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    Thread Twrp3.3.1-0 & root [updated] troika/kane

    Our old twrp have been great compared to nothing but it isn't exactly fully working and freezes a lot on splash screen. Thanks to Stricted and deadman96385 we now have a more functional twrp. Support for A/B slots. ADB working. No need to flash full firmware. Just flash the vbmeta_patch.img...
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    Thread Twrp 3.3.1-0 & root [updated] kane/troika

    Our old twrp have been great compared to nothing but it isn't exactly fully working and freezes a lot on splash screen. Thanks to Stricted and deadman96385 we now have a more functional twrp. Support for A/B slots. ADB working. No need to flash full firmware. Just flash the vbmeta_patch.img...
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    Thread [Remove display cutout][ROOT] Full screen 21:9 for apps in landscape, incl Netflix.

    Requirements: Magisk root. Download and install the "None Display Cutout" in the Magisk managers module repo. It will add an option in developer settings display cutout options, "No Display Cutout". Choose it, and apps, including netflix, will work in full 21:9 screen while in landscape. No...
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    Thread Night Vision buggy on Android 10?

    I haven't used night vision mode after I clean flashed Android 10 update, but today I heard that night vision camera mode is buggy. I tried it out, and indeed it is buggy. I could take 1-2 pics and then it stopped working, and the gallery shortcut just vanished. Went to app info and cleared out...
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    Thread Live Caption [Pixel Feature] on One Vision

    I tried a few mods to see if I could get "live caption" feature working on One Vision, and I found one that works. This requires Android 10, and that you're rooted with Magisk. Install as a module through Magisk Manager. Reboot after and you'll...
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    Thread Android 10 Update thread.

    Looks like users are recieving Androit 10 OTA update in RETBR update channel. Build nr QPK30.51. This could be beta, but it looks like not only MFN registered customers are getting the update. Meantime, I saw that EURO RETAIL got PIE december patch update so I'm not sure what's going on...
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    Thread A30 / A40 Screen Recorder [TWRP]

    I made this zip for A40 but I got confirmed it works on A30 as well. Flash in TWRP, reboot. Check your quick setting tiles for screen recorder. To access settings, long press tile. (tap label for screen shot/screen record doesn't seem to work though)
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    Thread [TOOL] fastboot flash / info

    I've made a .bat file for flashing and some other stuff. Basic stuff that I use the most. I made it for One Vision but since Action use exactly the same flash commands, it works for Action as well. Unzip .bat to same dir as your fastboot.exe and double click it or drag it to your cmd window and...
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    fastboot rom for pie update.
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    Thread Galaxy A40 [SM-A405FN] Bootlogo mod.

    Hi. Got my A40 rooted and wasen't happy about the look of the boot logo & warning text, so I did some changes to it. WARNING: THIS WILL TRIP KNOX SO DON'T FLASH UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. THIS IS MEANT FOR USERS THAT UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER AND GOT KNOX WARRANTY BIT BLOWN ALREADY UPDATE...
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    Thread Galaxy A40 Partition list.

    $ ls -al /dev/block/platform/13500000.dwmmc0/by-name total 0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 680 2019-07-08 13:45 . drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 780 2019-07-08 13:45 .. lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 21 2019-07-08 13:45 boot -> /dev/block/mmcblk0p15 lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 20 2019-07-08 13:45 bota0 ->...
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    Thread [XT1970-X] Stock firmware share thread. [TOOL] fastboot flash / info

    Hi. I'm sharing some firmwares and I'll try to add new ones when / if I get a hold of them before they appear on lolinet . A good place to look first is: Please feel free to share your own links to firmwares if you find any. KANE - XT1970...
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    Thread system.img & vendor.img extracted. [Dumps]

    I extracted the system sparsechunk img's and vendor.img "dump" zips can be found here.
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    Thread Service / Repair Manual.

    I found the service/repair manual online, with schematics, trouble shooting, component location etc. Can come in handy if you ever need to open it or something. Manual_ServiceMotorola One Vision XT1970-1 XT1970-2 XT1970-3
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    Thread [Unlock / Relock] Bootloader

    If you want to unlock bootloader, just follow the motorola guide. For trouble shooting or more info about how to get your "cid" and see if it's unlockable , have a look here. If you want to relock it: fastboot oem lock ... (bootloader) WARNING: This command erases all user data. (bootloader)...
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    Thread [Solved] Stock firmware?

    Hi. Anyone seen this firmware around for download? PSA29.97-37. I wanna attempt to unlock bootloader and root it, but I want the stock boot.img as a backup in case magisk would cause bootloop or something like that. Edit: Not needed anymore. I've found it. Sent from my motorola one vision using...
  17. tys0n

    Thread [prop.default] & [diskmap.pit]

    I extracted prop.default from boot.img and thought I could share it if someone want some info from it. # # ADDITIONAL_DEFAULT_PROPERTIES # ro.actionable_compatible_property.enabled=true security.perf_harden=1 ro.allow.mock.location=0 ro.debuggable=0...
  18. tys0n

    Thread Battery life

    Hi. I've pre ordered the moto one vision yesterday, basicly out of curiosity about a moto running on Samsung Exynos 9609 soc. I have a motorola one already which is built on Qualcomm msm8953 and battery is great on that device. How's the battery holding up on Moto One Vision, concidering it...
  19. tys0n

    Thread Unroot and take OTA without wipe data [Tested & Working]

    Hi. I've been rooted with Magisk ever since I got this phone but now I got tired of having to wipe everything, every time I tried to take OTA. I've tried unroot and flash stock boot.img, but that wasn't enough to take OTA. I've tried factory reset from within settings and not even that worked...
  20. tys0n

    Thread J4+ bootlogo extracted.

    Hi. I tried to help finding and replacing the bootlogo for this device, but it turned out it's located inside aboot.mbn which is Samsungs OEM bootloader. It won't be possible changing it, or at least I won't because of the risks of messing with bootloader. I've never done that before, plus I...
  21. tys0n

    Thread Anyone successfully enabled LDAC bluetooth codec?

    Since this is an Android One device and both Qualcomm's aptX & Sony's LDAC bluetooth codec is nativly supported in the AOSP code from Android 8.0 and up, I find it strange as to why LDAC seems to be disabled! I tried to hook it up to my LDAC supported bluetooth speaker but it reverts to AAC, and...
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    Thread logo.bin for unlocked bootloaders.

    I made a modified "logo.bin" to get rid of that ugly boot warning when bootloader is unlocked. Now, insted of this: I replaced the image with: Motorola_One logo M_logo Purple_logo Unzip and use fastboot to flash. fastboot devices fastboot flash logo name_of_logo.bin
  23. tys0n

    Thread Successful root with Magisk patched boot.img

    If anyone looking for root method, I can inform that magisk pre-patched boot.img works fine. I just did a bootloader unlock tonight, patched the boot.img, and flashed through fastboot. Once booted I could install magisk from magisk manager. If you want to flash through TWRP instead, have a...
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    Download full fw. BUILD REQUEST INFO: SW Version: cedric-user 7.0 NPPS25.137-72-4 4 release-keysM8937_11.16.02.51R MBM Version: B8.23 Modem Version: M8937_11.16.02.51R FSG Version: FSG-8937-02.65.05 Build Fingerprint: motorola/cedric/cedric:7.0/NPPS25.137-72-4/4:user/release-keys VERSION INFO...
  25. tys0n

    Thread [sm-a320fl][7.0][firmware]

    Official nougat update for A320FL. A320FLXXU1BQH7_A320FLOXA1BQH7_A320FLXXU1BQG6 Multi csc OXA. Contains csc's BTU, CPW, DBT, ITV, XEF, XEO, XEU. Use Odin 13.12.3 Put the files in respective box in odin. BL, AP, CP, CSC. Use the...
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    I made this mod for users of Resurrection Remix for A310 that want an easy way to boost media audio. This will install ViPER4Android FX v. as a system app and remove AudioFX, making V4A the default equalizer. No need to install drivers. They come pre-installed with this zip! No need to...
  27. tys0n

    Thread [5.1.1][ROM][sm-a310f][twrp][DOWNGRADE]

    I've seen a few questions about downgrading from 6.0.1 to 5.1.1 and that odin won't allow it. It's because of secure bootloader, that won't allow downgrade of binary version. I've made a flashable zip for twrp of the latest 5.1.1 released with csc NEE. (because thats my region) This will leave...
  28. tys0n

    Thread [DISCUSSION] LineageOS A310F [alexax66 builds]

    Discuss all problems, solutions, updates etc in here. Don't confuse people by posting stuff related to these builds in aapav01 thread. DOWNLOADS: LINEAGE OS by alexax66 Latest build 20170526 Thanks to alexax66 aapav01
  29. tys0n

    Thread [Q] Wi-Fi channel issue

    Hi. I bought a Honor 5X a few weeks ago because the price was so good I couldn't resist it :P I got a question regarding wi-fi. My home network is set to ch13, 2.4Ghz, and it's working fine with my other devices and the 5X, as long as I'm using stock rom. I've tried Lineage OS and Cosmic OS on...
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    Thread SM-A710F Nougat update / 4-file repair firmware

    This is a 4-file "repair firmware" of the recently released A710F SER Nougat update. A710FXXU2CQDC_A710FOXY2CQDC_A710FXXU2CQDC. BE AWARE THAT FLASHING A 4-FILE FIRMWARE WITH ODIN WILL CAUSE YOUR DEVICE TO PERFORM A FACTORY RESET Download...
  31. tys0n

    Thread bootanimation 720x1280

    Just two that I portet from gif's that I found online. These are not flashable zips. Rename to, and put it in /system/media, change permissions to -rw-r-r (644). You'll need support for this to work. --> Enable Custom Bootanimation...
  32. tys0n


    Hi All. I just want to share something in case you want to try it. My default csc NEE got settings for VoLTE and Wi-Fi call so I like to use that csc on every rom I flash. I've been changing it manually for a while but got tired of, so I've made a flashable zip of it :) Exception of the...
  33. tys0n

    Thread [MOD] SM-A520F [BootLogo]

    Hi! I havn't seen any custom boot logos for A 2017 series yet, so I thought I could start. !!THIS IS ONLY FOR A520F!! It's all based on work from moluntic (Thanks for awesome script) Check out original thread and read about how to recover if anything goes wrong, and give him a thanks! Also...
  34. tys0n

    Thread [Q] param location?

    Hi. I don't own this device myself but would like to know correct path for param partition. Is "dev/block/platform/13540000.dwmmc0/by-name/PARAM" correct? Thanks in advance.
  35. tys0n

    Thread [Q] Ims Settings

    With efs and modem backed up, I was looking through Ims Settings but have very little knowledge in what they do. Any one know some good reference page? Can they somehow be tweaked to save battery, enhance signal, enable "hidden" features?
  36. tys0n

    Thread [INFO] SM-Ax20F build.prop and PIT-file analysis

    pit-file and build.prop taken from "repair firmware". SM-A320F A320FXXU1AQA1_CL10346210_QB12200894_REV00_user_low_ship.tar build.prop # begin build properties # autogenerated by
  37. tys0n

    Thread Combination firmware for downgrade?

    Just out of curiosity. Have any one tried any combination firmware for downgrading from 6.0.1 to 5.1 on any A-model? These are samsung factory firmwares not meant for end-user. No apps are installed except for a bunch of test applications, adb enabled etc. I have only used one for another model...
  38. tys0n

    Thread A310F/A500H/A510F Service / Repair Manual

    SM-A500H-ServiceManual SM-A510F_ServiceManual.7z
  39. tys0n

    Thread [mod][a310f][bootlogo]

    Modified PARAM partition, in which the bootlogo and other images exist. It simply acts as a image cache for bootloader. I've been doing this mod for several samsung phones over the years and now when I got the A3 I wanted to try it out again. I also attached a zip with the original logo since...
  40. tys0n

    Thread Enable Custom Bootanimation [ support]

    After trying out a few "" mods without success I finally found one that's working. Not my work. I just share it here for others to find a working one easy :) Download approprate zip according to your androidversion. Hunt down your favorite bootanimation for your screen...
  41. tys0n

    Thread [twrp2.7]480X800[theme]

    New simple theme based on original layout. Fully compatible with NovaFusions latest TWRP Works for all devices with 480X800 screen, running TWRP2.7.:good: Rename to "" Put it inside "/sdcard/TWRP/theme". If theme folder is missing, just create one...
  42. tys0n

    Thread [Bootanimation][Kit Kat]

    I found this nice and funny bootanimation so I went ahead and ported it for us to use on 480X800. :) Maybe it's already done but I'll share it anyway. Put it in /system/media. Change permission to rw-r-r- (644) and reboot. Good luck.
  43. tys0n

    Thread [ROM][CWM]i8190DXAMJ1[STOCK]

    [ROM][CWM]i8190DXAMJ1[STOCK] Model: GT-I8190 Version: Android 4.1.2 Changelist: 1437875 Build date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 PDA: I8190DXAMJ1 CSC: I8190OLBAMJ1 MODEM: I8190DXAMJ1 Added SuperSu, SU-binary and Busybox. Deodexed, zipaligned. "Half Debloated" Contains CSC: GLB, SMA, XEV, XSE, XTC, XTE...
  44. tys0n

    Thread [INDEX][SGH-T599x][FIRMWARE]

    UPDATED WITH SAMSUNG ORIGINAL FIRMWARE Hi SGH-T599 users! I don't have this device myself, but a S3mini which is pretty much the same device. Since no official firmwares is to be found yet, and Unjustified Dev made CM10.1 and CWM I thought it would be good to make something for odin as an...
  45. tys0n

    Thread [Q] param.lfs please.

    Hi, could anyone provide me a param.lfs? I'd like to take a look at it ;)
  46. tys0n

    Thread [theme][twrp2.6.xx][480x800]

    [theme][twrp2.6.xx][480x800] I looked around for some nice TWRP themes in 480X800 resolution wasn't that easy to find. They were all for older versions or not in my taste. Next theme out is miui inspired, but with original twrp layout this time. My...
  47. tys0n

    Thread i8190_CM10.1Debloat-LatinIME-to-XperiaT

    I've made a little debloat-zip for CM10.1/Gapps to remove things I don't need/use. I thought I could share it with you if anyone wants it. This will also remove LatinIME keyboard and install ExperiaT keybord as system-app instead. I prefer it over the stock one. This will remove...
  48. tys0n

    Thread [HOW-TO]-[param-mod]-[BOOTLOGO]

    [i8190][HOW-TO]-[param-mod]-[BOOTLOGO] !!Disclaimer!! You will be responsible for your own work. Don't blame me for anything that might go wrong with your phone. I've done this and it worked just fine, but then again...i'm not you :)...
  49. tys0n

    Thread [BOOTLOGO]i8190[PARAM-MOD]

    It's nice with a change sometimes so I made a new bootimage and put it inside param.lfs It's the one who shows up before the bootanimation. NovaFusion Bootlogo Another boot logo to the collection! Made this on request from themetester Another request, made by JackoMJ Carbon boot logo...
  50. tys0n

    Thread [ROM][CWM]i8190LUBAMH1[STOCK]

    i8190LUBAMH1 as flashable zip. Deodexed, zipaligned and added su & busybox. De-bloat as you wish. (544MB) If coming from any 4.2.2 rom, please make a factory reset after flash. Rom: I8190LUBAMH1 Modem: PDA: I8190LUBAMH1 CSC: I8190LUUBAMH1 MODEM...