yet excellent condition) M7_UL. I was hyped for a bit, unlocked the bootloader, flashed recovery, rooted, and installed some roms. Eventually I settled on GPE+ 3.0.2 but my joy was short lived. I soon noticed very weird behavior of the focus. (I've owned 3 other M7s...
  24. zgomot

    Thread Looking for a video-camera app that DOESN'T use image stabilizing.

    I need to edit footage shot with the phone, but want to avoid the distortions coming from the image stabilization algorithm. I don't care how shaky it is, I can use a tripod, or warp stab it in post. So any of you know of an an app that shoots at least 720p, (pref. 1080p) and doesn't use/can...
  25. zgomot

    Thread Port Xperia Z4 camera

    I found this However I'm just a flash junky and can't be sure I will be able to do this without messing up something, but it seems easy enough for anyone with a little code-knowledge. So if anyone...
  26. zgomot

    Thread Camera quality CM/AOSP vs stock.

    I keep reading about the lesser photo quality of CM/AOSP compared to stock but I can't really see it. I've used stock LP, then Cloudy's 2.2, then Euphoria and to be perfectly honest I can't see it. I'm a terrible photo nut and enthusiast and made many many comparison shots, but to my eye...
  27. zgomot

    Thread Please clear this confusion about bootstacks

    I've owned and rooted quite a few android phones from various companies (SONY, HTC, Nokia, Motorolla, Samsung) but the I find the whole process most confusing with the LG. I bought my device 2nd hand and it was already on LP (some nameless custom rom) rooted, with recovery. It didn't even list...
  28. zgomot

    Thread Picture quality degrading over time. Is this even possible?

    I got my XZ1 about 5 months ago and immediately unlocked the bootloader, therefore lost BIONZ, so it's not due to that. I was on stock kitkat, than stock lollipop for the longest time and was utterly impressed with the photos it took. I bragged to my friends, shot nice videos with it and I was...
  29. zgomot

    Thread Considering trading my Xperia Z1 for an LG G2

    Someone offered me a trade. His LG G2 (D802 if I'm not mistaking) for my xperia z1 (C6903). The G2 is almost new and looks mint, it has had a screen protector on since day one, he only used it with a case... so the phone is in a really good condition. Thing I should consider? I'm really into...
  30. zgomot

    Thread .283 SONY's on fire lately.
  31. zgomot

    Thread Original SONY DK31 charging dock issues.

    I purchased an original charging dock and I've noticed some strange issues. There are times when it just seems to disconnect itself randomly. It will charge the phone for a few seconds, then disconnect for a second, then charge for another few seconds and so forth and so on. There was one...
  32. zgomot

    Thread How to check if BIONZ is working?

    I've searched the forums and google, but nothing conclussive.... Is there a way to check if BIONZ processing is working or not?
  33. zgomot

    Thread Will the CM camera ever be as good as the stock one?

    Although I love having 4k and 120fps, I would ditch that mod and stock roms and jump to CM in a heartbeat, only if the camera took pictures of comparable quality to the stock camera. I used Resurrection Remix for a couple of days and I loved it to bits. A great experience, blazing fast, highly...
  34. zgomot

    Thread The back pannel came loose. What now?

    I started noticing more and more dust gathering under the lens protection "window" but didn't think much of it since it didn't affect picture quality. Then, after noticing a dark blotch on every shot I took, I saw the glass back pannel is loose in the upper half. The glue apparently came...
  35. zgomot

    Thread [Q] Water inside the phone. Blurry lens. Is this OK?

    I submerged the top half of my phone to shoot some video underwater, after having previously carefully sealed the flaps with medical tape. This was the first time I did this and and only for 3 minutes at most. Now there is moisture around the camera lens and led flash. Is this normal? Should I...
  36. zgomot

    Thread [Q] How to set TWRP as primary recovery?

    Whenever I choose reboot to recovery it always boots to CWM so if I want to use TWRP, I have to manually power off the device and power it back on, holding the vol- key to boot into TWRP. I was wondering if there is any way to make it so the device always uses TWRP when I choose reboot to...
  37. zgomot

    Thread Did I fry my phone's sound card? (sound issues)

    Last night I plugged and audio cable into my phone from the sound mixer at work and didn't notice the channel had phantom power on. Ever since sound is all garbled and I tried clean flashing the ROM again, restoring my backup but nothing worked. Could this have fried my phone's sound card...
  38. zgomot

    Thread [Q] There are two folders in my Music folder that I cannot delete.

    Everything else I can delete just fine, but these 2 folders keep reappearing each time I delete them. I tried from Root Browser, Windows Explorer, file shredder apps , nothing worked. Any ideas?
  39. zgomot

    Thread Audio output issues (missing sounds)

    I get the very strangest issues with the line output of my ONE S C2. At some points during a lot of songs there are sounds missing and I know this because they're clearly audible on my desktop speakers. It's like they're very muted and waaaay in the back and sometimes they're completely...
  40. zgomot

    Thread XPosed Sense 5 Toolbox for Android 4.1.2?

    All the versions I tried seem not to work. Is there one that does?
  41. zgomot

    Thread SIM unlock didn't work, factory reset wiped everything, phone doesn't boot.

    But wait, there's more. I just exchanged an Xperia S for this HTC One S in excellent condition. It was already bootloader unloked, has TWRP only that it was sim locked. I tried the script (both from terminal emulator, and root explorer) then manually getting the UN_lock_code and...
  42. zgomot

    Thread Help me restore my phone when everything I've tried failed.

    I accidentally my whole phone, a LB, LT26i. What I did was this: boot to recovery, advanced wipe, tick system, data, cache, dalvik AND internal storage. Ooops. Now my phone has no OS installed, no recovery, flashtool won't recognize drivers (maybe due to running windows 8.1?) Sony PC companion...
  43. zgomot

    Thread Overclockable kernels for LB?

    Are there any? Any and all I found are for unlocked bootloaders only.
  44. zgomot

    Thread Custom ROMs flashable via FlashTool

    Are there any cutom ROMs that are flashable via FlashTool? I have a bootloader unlock allowed=NO device, that's rooted, with busybox installed but I can't install a recovery so I was wondering if there is any ROM out there in .tft format that I can flash without a recovery. Currently using...
  45. zgomot

    Thread Would the HTC Desire X be a big downgrade compared to the Note?

    I've had the Note for more than a year now and although it works great and I have it customized to my liking I've grown kind of bored with it. I also never quite got completely used with the size... The Desire X has caught my eye and am considering trading the Note for it. Mind you I do very...
  46. zgomot

    Thread Why can't I update apps due to insufficient storage space when there is in fact space

    Right now it's the Facebook app, but many other apps have not and will not be able to update, despite the 236mb still available on the internal storage. I tried removing apps I can live without, clearing cache (manually and with apps that do this) removing backups etc, but nothing worked. Any...
  47. zgomot

    Thread [Q] Phone won't boot after battery drain

    My battery got drained to about 4% this afternoon and when I got home I started charging my phone but now it doesn't boot anymore, connected to AC or no. It doesn't even show it's charging. This is a new battery, not even 6 mo old. Anything I can do?
  48. zgomot

    Thread Error 191 when trying to unlock bootloader

    I was trying to root my friend's DHD last night and I followed the [How to] ROOT without the Hack Kit guide, also the official HTCdev way, but I always got stuck when the bootloader needed to be updated to 1.31 (or was it 1.13?) Anyway, both the official RUU and the script from the [How to] ROOT...
  49. zgomot

    Thread Looking for a Dash Clock Weather widget that doesn't use GPS

    I recently found DashClock and I like it a lot, however all (two actually) weather widgets I found use GPS to get the loocation as opposed to allowing the user to manually set a location. This forces me to leave GPS always on and that's not something I find acceptable :tinfoil: :battery drain...
  50. zgomot

    Thread How to totally disable the capacitive keys?

    I tried from within the room settings and it did durable the menu and back functions, but the menu keys still works for opening Google Now. How do I disable all functionality from the capacitive keys? Thanks. Sent from my GT-N7000