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  1. Ryanmo5

    Thread Trip down memory lane!

    I have been away from the site ever since I stopped rooting my phones but hopped on again a few weeks ago. It's so crazy to see how many devices are on here now! All the different sections and phones almost makes me dizzy lol. It got me reminiscing about when the G1 first came out and when...
  2. Ryanmo5

    Thread Share your wallpapers

    Here are a few I found so far I like but could always use some more :o:good:
  3. Ryanmo5

    Thread Trouble getting notifications for sms

    Hey guys I have tried to figure out why I'm not but at this point I'm lost. I never get notifications that I have a text message. No sound and nothing in the top bar. Any ideas? I've played with the setting for both regular sms and hangout and still nothing.
  4. Ryanmo5

    Thread HTC Music question

    I haven't run sense since version 3.6 that I had the thunderbolt so wanted to ask do they still have the nice widget for it? I know the rom includes htc music just wondering if the app and widget has changed much? Thanks, I know it's a small thing but I really miss htc music!
  5. Ryanmo5

    Thread Microbes LWP

    Just a cool live wallpaper from a different device that is tested and works so wanted to share.
  6. Ryanmo5

    Thread Rom Roll up Thread Updated 9-25-2012

    Since the older one is WAY outdated I will be working on a new thread and fill it with as much info as possible for an easier user experience. If you have suggestions or want something added feel free to post it here and I will do my best to get it added asap. THIS IS A WIP WILL TAKE SOME TIME...
  7. Ryanmo5

    Thread Coming soon the "Slap" button

    I was thinking about it earlier and wanted to suggest putting a slap button right by the thanks button that way I can "slap" someone when thy do something annoying? lol just kidding guys....kinda :good:
  8. Ryanmo5

    Thread Lock Rings SkyRaider Zeus 1.3

    "> Here is a black lock ring that can be used with skyraider 1.3, just flash in recovery guys. Not sure where I found it but credit to the creator whoever you are : ) Here is Blue
  9. Ryanmo5

    Thread Modern Combat 3 .99 cents for 24 hours

    Its available in the market for .99 cents right now, says it will end in 24 hours make sure to grab it!
  10. Ryanmo5

    Thread [THEME] Port NexTheme v1.2 for Xdabolt

    This is a port of NexTheme, created by manup456 back in the day and redone by bp328i . With the exception of some images I'm doing all credit goes to them for this. I'm porting what I can from their theme's and then adding in my own personal touches so this is a wip for sure. Created for xdabolt...
  11. Ryanmo5

    Thread MIUI Goodies

    Since the release is here and fully working I wanted to get a thread going for all my favorite MIUI goodies so everyone can enjoy! Granted most of this stuff can be downloaded online running an MIUI rom but what the hell might as well get a collection going here too!!! I will credit everyone I...
  12. Ryanmo5

    Thread [Rom] Xdabolt V2.1 (Sense) 2.11.605.9 01/17/12

    ROM - Xdabolt v2.1 Credits/Thanks Xda jcase for everything he does for android and rooting tbolt!!! BuffoGT for the base adrynalyne orkillakilla disxda for the amazing rom kitchen fkfmfz for all his advice The entire android community that has made android the very best!!! A wipe is...
  13. Ryanmo5

    Thread Themes | Mods | Icons | Wallpaper | Tutorials | Misc - One Stop Shop!

    POST 2 - Sense Based Themes POST 3 - AOSP + MIUI Based Themes + Goodies + Theme Chooser Themes+Skins POST 4 - Wallpapers - Icons - Mods - Bootanimations POST 5 - Theme Tutorials, Tools, Misc
  14. Ryanmo5

    Thread Help make Thunderbolt section better

    Hello everyone, I'm writing this because lately there has been a lot of turmoil in this section. People are leaving, upset with xda, posting off topic like crazy and showing hostility like I've never seen here before. I really wanna help make this section better as this is my main device and...
  15. Ryanmo5

    Thread NFL mobile

    It was just updated in the market, working on the thunderbolt finally!
  16. Ryanmo5

    Thread Thunderbolt Rules - New Users Guide - GPL - Read Before Posting!

    NEW USERS READ BEFORE POSTING! Please read this amazing guide below made by ScoobarSTI specifically for new users, it will tell you all you need to know! New to the thunderbolt? Look here before posting...
  17. Ryanmo5

    Thread Post Your Wallpapers

    I'm gonna try and get a thread going for good walls for our thunderbolts, will start it off with a ton I found on zedge and have collected over the years.
  18. Ryanmo5

    Thread [Theme] Nextheme port for AOSP-Flavored Nonsense v2

    This is a theme port of Nextheme by manup456, all credit goes to him for one of the best themes ever imo. Its a full rom flash of AOSP nonsense with nextheme included. Sorry but till I learn about making themes further, will have to be a full rom flash. Hope you enjoy, made theme for jt1134...
  19. Ryanmo5

    Thread Blockbuster app = SCAM!

    I have a blockbuster account so I finally decided to try it today. I rented 2 movies and after paying for them it won't let me download either. This app is a total scam so everyone beware, it doesn't work and you will get ripped off if you spend money on movies. If its been successful for anyone...
  20. Ryanmo5

    Thread Replace HTC messaging app with vanilla messaging app

    ALL CREDIT GOES TO Brazildiogo732 I don't really care for the HTC messaging app so following the guide somewhat from Brazildiogo732 seen Here I replaced it with the vanilla mms.apk and it works like a charm. Just wanted to share if someone else wants vanilla messenger as well. 1. Using root...
  21. Ryanmo5

    Thread [Theme REVOlution Port Enomther 2.14.2 v1.0]

    Here is a port of manup's theme REVOlution originally for the Nexus One. All credit goes to manup456, please stop by and show him some love on his new site HERE. This is for Enomther's rom only right now. It has been tested on my G2 with both versions but looks best with the non themed version...
  22. Ryanmo5

    Thread [Theme] NexTheme Port fastludeh22's OTA de-odex'd stock rom

    This is a port of one of the best theme ever made for android devices called NexTheme by manup456, all credit goes to him! I wanted to run this theme on fastludeh22's OTA de-odex'd stock rom found HERE which is what I'm running. This is a full rom flash as there isn't a template for this rom out...
  23. Ryanmo5

    Thread [REF] G2/Vision/DZ Links | Guides | Stickies | Recovery | Roms | Read before posting

    *G2-Vision/DZ Links* This thread will list and link to all threads worthy of being "stickied" Please leave your suggestions for new threads to be added to this list below and a moderator will attend to this as and when necessary. This thread will be cleaned once the suggestions have...
  24. Ryanmo5

    Thread [Themes] Detox - NexDeep Ports for enomther 2.12.4

    Instead of making a thread for every port I do I figured I would put everything I port in one thread for convenience. I'm going to try and port over every theme I possibly can in an attempt to get some more themes going for this amazing rom. These are themes not morphs so put on sdcard and flash...
  25. Ryanmo5

    Thread Off Topic Lounge - All off topic chat here only

    This is an off topic lounge for all users to enjoy. This was created in an effort to keep this section more clean and user friendly. Thanks to Papa Smurf151 for this as it was his recommendation. Please don't abuse this, flaming, abuse, racism, foul language will not be tolerated and is not...
  26. Ryanmo5


    Rules of Posting Forum Rules Search Forums Google Forum Search Advanced Searching XDA "Mantra" Guides Easy Root For All Eris Devies Root for ERIS LEAKERS! HowTo: Flash Any Ruu [Walkthrough] From stock (1.5) to rooted 2.1 (update - new link)[/B] Full Downgrade from 2.1root (any) to 1.5...
  27. Ryanmo5

    Thread [ICONE] ]Android .ico

    Here is an icon of the nexus one. Every time you plug in and mount usb nexus icon will show instead of generic drive pic. Nothing major just wanted to share, my friend rreeves made it. Just extract file and put google-nexus-one icon and autorun on root of sd and reboot. Tested on windows xp, let...
  28. Ryanmo5

    Thread Thread Deleted/Moved/Locked? This is development not general!

    Thinking of posting a new thread??? Use the search button on the top bar between "New Posts" and "Quick Links" If any mod, including myself, continue to find new threads about topics that have threads already existing or don't belong in development section The thread will be locked with no...
  29. Ryanmo5

    Thread [APP] At Bat 2010

    Just purchased it yesterday and I must say I'm very impressed! Yes it costs 14.99 but with it comes stats, gameday audio and so much more! Now I can listen to all my favorite teams games wherever I go, even at the games I go to. I highly recommend it for all baseball fans. With At...
  30. Ryanmo5

    Thread [THEME] Meizu port enom 1.5.1

    Here is a port of the fabulous theme by jdwme, one of the best theme makers to grace android. Absolutely all credit goes to him! A personal thanks to him from me for allowing me to port over his themes. Theme is for enom v1.5.1 only, when cyanogen releases his stable version will port it over...
  31. Ryanmo5

    Thread Droidbox - Dropbox app

    Its in beta stages but I bought it a few hours ago. It works great for downloading from your dropbox account and most uploads have worked very well so far except some .jpg images. First app of its kind for dropbox and I love it well worth the 2 bucks!
  32. Ryanmo5

    Thread [THEME] BUUF Port Enomther 2.10.1 Froyo

    Here is a port of the original BUUF theme by dthadamaja from xda, all credit goes to him and deviant art. Special thanks to manup and Hockey for 2 of the wallpapers attached. As usual backup before you flash, I'm not responsible for you flashing this. Enjoy : ) P.S. If someone can get me a...
  33. Ryanmo5

    Thread [THEME] Gloss Suite beta

    Here is a port of the original Gloss Suite theme by moonspoon, all credit goes to him for this!!! It is a w.i.p. still need to change/add some images and touch up a bit. Enomther's expansion pack required in order to flash this, you can find link in my signature. Flash enomther expansion, make a...
  34. Ryanmo5

    Thread Post your Screen Shots

    Until they get these screen shot apps working 100% I recommend ShootMe app in the market, it seems to take the best ss of all the options out there right now other than the sdk.
  35. Ryanmo5

    Thread Theme Color Preferences

    What colors would you like to see in upcoming themes? It can be one or multiple colors. I can do most of the basics as far as themes go so trying to get some feedback as to what people would like to see in a theme color wise. I figured this thread would be good for all the people who will be...
  36. Ryanmo5

    Thread Open Home Deprecated

    Ok so I have this installed on my phone and I have no clue what it is, never installed it nor can I find a way to uninstall it. Anyone else have it installed and if so did you find a way to delete/uninstall it?
  37. Ryanmo5

    Thread System sounds from nexus one

    Here is a dump of the system sounds from nexus one, they have a few cool ones in there.
  38. Ryanmo5

    Thread Apps that DO NOT work on Nexus One

    Non Working Apps What apps that you use aren't working on your nexus? These are the ones I can't get working. Bettercut Appmanager pro Quick Boot drocap2 AdvancedLauncher Screenshot
  39. Ryanmo5

    Thread Google Voice

    T Mobile Apps I can't get any of them to work with the new plan which is a bummer cause I love visual voicemail. I can't get the my account app to recognize device. Hope they fix this soon! Edit: You guys are right Google Voice is way better and transcribes the voice mails which is hella cool!
  40. Ryanmo5

    Thread System Sound Dump

    Not really sure where to post this so mods please move where you wish to but here are the system sounds for the nexus one. Download
  41. Ryanmo5

    Thread [Wallpapers] Nexus One

    Some of the pre installed wallpapers
  42. Ryanmo5

    Thread Purchasing for T Mobile users: The Breakdown

    Thinking about purchasing the nexus one? Here is a breakdown for all T Mobile customers of what's required. Purchase Link If you have a family plan, shared plan, flexpay plan or corporate account you will need to change before going to purchase the nexus one from the link above. Once all the...
  43. Ryanmo5

    Thread G1 Dwang Ported Themes v1.17.1 12 Total

    I really wanted to get some themes up and running for Dwang's build so I decided to start porting some of my favorite themes over to his build. I will port every theme I can and post them in here. Thanks go out to all the original creators of these themes, moonspoon, nebrada, manup, dthadamaja...
  44. Ryanmo5

    Thread Advanced Launcher app in market

    For those of you running cyanogen builds, there is an app in the market called AdvancedLauncher that will give you submenu and extended option as well as a few others. I have tested it with cyanogen 4.0.4 with meizu theme and it works to perfection.
  45. Ryanmo5

    Thread Transformers 2

    Who's looking forward to the upcoming release of transformers 2? I am going to see it as soon as it comes out, can't wait!!
  46. Ryanmo5

    Thread Hope this comes to G1!!

    I love baseball and have been waiting for them to do something for us, this app is for iphone but i hope it comes to us eventually!!
  47. Ryanmo5

    Thread Retro Clock widget

    Bad ass, finally a digital clock!!!!!!!! In market and free
  48. Ryanmo5

    Thread App Manager

    Oh boy, it says in description that it manages apps. Says it has option to save to sd card(not protected apps). I have apps to sd so dont know if it really works, can anyone confirm that it installs apps to sd card?
  49. Ryanmo5

    Thread Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

    Hey not sure how many people use it but here is zip for the apk and for the sd card download all in one. Just place the com.mobisystems.msdict.embedded.wireless.wordnet file in your data folder on sd card. Its a free dictionary of course but a big download, this way you can save your battery...
  50. Ryanmo5

    Thread My app-private file is on sd card

    Anyone else's app-private file on your sd card now? What the hell is going on???