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  1. SoCalHTCFuze

    Thread i777 Stock ICS w/Root - Suggest first Kernel for initial Nandroid.

    This was so much easier on my other phones and my Skyrocket... but Girlfriend is jealous and wants here ATT Galaxy S2 i777 up to a newer rom. Her phone is running the latest UCLE5 ICS from OTA. I just used ODIN to gain root using the stock kernel and all is still well except no clockwork. I'd...
  2. SoCalHTCFuze

    Thread Aria Charging Woes. Os or Hardware

    In the last month my battery started to die faster than usual. I chalked it up to a combination of old age, running beta 4.0/4.1 roms and possibly more usage. But when the phone begain failing to reach 100% charge overnight I became concerned. It would often stop between 78-88%. If rebooted at...
  3. SoCalHTCFuze

    Thread UK version of Aria called Gratia running Froyo

    I see lots of press releasing the Gratia in the UK with Android 2.2 (Froyo) with Sense. Since its a rebrand of the Aria, is there any info avaialability for us yet?
  4. SoCalHTCFuze

    Thread Stock 2.1 build.prop fingerprint

    I have a rooted Aria running a stripped down stock rom. Unfortunately, this has some unwanted side effects on the android market. Does anyone have the factory fingerprint lines from the boot.prop file? Mine is...