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  1. Ryanmo5

    Post [rom][treble]phh aosp 9.0[pie]

    Thanks for working on it, we appreciate it for sure!
  2. Ryanmo5

    Post Post your LG G7 Homescreens

    My home screen in all it's glory lol
  3. Ryanmo5

    Post Post your LG G7 Homescreens

    Weather widget, stock launcher
  4. Ryanmo5

    Post The first phone you rooted??

    The G1!
  5. Ryanmo5

    Post should i pull the trigger on this phone

    I wouldn't hesitate, I love it so far!
  6. Ryanmo5

    Post Post up your homescreens!!!

    Just bought them, pretty impressive!
  7. Ryanmo5

    Post EASY STEPS -> N910T -> COD6/COG2 -> ODIN -> CF-ROOT -> TWRP RECOVERY -> FIX -> Done !

    Ok guys its been awhile so go easy on me, i went thru every step successfully and flashed everything the instructions said to but after it installed recovery it just loops. Any thoughts on how to fix it?
  8. Ryanmo5

    Post Post up your homescreens!!!

    Hey that's cool in the summer time here! ---------- Post added at 09:46 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:46 PM ---------- Yep you got it man!
  9. Ryanmo5

    Thread Trip down memory lane!

    I have been away from the site ever since I stopped rooting my phones but hopped on again a few weeks ago. It's so crazy to see how many devices are on here now! All the different sections and phones almost makes me dizzy lol. It got me reminiscing about when the G1 first came out and when...
  10. Ryanmo5

    Post Pics Taken With Your Note 4

    That's what I'm talking about! lol
  11. Ryanmo5

    Post Pics Taken With Your Note 4

    My fathers day cake!
  12. Ryanmo5

    Post Thinking of getting a note 4

    Funny I haven't had a single problem with mine yet, what bugs do you speak of?
  13. Ryanmo5

    Post [Review] Artech21 Note 4 Full Grain Wallet Case

    I'm making fun of the fact that I'm always broke and never have any.
  14. Ryanmo5

    Post Post up your homescreens!!!

    Just got my Note 4 friday night and finally settled on a home screen i like, sure that will change in a few hours though lol.
  15. Ryanmo5

    Post [Review] Artech21 Note 4 Full Grain Wallet Case

    Nice review and it looks like a nice case as well. Question though, you actually have money to put in there? Lol :D
  16. Ryanmo5

    Post Use your Note4 Naked!!!

    I've never used a screen protector on any of my phones and haven't had a problem yet. I am using a case I got from tmobile however. Got the Tech21 and it does the job just fine, mainly wanted to protect the sides from damage.
  17. Ryanmo5

    Thread Share your wallpapers

    Here are a few I found so far I like but could always use some more :o:good:
  18. Ryanmo5

    Post Thinking of getting a note 4

    Not sure about the galaxy 5 but I just came over from the M8 and I'm blown away by it, very happy I made the switch!
  19. Ryanmo5

    Post Post Your T-Mobile M8 Home Screens!

    Not sure if anyone is around anymore but here's mine!
  20. Ryanmo5

    Post Vasy_Theme for InsertCoin

    Hey just so you know Facebook stops working after flashing the theme. Not a huge deal but wanted to let you know :good:
  21. Ryanmo5

    Post The Worst Android Device That You've Ever Had & Why

    G2 by far, big, bulky, and tons of problems!
  22. Ryanmo5

    Post Vasy_Theme for InsertCoin

    One of the best themes i've seen in awhile, great job!
  23. Ryanmo5

    Post CyanogenMod 11.0 for HTC One - m8

    Depends on who you are and if you use GPS or not. As a delivery driver I use it all day long so for me it's not a small fraction as you say it's a huge slice.
  24. Ryanmo5

    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 53.1 | ART | High Quality & Performance | 6.12.401.4_R

    Would love to try this rom but download never finishes, always get an error message when I wake up saying download failed. Oh well, it looks nice! Haha
  25. Ryanmo5

    Post Help...I can't go back to sense rom

    Thread moved, please post all questions and problems from now on in Q&A section OP
  26. Ryanmo5

    Post ICE M8 8.2.2 Stable | *Sense 8 | November 3rd | 6.12.401.4 | Tweaks | Nightlies

    Most reliable rom I've run so far, no problems at all. Good work! :good:
  27. Ryanmo5

    Post Show off your M8 homescreens

    Finally got rooted and my phone setup!
  28. Ryanmo5

    Post [ROM] 20/07 | ViperOneM8 6.1.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ ALL Carriers

    I don't see it under color options for nav bar. I'm able to change the colors for certain buttons but not the transparency of the back round.
  29. Ryanmo5

    Post [ROM] 20/07 | ViperOneM8 6.1.0 ◦ Tweaks | HUB | OTA ◦ ALL Carriers

    Hey guys is there a way to remove the transparency from the nav bar? I've been looking thru the setting but either I'm not seeing it or it's not an option.
  30. Ryanmo5

    Post [FONTS] sense 6 | Fonts Paradise

    Thanks for all the great fonts! :good:
  31. Ryanmo5

    Post [DISCUSSION] Best phone you have ever owned?

    Mine would have to be the nexus one, loved it!
  32. Ryanmo5

    Post HTC M8 not available on T-Mobile

    Yep pretty much, btw your signature with my future wife is very distracting...and weird lol :p
  33. Ryanmo5

    Thread Trouble getting notifications for sms

    Hey guys I have tried to figure out why I'm not but at this point I'm lost. I never get notifications that I have a text message. No sound and nothing in the top bar. Any ideas? I've played with the setting for both regular sms and hangout and still nothing.
  34. Ryanmo5

    Post HTC One M8 Bug-Find List

    I have the T-Mobile version, running stock, and never get sounds or notifications In the top bar when I get text messages. Have to open messenger app to see if I have any or not.
  35. Ryanmo5

    Post What's the point of Zoe's?

    Thanks for clarifying that guys, I've never heard of it either. Now I just hope they can get it working correctly soon so I can use it!
  36. Ryanmo5

    Post HTC M8 not available on T-Mobile

    Just got mine tonight at T-Mobile, they only got 5 in total! They had nothing up for display and had zero advertisements up for it. Asked the guy why and he said HTC sucks.
  37. Ryanmo5

    Post HTC Music question

    It does thanks Jay!
  38. Ryanmo5

    Post [THEME] NexTHEME-v2.0r2-Enom_1.9.2/CM_5.0.7.1 Back In the Kitchen! =)

    Miss your themes man they were the best around for sure!
  39. Ryanmo5

    Thread HTC Music question

    I haven't run sense since version 3.6 that I had the thunderbolt so wanted to ask do they still have the nice widget for it? I know the rom includes htc music just wondering if the app and widget has changed much? Thanks, I know it's a small thing but I really miss htc music!
  40. Ryanmo5

    Post [THEME][21/03/15] Weather themes [Sense 6 / Sense 7][LP/KK]

    Good stuff can't wait to try them out! :good:
  41. Ryanmo5

    Post [GUIDE] HTC Sense 6 built-in themes

    Same here, very basic.
  42. Ryanmo5

    Post [RESOURCE] Modding Sense 6

    Thread stuck, can't wait to get my phone so I can get to theming this bad boy! Great job man!
  43. Ryanmo5

    Post [Collection][HTC M8][Sounds + Wallpapers + Fonts]

    Thanks for the dump man! :good:
  44. Ryanmo5

    Post Show off your M8 homescreens

    Thread stuck!
  45. Ryanmo5

    Post HTC M8 not available on T-Mobile

    Can't wait to get this bad boy and get back to running sense, I'm so over samsung! I'm just happy it's coming to tmobile! :good:
  46. Ryanmo5

    Post [APP] <<SAMSUNG>> Phone INFO

    Nice job man thanks for sharing!
  47. Ryanmo5

    Post [Stock][ROM]Galaxy S3-LTE (d2ltetmo)

    It's a known issue, happens to me every now and then. I don't think there is a solution for it at the moment other than the 2 options you pointed out.
  48. Ryanmo5

    Post Nexus 5 Wallpapers

    Nice share thanks!
  49. Ryanmo5

    Post [ROM][LEAK #2] T-Mobile 4.3 - Build UVUEMJC - PureStock & Deodexed - Knox & CiQ Free

    Great work on the rom man, loving it so far zero problems!
  50. Ryanmo5

    Post [Themes]Stock JB Dialer themes [Colors, ICS port and more]

    Nice work man, would like to see a white version as well if you have the time!