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  1. DavisNT

    Thread Alarm clock volume on Bluetooth speakers

    In phone settings I have choosen maximum alarm volume. When the alarm rings through phone's internal loudspeaker the volume is maximum (which I can get from the phone's loudspeaker). When the alarm clock rings and my phone is connected to Bluetooth speakers the volume of Bluetooth speakers is...
  2. DavisNT

    Thread Alternative to installing Better Battery Stats as system app

    Starting with Android 4.4 (KitKat) Better Battery Stats (BBS) require installation as system app to be able to collect the stats. BBS must re re-installed as system app after each ROM upgrade (upgrade that does not preserve third party system apps). I have found an alternative to this - the...
  3. DavisNT

    Thread [MOD][Xposed][4.3+] hosts Enabler (v1.0) - re-enables use of hosts file

    This mod allows to use /system/etc/hosts file on configurations/ROMs (mostly symlinked hosts file on Android 4.4+) where it is ignored. Hosts file usually gets ignored on some ROMs due to SELinux restrictions if it is a symlink to file on different partition. Technically it works by...
  4. DavisNT

    Thread [MOD][XPOSED] Pictures2SD (v1.0.7) - makes Camera/Focal store photos on external SD

    This mod makes Camera and Focal apps to save pictures/videos to external SD card. Currently this mod may not work on some Android 4.4 ROMs. Support for wider range of Android 4.4 ROMs most likely will be added in future. Technically it works by attaching to Camera, Focal and some other apps...
  5. DavisNT

    Thread [APP][XPOSED][4.2+] Airplane Mode Helper (v1.0.4)

    Airplane Mode Helper (formerly called Jelly Bean 4.x Airplane Mode Helper) is a tool (created by me) that allows other software to control Airplane Mode on Android 8.1, 8.0, 7.1, 7.0, 6.0, 5.1, 5.0, 4.4, 4.3 and 4.2. With this tool installed, all applications that control airplane mode should...
  6. DavisNT

    Thread Where to ask for testing

    I have made an application and I would like it to be tested on Android 4.3 (leaked version for Samsung Galaxy S4 is available). Can I ask for testing in Galaxy S4 Q&A forum?
  7. DavisNT

    Thread Solution for logcat reading on rooted Android 4.1+

    Many logcat reading applications fail to read logcat on Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean). The few that are working well are using root features. This post contains a code sample that can be easy included in existing logcat applications to make them rooted Jelly Bean compatible. Root cause of the...
  8. DavisNT

    Thread [Q] Stability and future of Cyanogenmod on HTC One X

    How well maintained is Cyanogenmod on HTC One X? Is there currently active developers that will most likely port future versions of Cyanogenmod for this phone (with the same level of support)? And how smooth is running CM 10.1 RC on this device? Is HTC One X well supported device for...
  9. DavisNT

    Thread [Q] Stability of Cyanogenmod on i9300

    How stable and well developed is Cyanogenmod 10.1 on Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300? I know that it won't have so-called stable builds (because Samsung doesn't support AOSP development). I have heard that codeworkx has left Cyanogenmod development on Galaxy S3, is it so? I want to understand what...
  10. DavisNT

    Thread [APP][4.2] Jelly Bean 4.2 Airplane Mode Helper (v1.1.10)

    I have created a tool that allows other software to control Airplane Mode on Android 4.2. With this tool installed, all applications that control airplane mode should work as they work on pre-4.2 devices. This tool requires root. It works by listening to airplane mode change broadcasts (looks...
  11. DavisNT

    Thread [Solved] Media Scanner hogging CPU and battery

    Wanted to share my experience. Symptoms: Phone gets warm under camera Battery drains fast (about 1-2% every minute) Phone doesn't go into Deep Sleep Process uses about 20-25% CPU Other third party applications may hog CPU; after killing/removing them
  12. DavisNT

    Thread [MOD] Swap SDcards mod for SGS2 CM10

    This is a simple mod that will swap SDcards (use microSD card as primary storage) on Samsung Galaxy S2 phones with Cyanogenmod 10. With this mod microSD card will appear as primart storage (/storage/sdcard0 and /mnt/sdcard) and internal SD memory will appear as secondary storage...
  13. DavisNT

    Thread [WARNING] Possible alarm clock failure on CM 7.2

    I want to warn that today evening my LG P500 alarm clock failed to ring! Yesterday I updated to Cyanogenmod 7.2.0 (release version). I hope this will turn out something unreproducable, but anyway I want to warn everybody to put on additional alarm clock Monday morning! This has reproduced 2...
  14. DavisNT

    Thread [Bug] Attachment download in Tapatalk

    I am using latest version of Tapatalk and I am not able to download attachments via Taptalk, however I am able to download them via web browser. Attachments for example from this thread: Do other users have the same problem? If yes, can...
  15. DavisNT

    Thread [Q] shell command with asterisk in edify script

    I want to delete all old kernel modules (modules left from previous kernels) in edify script. I tried: run_program("/sbin/busybox", "rm", "/system/lib/modules/*.ko"); But it failed and wrote that there is no such file in recovery.log. I tried issuing busybox rm /system/lib/modules/*.ko via adb...
  16. DavisNT

    Thread [MOD] Move to sd-ext | Simple app, private-app and Dalvik cache to SD solution

    This is a simple and effective (moves most space hogging folders from internal memory to sd-ext) APP2SD solution. It moves the following things from /data partition to ext partition on SD card: /data/app => /sd-ext/app /data/app-private => /sd-ext/app-private /data/dalvik-cache =>...
  17. DavisNT

    Thread Kingston SDC10/32GB

    I recently bought Kingston SDC10/32GB memory card and it has some problems with my LG P500 (looks like sometimes phone is unable to write information to this memory card). I had partition it with 1920 MB ext4 /sd-ext partition (rest was FAT32). First ever problem was restoring /sd-ext backup...
  18. DavisNT

    Thread [Q] Battery usage while GPS enabled, but not used

    It looks like at least on some ROMs battery is drained faster when GPS is enabled (and no application is using it - at least GPS icon is not shown in notification bar) than when GPS is disabled. Is this a bug or normal behavior? If this is normal behavior, then why that happens and is there any...