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  1. wmwizkid

    Post Call quality issue with the TG01?

    hi adzman808 and BiG K u have come like a angels to me. please give me that 67 rom as i updated the new one and the call quality is horrible. please help pal thanks in advance
  2. wmwizkid

    Post An humble request to tg01 users

    hi harshal i admire ur work always. i have used ur roms on devices for which little or no support is availablle, asus p320, asus p550, acer e101, acer f1,acer dx650 are a few of them. i bought tg01 only because u were gonna make wm6.5.5 for it and i consider my responsiblity and duty to help in...
  3. wmwizkid

    Post No More Phone Function Please Help !!!!

    i can help u hi pal i can help u i also had faced the same problem ur radio board has been dislocated pm me to make ur baby alive u an also contact me on phone at +919823291495 or messenger at [email protected] :)
  4. wmwizkid

    Post Release Niki Project v2 WWE CE OS 5.2.19915 ( Aku 1.2 )

    U Rock Man hey tom ur rom is great and it has put new life in a dieng soldier. HTC u should give people updates but u forget after launching devices but this brother TOM makes ur device worth while three cheers for TOM hip hip hurrah
  5. wmwizkid

    Post [PRJ]Touch Diamond Project

    Salutations hey TOM bro count me in i am willing to contribute too may the ALMIGHTY give u more wisdom and knowledge. my best wishes with u
  6. wmwizkid

    hi there i wanted to remove my old user account is it possible boss

    hi there i wanted to remove my old user account is it possible boss
  7. wmwizkid

    Post [*NEW ROM-16.05.08]WM6.1 PRO RC5!!!made by Kamikadze

    the rom is extremely fast amnd is good 2 use. but its little difficult 2 get used to.but after that its smooth sailing. hereare some screenshots the comm manager button does the ok/close function. just one note please dont let the device screen power off automaticaly coz it switches off ur...
  8. wmwizkid

    Thread WM6.1 for Asus P526 ROM 20-5-2008

    :) here is the best rom for asus p 526 enjoy great speed and superb performance i just uploaded it all credits go to the genius somphon_r and also to vivi,crazybian,PDAMobiz,hong2101 . Sorry if i missed out some one Enjoy